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Finance Committee

One of the main committees of the Council is the Finance Committee and currently comprises Councillors Barritt, Shepherd (Chairman), Mann, Michael (Vice-Chairman) and Prior.  As its name suggests, the Finance Committee considers the position of the Council’s finances including regular reviews of the Council’s management accounts although the day to day finances (paying invoices etc) are dealt with by the Parish Clerk/Responsible Financial Officer.

The committee generally meets 4-5 times a year although November and December are a busy time (with meetings in both months) given that this is when we consider the proposed budgets from other committees along with considering grant applications for the forthcoming financial year which starts in April. The Council is required to submit our Precept request to Stratford District Council in January for agreement. The Precept is part of the Council tax paid by householders.

In addition to recommending the level of Precept and Grants for consideration by the full Council, the Committee also considers other matters which are no less important.  These include annually reviewing the Risk Register (which considers the key risks to the Council and how they can be mitigated), the level of insurance cover held, reviewing the Asset Register (which is a list of all assets we own) and recommending where items are written off as having no further useful life.

Councillor Alan Shepherd

Chairman, Finance Committee


Finance Committee report for Full Council meeting, 1/3/2016

Finance Committee report for the Full Council meeting Tuesday 1 March 2016 Councillors are now receiving monthly reports from the Bookkeeper on the Council’s   accounts. This is to be applauded as now we are able to regularly inspect the Council’s spending against the budget. Broadly all spending is on target and the main area of discussion…

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Finance Committee – 2016/17 Budget and Precept Request

After various meetings the Finance Committee finalised the budget for 2016/17 at its meeting in December. The Committee agreed to recommend to Council that the precept plus the tax based grant for 2016/17 should be £195,000. The tax based grant element is in respect of those residents on benefits – this is a government provision…

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Finance Committee Meeting 15/12/15 Minutes

Minutes 20151215 Finance

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Finance Committee Meeting 25/8/15 Minutes

Minutes 20150825 Finance

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Finance Committee Meeting 26/5/15 Minutes

Minutes 2050526 Finance

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Finance Committee Meeting 10/2/15 Minutes

Minutes 20150210 Finance

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