Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 08/02/2022 – minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 8th February 2022 at 7.15pm at the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne.
Present: Chairman Cllr Blake Councillors: Barton, Keogh- Bywater, Mrs Prior Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 2

1. Welcome & Announcements

2. Apologies received – Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Cannon.

3. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – three additional matters added to item 9, Signage from Fosse Way, Pedestrian
access by Newbold Road shops, Degradation of Old Warwick Road footway, and new item 11.3 Dog fouling – agreed

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of Interest – none

6. Minutes of the meeting on 12th October 2021 – agreed

7. Matters arising – none

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close, raised concern about lorries blocking the footway outside the shops on Newbold Road
Mr Colley, Church Street, asked Cllrs to consider purchase of a tripod for the speed detection device, alerted Cllrs to the fact the
vehicle activated signs (VAS) by Constance Harris Close and on Kineton Road are now old and inefficient and informed Cllrs that
he had a business which produces VAS which would provide the Council with statistics, and asked why the Diocese still have
footpath 125a padlocked despite having reported this over several years. The Clerk advised the VAS were in control of County
Council and were not WWPC property and that County Footpaths had been in touch with the Diocese about removal of the lock.

9. Highways Issues
9.1 20’s Plenty Speed Campaign “where next” update and discussion – it was agreed to move the remaining signs to Newbold Rd
until Easter when the whole campaign would be moved to Dovehouse Drive.
Action: Lengthsman job number to be raised for the movement of the campaign By: Office
9.2 Speed Aware Campaign – use of speed detection device in village update – There was now a group of 5 trained volunteers with 4 more awaiting training. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour including set up/dismantle and since commencement of the scheme some 1500 plus vehicles had been recorded, with 1.91% of those vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit.
9.2.1 Correspondence – Request to purchase a tripod for the speed detection device which becomes heavy when held for any
length of time. A quote from the supplier for a full sized tripod: £416.39 inc vat. The group asked for more high visibility jackets
Cllrs considered the request and agreed the purchase to be vired from underspend in the HEE budget if possible, if not, purchase
to be made from the CILs fund.
Action: Ask RFO to assess HEE budget for virement to purchase tripod & 10 high-vis jackets or CILs By: Office
9.3 Multi-Agency meeting – the meeting had been arranged for 28th February 2022 at WSCC, Cllrs agreed agenda.
9.3.1 Speeding traffic in the parish – Consideration of supporting a new initiative by WCC to introduce a 20mph limit in all built
up areas to be discussed by Full Council
Action: Ex Ordinary meeting agenda item By: Office
9.3.2 Light pollution from industrial buildings – the excess industrial lighting continued to be of concern to residents and Cllrs.
Action: Contact Environmental Health and ask them to investigate the impact of light pollution By: Office
9.3.3 HGV’s missing the WDP and turning dangerously on Loxley Road and nearby estate roads – to be raised at Multi-Agency meeting and with WCC Highways directly
Action: Contact WCC depot about the damage caused and asking for cutback of the traffic islands By: Office
9.4 Works by WCC on Loxley Road update – the installation of drainage pipes had now completed but the detritus left and the poor quality reinstatement of the footway required further intervention.
Action: Request WCC Highways Dept carry out a site visit and ask contractor to make good the area By: Office
9.5 Signage to Wellesbourne from Fosse Way – Concern had been raised about signage from Fosse Way to Wellesbourne via Walton. Cllrs considered the signage technically correct and noted there had been no complaints of heavy traffic from Walton residents.
9.6 Difficulty traversing from Warwick Road to Kineton Road by Newbold Road shops – Cllrs noted there is a clear footway across the grassed area but the egress could be blocked by parked vehicles. Residents not wishing to walk this path could walk into Newbold Road and cross by the hairdressers or One-Stop shop.
9.7 Degrading footway Old Warwick Road – it was noted that the narrow footway had degraded making it uneven and a potential trip hazard.
Action: Report footway defect to WCC By: Office
The footway by Constance Harris Close was obscured by overhanging vegetation and the metal drain plate in the subway had been bent leaving a trip hazard and tiling had been vandalised making it unsecured.
Action: Report damage to subway drain cover and tiling By: Office


10. Footpath Issues
10.1 Lack of maintenance of footpaths running between estate roads and public footpaths – whilst some footpaths had been
Cleared, several areas remained problematical. Valletta Way to Wyvern Close remained overgrown with vegetation.
Action: Report footpath clearance required By: Office
Action: Report padlocked gate on 125a again as Diocese have not removed the lock By: Office

11. Environment
11.1 Wellesbourne Flood Action Group update – The draft Project Proposals document had now gone for proof reading by
representative of the group at Moreton Morrell College for approval of works planned on the brook at Moreton Morrell and in
Bog Field, (part of the college site). There was to be a meeting to discuss this at the end of February, attended by Cllr Parry.
11.2 Bio-Diversity (discussion) – Raised by Mr Wharton (resident) Cllrs discussed the potential for a Bio-Diversity Audit and it
was agreed that this would make an excellent community project with the involvement of the schools. This could include
mapping of gardens, parkland, flora and fauna, leading to a greater understanding of the parish. Cllr AP was to meet Mr Wharton
to discuss bio-diversity ideas and to discuss communication methods.
11.3 Dog fouling – residents of Ettington Park and the Grange had complained of dog fouling, especially around the children’s
play areas. SDC had agreed to place some “no fouling/dogs on leads” signage on the estates.
Action: Ask Council Lengthsman to put out some anti-fouling posters around the play area/hot spots By: Office

12. Emergency
12.1 Emergency Plan – appointment of working party to review plan, contact names and numbers/emails and rest centres (GDPR)
Action: Review and update the contacts and arrangements for emergency within in the plan By: Cllrs DB, AB,MKB

13. Budget 2021/2022
13.1 Budget review of expenditure to date, anticipated designated reserve, identification of any underspend – not reviewed
Action: Identify likely underspend at March and designated reserves required By: RFO

14. Development Plan
14.1 Consideration of items for development plan – items to be included in the HEE development plan:
Safer routes to school
Speed awareness
VAS (vehicle activated signs)
Additional defibrillator(s)
Bio-Diversity Audit
Electric car charge points/E-Transport Service

15. Lengthsman
15.1 Lengthsman – the Clerk confirmed the insurance policy had renewed and updated Cllrs with the works undertaken by the
Lengthsman during the year. A detailed breakdown of the funds remaining from the original WCC grant was given and it was
noted that WWPC are now using budgeted funding for Lengthsman works in the parish.

16. Cllr, Clerk and members exchange of information
Cllr Mrs Prior – the bus service from Kineton Road into the village had been stopped leaving residents who used this service
unable to access the village easily and asked if Stagecoach could be approached to reinstate the service.

17. Date of next meeting – 22nd March 2022

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.17pm

Chairman…Cllr Blake……


(completed 9th February 2022)