Community Facilities Committee meeting, 28/09/2021 – minutes

Minutes for a meeting of the Council Community Facilities Committee on Tuesday 28th September 2021 at 7.15pm at the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Blake, Mrs Bolton, Kendall Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 7

1. Welcome & Announcements – none

2. Apologies received – Cllr Cannon

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – agreed

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of Interest – none

6. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mr Cooknell, Mountford Close, raised concern about the flooding on Newbold Road. He said flood risk had been exacerbated by the development further up in the catchment area and that flooding risk was on constant warning from the Environment Agency from October to March annually meaning the proposed car park and sports pitches would be closed for long periods of time. He said the professional advice taken resulted in reports which did accord with each other but were based on flood modelling rather than local knowledge. He suggested that he would not wish the Parish Council to be wrongly blamed for flooding in the future, especially as flooding in this area was a certainty. The possibility of installation of urban drainage ponds was raised and a request for the PC to consider carefully how the entrance/egress might impact the transference of flood water onto Newbold Road.
Mrs Cox, Lawrence Mackie Gardens, raised concern about the impact of flood water entering the Newbold brook causing further flooding of the car park at Lawrence Mackie House and adjacent properties.
The Clerk confirmed that the two flooding events in this area were not caused by the brook which did not, in either flood event, breach its banks but rather, from run off water caused by heavy rainfall which saw months’ worth of rain deposited in a matter of hours. Since the flooding, clearance works had been carried out on the brook and the culvert had been widened to assist with drainage.

7. Minutes of the meeting on 10th August 2021 – accepted

8. Matters arising – none

9. Sports Association
9.1 Report – Mr Isted was unable to attend the meeting, the report was to be circulated on email by the Clerk.

10. Committee Budget
10.1 2021/2022 update – Cllr AP said the committee was operating within budget
10.2 Committee budget 2022/23: Cllrs considered the requirements for the budgets and agreed the proposed budget for consideration of the
Finance Committee.
Action: Submit the proposed budget to the Finance Committee meeting for consideration By Clerk

11. Dog Close
11.1 Lease for Dog Close land update– the Council Solicitor was awaiting the Deed of Covenant to deal with the contribution to repairs of the
right of way from the medical centre after which, the lease would be complete, and work could commence on the installation of the fences.
11.2 Planning permission for Dog Close change of use to open space update – this had now been approved by SDC
11.3 Gifted land update – the legal requirements for exchange of land ownership were now underway with the Council’s solicitor.

12. Newbold Road land
12.1 Planning application update – there had been no further update from the architect, the Clerk & Cllr Parry to follow this up.
12.2 Land use at the rear of school update – No further progress could be made until SDC confirm their decision as to whether a major planning
application would be required.
12.2.1 Communication from resident – concerns related to the flood survey and advice given (raised in item 6 Public Open Session). The
Chairman confirmed that no detail could be provided publicly as no plans had been approved for submission yet due to the SDC Officer not
having made a decision of what level of plan submission would be required.

13. Green open spaces
13.1 Meeting with Persimmon to confirm commuted sum for transfer of the open spaces and play areas at land East & West of Ettington Road
and Mountford Place update – At a meeting with the Director of Persimmon attended by Cllrs AP, RB and the Clerk, the Director agreed to the
land transfer and commuted sums requested by the Clerk on behalf of the Council and their legal team would now be instructed to make a formal
offer in writing. Councillors expressed their gratitude to the Clerk for her hard work to ensure the correct commuted sums were negotiated and
for ensuring that the land transfers were properly offered to WWPC, this was an excellent achievement.
13.1 Plans of open spaces for discussion – The maps of the public open spaces to be taken over by WWPC were reviewed by the Cllrs and
further discussions would take place over the coming months about their use and accessibility. It was noted that WWPC would not be taking
over maintenance of the urban drainage ponds, these would be taken care of by MANCO, the management company appointed by Persimmon
and the pumping station would be maintained by Severn Trent Water.

14. Notice board replacements, new boards
14.1 Sites for new boards – Cllrs agreed that there should be boards on The Grange and Mountford Place public open spaces and agreed to ask
Persimmon if they would permit a noticeboard for Ettington Park estate. A quote for a replacement board to match existing to be sought for Frost
Road. The Handyman had been asked to re-varnish the existing boards on Bridge Street, the Co-op and on Dovehouse Drive as soon as possible.

15. Christmas Lights
15.1 Consideration and approval of light display for grant application – The lights contractor had been asked to quote for a string light conical
Christmas tree in white to display in the centre of the precinct, for application to the Shakespeare’s Community Grant.

16. Review of section 106 and Unilateral spending
16.1 Progress update – The Clerk was raising and checking all invoices relating to Sec106 and U/A funding and cross matching the payments
with the SAGE summary report provided by the RFO. As a result of her findings, two of the Sec106 awards had now been completely utilised
and discharged by SDC as correctly expended. There were several Sec106 awards outstanding as well as U/A funds to be allocated to the correct
cost centres, this would be an onerous task for the Clerk alongside her own work. She hoped to have a full update for the Council in November.

17. Application to SDC for CILs infrastructure funding
17.1 Progress update – Cllr AP – the applications had been turned down with feedback appearing to suggest the criteria for the applications had not been met (no alternative or match funding). Cllrs agreed that the application was made due to there being no opportunity for alternative or match funding and agreed that a further approach to SDC be made requesting assistance with the criteria where alternative funding was not available.
Action: Approach SDC for assistance with a revised application for a sports hall By Cllr AP

18. Cllr, Clerk and members exchange of information
Cllr Mrs Bolton – raised concern about the continued flooding at the Village Hall from the new car park. Cllr AP said the car park contractor
had been contacted and would be carrying out remedial works on the drainage in an attempt to resolve the issue at the weekend.
Cllr Kendall – none
Cllr Blake – asked if there had been an update on the mobile skate ramp. The Clerk confirmed she had been in correspondence with the officer
at SDC and suggested a possibility of sharing the ramp if there had been more than one Council interested. A decision would be made shortly.
Clerk – There had been deliberate vandalism on the witches hat, the cable had been completely sawn through until it had broken leaving
dangerous wires exposed. The Handyman had removed the cable and Cllrs approved the Clerk to repair this using her emergency expenditure
budget (The Clerk had a quote for the replacement of £55 .42) given it was play equipment. The office would report the vandalism to the SNT.
Cllr AP – Was to attend a meeting on Tuesday to meet the Chairman of a new charity set up by Hastings House “Friends of Hastings House”
working for the provision of services residents felt valuable to the community but are not covered under the NHS provision.

19. Date of next meeting – 9th November 2021

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.45pm

Chairman….Cllr Mrs Prior…….


(Completed 29.9.21)