Wellesbourne and Walton

Parish Council

2 School Road, Wellesbourne, CV35 9NH

01789 841434

Council Policies

Complaints Procedure

Adopted 6 June 2015 The following procedure will be adopted for dealing with complaints about the Council’s administration or its procedures. This procedure does not cover complaints about the conduct of a Member of the Parish Council. Complaints about a policy decision made by the Council will be referred back to the Council, or relevant…

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Policy for Vexatious/Repeated Correspondence Of The Parish Council

Adopted 1 November 2011 Amended 2 June 2015 This policy covers vexatious demands and/or repeated requests for information including Freedom of Information Act requests. Under this policy, the Council or the Clerk to Council will consider repeated requests for information or variations of the same request, on a single issue, to be vexatious and unacceptable where…

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Standing Orders of the Parish Council

This document sets out the Standing Orders for the organisation and transaction of Councils’ business. They are decided by full Council. A committees or sub-committee may decide its own standing orders if their appointing body (which is the Council in the case of a working group, or a working group in the case of a…

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Terms and Conditions for Using WWPC Facebook Page

The Facebook page for Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council can be found by clicking the link below:  https://www.facebook.com/Wellesbourne-and-Walton-Parish-Council-1475636762738515/  The page is regularly updated with Council and other local news by the Chairman, Anne Prior. Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council (WWPC) would like to ensure that all content on the WWPC Facebook page is informative, positive,…

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Parish Council Powers

This document sets out the full range of powers and duties that may apply to Parish Councils, together with the relevant law or statutory provision that confers these powers or duties on them. Not all of the powers and duties listed here are relevant to Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council; for example, the Parish Council…

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