Wellesbourne and Walton

Parish Council

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Conservation Working Group

Emergency Committee and Conservation Working Group report – Dec 2016

Chairman Cllr Eric Lawley writes:  Conservation Working Group December 2016 The Conservation Area report for Walton is nearing the final draft status. The Working Group aim is to have a final for the council to review early in 2017. Once the final document is in place it will be handed to the Parish Council for…

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Emergency Committee and Conservation Working Group: Chairman’s report, Oct 2016

Emergency Committee Councillor Eric Lawley, Chairman of the Emergency Committee, writes: Meeting with Environment Agency on 9th Sept. Some minor changes are required to the Emergency Plan which will be presented to the Emergency Committee for consideration. EA are primarily an advisory body with respect to flooding. All ditches, trees and other features close to…

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Conservation Working Group report – April 2016

Cllr Eric Lawley, chairman of the Conservation Working Group, writes:  The group are concerned that Stratford District Council (SDC) do not want to have a survey of Walton although they agree that it warrants being classified as a Conservation Area. The group will take up the challenge and produce a survey to present to SDC…

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Conservation Working Group meeting 2/3/2016 – Report

Meeting date – 2nd March 2016 Present – H Cook, J Hargis, S England, E Lawley Dog Close Notes generated at the meeting in November to be added included with this report No further meetings held due to lack of timing regarding the transfer of the site to the Council. Group keen to maintain the…

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