Community Facilities Committee meeting, 09/11/2021 – minutes

Minutes for a meeting of the Council Community Facilities Committee taking on Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 7.15pm at the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne.
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Blake, Dipple, Kendall Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 1

1. Welcome & Announcements

2. Apologies received – Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Jackson

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda - add new item 18 Mobile skate ramp and new item 19 Electric car charge points – agreed

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session - none

5. Declarations of Interest - none

6. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish - none

7. Minutes of the meeting on 28th September 2021 – agreed

8. Matters arising – (not on the agenda) – none

9. Sports Association
9.1Report – Simon Isted - noted

10. Committee Budget
10.1 2021/2022 – update Cllr AP – the report for committee chairman did not give the full expenditure from 01/04/21 – 22/10/21 but only the stats
for one month. A full year to date print out would be required in order that Cllrs could see a clear audit trail of expend against budget.
Action: A full year report for each committee to be provided. By RFO
The budget appeared under-spent but outstanding works were to begin next week and the hedge and tree maintenance schedule was still to begin.

11. Dog Close
11.1 Lease for Dog Close land update– Cllr AP – The Council solicitor was awaiting the agreement for the right of access across the land
11.2 Gifted land update – There were still issues remaining in relation to the gifted land, and the solicitors were liaising with each other to
resolve them.

12. Newbold Road land
12.1 Planning application update – This remained with SDC, Cllr Parry was approaching SDC to see what was required.

13. Green open spaces
13.1 Green spaces update – Persimmon’s legal dept were preparing the necessary documents to transfer the land from the developer to WWPC.
A site visit would take place with the Council’s grounds maintenance contractor, Cllr AP and a representative of Persimmon to sign off on the
condition of the land prior to the transfer taking place.

14. Notice board replacements, new boards
14.1 Recommendation to accept quotation for replacement notice board from preferred supplier Contract B. Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr TD carried

15. Christmas Lights
15.1 Update – A centre Christmas tree light display had been ordered for the precinct paid for by grant funding though the Shakespeare’s Trust

16. Playground inspections
16.1 Inspection reports and findings – Cllrs considered the content of the report and agreed the actions outlined in the reports to be repaired or replaced as necessary by the Council’s Handyman.

17. Review of section 106 and Unilateral spending
17.1 Progress update – The Clerk had been able to sign off 5 of the 6 Sec 106 agreements and these had been discharged with SDC as fully spent
in accordance with the designated purpose. The last of the Sec 106 had now been allocated with a small outsanding balance. The Unilateral
Agreement funds had also been allocated and were now awaiting final cross match against the record held by the RFO.

18. Mobile Skate Ramp
The Clerk had arranged for the Council Handyman to collect the trailers containing the mobile skate ramp. Walton Estate had confirmed their
approval of storage on the land adjacent to the village car park and the Clerk had approached the Council’s insurance regarding ownership and
usage insurance.

19. Electric Charging Points
Several queries were raised in relation to the charge point administration, another meeting was to be arranged to consider these points.

20. Cllr, Clerk and members exchange of information
Cllr Dipple said that the drains had been cleared of leaf debris and a muddy area near to the paddock had been tarmac covered.


Cllr Blake asked to put a notice on the Council Facebook page saying why WWPC cannot install a children’s play area at Frost Road due to the
fact it is not WWPC owned land and the grounds maintenance team for the area were clear in saying the park would not be replaced.

21. Date of next meeting – 11th January 2022

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.30pm

Chairman……Cllr Mrs Prior…………


Date………………………………………….. (Completed 10th November)