Annual Parish Meeting, Tuesday 8th March 2022

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Tuesday 8th March 2022, at St. Peter’s Church starting at 7pm.

Please wear a mask to enter the meeting.

The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting hosted by the Parish Council for all members of the Parish. It is not a Parish Council meeting and the rules governing usual meetings do not apply. However, at this meeting, the rules of decent behaviour towards each other will still be expected. The meeting gives you, the residents, the opportunity to raise any matter of relevance to the parish and to ask questions about the work of the Parish Council.

During the last two years, we have had a number of new Councillors and the responsibilities of the Council have grown. There has been much new development in the south of the village bringing new residents. We would like to hear your views about what we have done, about what you think needs to be done to make the village a safe and pleasant place to live and raise your families.