Wellesbourne and Walton

Parish Council

2 School Road, Wellesbourne, CV35 9NH

01789 841434

Coronavirus Updates

Stratford District Children & Family Centre Facebook Timetable W/B 11.05.2020

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WCC Home-School Guidance and Support

Warwickshire Educational Psychology Service Home-School Guidance

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Adult Social Care Support from Warwickshire County Council

For people who believe they have unmet care and support needs they can visit web site or failing that call us on one of the numbers below. If it is COVID-19 related people can use this information leaflet as a guide – https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/downloads/file/13/here-for-you-leaflet Before you contact us, these links may help solve your problem or…

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WCC Children’s Services

In the event a single parent finding themselves in difficulty with no provision of care for their children – e.g., if they have to go into hospital as a COVID-19 emergency, WCC will help parents and try and locate family members and connected others, friends etc who may be able to help. If not and…

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A pastoral letter to all Parents and Carers in Wellesbourne and Walton

Dear Friends We are living in challenging times and the next few weeks are going to be difficult for our villages and for our nation. With this in mind, I want to ask those of you who care for a loved one or even a special pet, to consider who might take over that care,…

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Wellesbourne & Walton Community Cares


Visit this website to register as someone who needs help or as a volunteer. You will also find other useful information on local food deliveries.

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Coronavirus update from County Councillor Anne Parry

As of yesterday, 24th March, nationally, a total of 90,436 have been tested: 82,359 are negative and 8,077 positive.  As of 1pm, 422 patients who tested positive for coronavirus have sadly died.  WCC does not have information as to the numbers of these deaths which are of patients with underlying health conditions, so we need to treat these figures…

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Urgent: Coronavirus Council Meeting, 24/03/2020

Urgent: Coronavirus. Council Meeting Tuesday, 24th. March 2020 As is the nature of the current situation, advice is constantly changing. Yesterday, I received the Chief Executive of NALC’s most recent bulletin. It is NALC’s opinion that we are able to run meetings online or virtually. Therefore, we will be setting up a virtual meeting for…

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Do You Tweet yet?

Do you Tweet yet? In the WWPC office today we’ve noticed there are lots of Government updates coming out directly from Central Government and each individual Department has given its press release if you prefer your news from the source. Here are our top picks of Twitter useful links to start your collection: List of…

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On advice from Warwickshire Association of Local Councils the Annual Parish Meeting will be postponed until further notice.  The reason for this is to assist in minimising any potential to spread coronavirus by not holding large public meetings.  Whilst there is no known threat here in the parish, we hope you appreciate that the Parish Council is taking these responsible…

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