Full Council meeting, 01/02/2022 – minutes

Minutes for a meeting of the Council on Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 7.15 pm at the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Barton, Blake, Dipple, Keogh-Bywater, Shepherd Clerk: Mrs Scriven
County/District Councillors: 1 Members of public: 8

1. Welcome and announcements

2. Apologies received – Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Cannon, Jackson, Kendall

3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Mrs Prior declared a pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to the repayment of Zoom costs as the recipient, and a non pecuniary interest In matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee
Cllr Blake declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to the Village Hall as the Treasurer.
Cllr Keogh-Bywater declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee & WWFAG as the Council representative

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – add new 12.2 Flood Action Group update – Cllr MKB (renumber/amend numbering error)

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – Grants items as sensitive business information – agreed

6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council meeting on:
7th December 2021 – agreed
18th January 2022 – agreed

7. Matters arising from the minutes not included in the agenda
7.1 Jubilee Celebrations/arrangements – Enquiry about events to residents was posted on Facebook’s village pages, some local street fayres were the only response. The PC had requested to be involved in the Beacon at the Church again.

8. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mr Hargis, Chapel Street urged the Council to consider a picnic in the park on the Saturday so as not to impact on local arrangements
Mrs Dane, Newbold Road, suggested there would be residents who did not live on a street where a party could be held.
Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close, asked why the Newbold Road car park was taking so long and complained about vehicles parking on footways by the Newbold Road shops.
Mr Wharton, Warwick Road, said he had been in contact with the Clerk and asked what the Council were doing for green infrastructure in the parish, saying he had done a presentation to the Council showing all the dead trees due to watering neglect around the village and asking what the Council were doing about their replacement. The Chairman confirmed that the PC had approached SDC planning enforcement and the developers about their replacement but noted that many of the trees had died due to deer eating them as no protective sleeves were put onto the sapling trees. The Council groundsman would be replacing the trees paid for by the developer.

9. District & County Council matters
9.1 Cllr Kendall – not present
9.2 Cllr Parry – report noted. Cllr MKB asked if the recycling centre at Ettington would reopen. Cllr Parry confirmed the recycling centre would not reopen.
9.3 Cllr O’Donnell – report noted

10. Planning
10.1 Applications
22/00058/LBC Erection of detached garage with extension to driveway
At The Old Vicarage, Church St Wellesbourne For Mr Richard Olafsson
Planning Officer Assistant planner Date 8th February 2022
Support as improvement in the amenity for the occupant
21/04054/FUL Erection of agricultural building, (Alternative to previous approved application ref 20/03105/FUL
At Mount Pleasant Farm, Walton For Mr A Hope
Planning Officer Lancia Agneau Date 8th February 2022
No objection
22/00043/TREE T1 willow (front driveway) pollard from 11m to 8m due to extensive roots raising driveway and to balance crown
T2 birch (front driveway)pollard from 14m to 6m
T3 horse chestnut (entrance to driveway) Reduce from 10m to 6m due to included bark
T4 conifer (right side of house) fell
At Dene House, Chapel Street, Wellesbourne For Mrs Lucy Slater
Planning Officer Assistant planner Date 8th February 2022
Support as good arboricultural management


22/00220/TREE T1 sycamore – fell, T49 sycamore, T50 sycamore, T51 beech -reduce western crowns by up to 3metres, where adjacent to neighbouring building, Salmon Court
At Wellesbourne Hall, Stratford Road, Wellesbourne For Mr Dhinsay
Planning Officer Ruth Rose Date 15th February 2022
Support as good arboricultural management
10.2 Date of next planning meetings: 16th February 2022

11. Finance Committee
11.1 Committee Chairman’s report – noted
11.2Record of payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted. The Clerk noted there were several close payments of utilities and had asked the RFO to look into the reasons why.
11.3 Record of staff salary payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted
11.4 Parish Council grants – moved to confidential
11.4.1 Recommendation from Finance Committee to amend the procedure for notification to PC grant applicants – moved to confidential
11.5 Management reports & Management commentary (December) – noted
Cllr AP left the meeting
Recommendation the Council reimburse Cllr Prior for payments & subscription to Zoom covering the period March 2020- July 2022 totalling £374.12 Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr AB carried
Cllr AP returned to the meeting
11.7 Date of next meeting: 15th March 2022

12. Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee – Cllr AB
12.1 Committee Chairman’s update – no meeting had taken place
12.2 Flood Action Group update – The EA had been asked to site visit the land by the Chedham’s Yard visitor Centre (a large grass covered soil bund) to assess if it formed part of the flood defences and if so, the EA would check if it conformed to the correct dimensions for a flood bund and would assume maintenance of the area going forward. Flood reduction works were to take place from Moreton Morrell to Charlecote using diverters and dams along the brook with a new eco scheme using reed beds and planting schemes.
12.3 Date of next meeting: 8th February 2022

13. Community Facilities Committee – Cllr AP
13.1 Committee meeting Chairman’s update – The replacement fence and new gate installation at Dog Close was scheduled for start on 22nd February, then remedial works inside the field/coppice would take place, followed by assessment of the future land management.
13.2 Christmas light display update – The fitting contractor could not attend until mid January to remove the fittings which were still illuminated. WWPC had requested a post event meeting to include a request to switch off the display by 6th January in the event they cannot be removed by that date.
13.3 Public Open Space land transfers (Persimmon) update – A site inspection of the green open spaces to be transferred from The Grange and Mountford Place had taken place and the Council now awaited the legal paperwork for the transfers to complete. Some replanting of trees was required, and it was the Council’s intention to engage with the community to help with a maintenance plan for the new planting in order for it to thrive.
13.4 Gifted land adjoining Dog Close update – a land valuation had been carried out and instruction from the landowner’s solicitor was awaited.
13.5 Planning for Newbold Road land update – no update had been received.
13. Date of next meeting 22nd February 2022

14. Office & Staffing Committee
14.1 New website (progress) update – a meeting had been arranged for 7th February to meet with Web builder to agree the content and layout. Cllrs noted there would be new items including the Council’s plan for reducing the local carbon footprint in reaction to the climate emergency.
14.2 Council Logo, redesign of the Council logo project – Cllrs agreed to hold a competition for all children of primary school age from the parish to submit designs for a new Council logo.
Recommendation to run a competition for all children living in the parish of primary school age to design a new Council logo (image to be sharpened by a graphic designer). Winners would be rewarded with a voucher (First prize £30, Second prize £20, Third prize £10) to be taken from General Reserve Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DB carried

Action: Competition to be promoted by the primary school, social media and the W&W News By: Cllr DB(School) Cllr AP (WWNews) Cllr AB (social media)
14.3 Date of next meeting: 15th February 2022


15. Development Plan update – Each committee to discuss what inclusion they have for the development plan then a full document of all items to be considered would go to Full Council for consideration. It was noted there would be a number of items that fall under general council for consideration such as Climate Change, Neighbourhood Plan, Quality Status, Councillor recruitment.
Action: Amended development plan document to be submitted for consideration to Full Council in March By: Cllr AP

16. Governance Review – report noted. Cllrs agreed there should be public consultation to find out what residents think then back to PC for discussion. It should be noted that as Parish Cllrs are not paid there would be minimum financial impact, and that changes would not happen until an election takes place.

17. Climate Emergency Conference feedback – the conference raised attention to the issues around climate change and the role of PCs to encourage discussion, engagement of residents to go forward as a united community for the good of the environment. The PC required a Statement of Intent to include the things to be done to minimise impact on the planet such as tree planting in Dog Close and itemised mitigations such as installation of electric car charge points or solar power panels, and a financial statement with budget.

18. Wellesbourne & Walton News – Climate change, Dog Close progress report/volunteer request

19. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information – none

20. Dates of next meetings
1st February 2022 Full Council
8th February 2022 HEE
15th February 2022 Office & Staffing
22nd February 2022 Community Facilities
15th March 2022 Finance Committee

Under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be a disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded.

11.4 Parish Council grants – Cllrs received a grants report showing the amounts agreed by the Finance Committee.
Recommendation that Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council (WWPC) advises all applicants for grants of the success (or otherwise) of their application shortly after WWPC has received confirmation from Stratford District Council (SDC) that the WWPC precept of £260,000 for 2022/2023 has been approved and such advice letter clearly stating that no grants will be paid until WWPC has received from SDC the first tranche of the 2022/23 precept and not before any specific conditions relating to the applicable grant have been complied with. Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr DB
Recommendation that the Council approve and pay the grants for 2022/23 as per the agreed schedule subject to the General and Specific Conditions* mentioned being complied with and the first tranche of the 2022/23 precept has been received from Stratford District Council Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr DB
Recommendation that when the payments are made in respect of the approved grants, that the General and Specific Conditions are clearly specified in the applicable letter and that each successful applicant is provided with an additional copy of the Feedback form for completion. Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr DB

*Specific conditions
General conditions applicable to all the grants:
a) Production of grant feedback form within 6 months of grant being paid and confirming grant used for purpose for which made and said grant feedback form and the information therein may be used by the Council in its Annual Report and..
b) If invited by the Council to attend the Annual Parish Meeting with a display including showing the use to which the grant was applied and..
c) If requested by the Council to attend the Annual Parish Meeting and provide a verbal presentation on the use to which the grant was used and benefits which have accrued to the parish.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.10pm
Chairman…Cllr Mrs Prior……………
Signed………A Prior………………………………..
(Completed 07/02/22)