Full Council meeting, 05/10/2021 – minutes

Minutes for a meeting of the Council on Tuesday 5th October 2021 at 7.15 pm at Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, Wellesbourne
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Cannon, Dipple, Kendall, Keogh-Bywater, Shepherd Clerk: Mrs Scriven
County/District Councillors: 2 Members of public: 6

1. Welcome and announcements – A new Councillor, Cllr Dan Barton had been co-opted but was unable to attend the meeting due to a prior engagement.

2. Apologies received – Cllrs Barton, Blake, Jackson

3. Declarations of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – Add new item Play equipment repair at 13.7 and renumber onward – agreed

5. Identification of items that might be resolved for confidential session – 11.4 as included staffing issues – agreed (Cllr RB abstained)

6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council meetings:
7th September 2021 – Add apologies for Cllr TD as given Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr MKB – carried (Cllrs OC, AS abstained)
28th September 2021 Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr RB – carried (Cllrs OC, TD,MKB, abstained)

7. Matters arising from the minutes not included in the agenda – none

8. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mrs Dane, Newbold Road, said snails were eating the notices on the Bridge Street notice board.
Mrs Macbeth, Talbot Court, asked if the PC could do anything about cars idling (engines running whilst inside the car) mainly on Bridge Street and Mountford Close. The Clerk had reported this to the Police in the past and noted that it was only enforceable if the person was out of the vehicle with the engine running and this was committing the act of “quitting”)

9. District & County Council matters
9.1 Cllr Kendall – no update on Cllr Parry’s report
9.2 Cllr Parry report – noted. She invited the involvement of the PC with response to the consultation on the boundaries. Cllrs agreed
that Wellesbourne & Walton parish was big enough to stand alone and that it was best as one stand alone area split into two wards to include Walton.
9.3 Cllr O’Donnell report – noted. (not in attendance)

10. Planning
10.1 Permission with conditions
1. Noted
21/01366/FUL Convert existing modern barn to no 2 dwellings
At Walton Wood Farm, Fosse Way, Walton For Mr R Orton Coltwood Limited
Planning Officer Joe Brooke Date 22nd September 2021
2. Noted
21/02477/FUL Single storey rear extension
At 24 Redhilll Close For Mr Jon Cox
Planning Officer Malwina Idziak Date 24th September 2021
10.2 Applications
21/02663/FUL Installation of lighting columns (retrospective) and bollard style light
At Shah’s restaurant, Charlecote Road, Wellesbourne For Mr S Hussain
Planning Officer Paul Thompson Date 6th October 2021
No objection
21/02881/TREE T1 and T2 willow x 2 – reduce to old heights and shape removing approx. 3-4metre sections
At 4 Peacock Court, Wellesbourne For Mr Mark Newall – Newall Tree Care Ltd
Planning Officer Assistant Planner Date 6th October 2021
Support – good tree management
21/03003/TREE T1 – field maple – Remove T2 – field maple – Remove T3 – field maple – Remove T4 – field maple – Remove
At 2 Long Ground, Wellesbourne For Mr Chris Wyatt CTS Forestry
Planning Officer Ruth Rose Date 19th October 2021
Object – tree planting was part of the development planning conditions as it formed an important barrier to the line of houses from Long Ground. The reasons given by the applicant for this work were that it would improve the canopy but the removal of T2,T3, T4 would instead leave a large gap in the canopy as the trees are planted side by side. As these trees are part of a longer line of important barrier the PC would ask that if permitted, the applicant should replant a similar sized native tree in its place.
10.3 Consultation document – proposed merger of SDC and WDC to become South Warwickshire Council – Cllrs considered all options.
Cllrs agreed option 5 was the most suitable and advantageous option Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr OC carried ACTION: Cllr AP to respond to the consultation
Cllr votes for: RB, OC, TD, DK, MKB, AP Cllr Vote against: AS
10.4 Date of next planning meeting – 27th October 2021


11. Finance Committee
1.11 Committee meeting update – Cllr AS said looking at the management reports he could see no areas for concern but noted the revaluation of the village car park required further funding from General Reserves and was totally unavoidable. The Internal Audit for quarters one and two would be carried out 5th November with the RFO, Clerk and Mr Bill Robinson. A reminder was given to Committee Chairman that their proposed budgets would be required for the next meeting of the Finance Committee.
Record of payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list Noted
Record of staff salary payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list Noted
11.4 Management reports & Management commentary (August) and SAGE report (September)– MOVED TO CONFIDENTIAL SESSION
11.5 Audit
11.5.1 Internal Audit arrangements update – Booked for 5th November 2021 at the PC offices
11.5.2 External Audit 2020/2021 update – there had been no explanation received from the External Auditor about their inability to complete the audit in time but they had re-requested the information sent about the reimbursement payment by WSCC for their building insurance as the auditor dealing with WWPC audit had left their employ. Closure of the audited accounts was still awaited.
Recommendation to vire from General Reserves an additional £734.00 to pay the unexpected rise in the Council tax invoice for the village car park due to the revaluing the car park facility at a higher price by the Valuations Office. Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DK
Cllr votes for: RB, OC, TD, DK, MKB, AP, AS
11.7 Date of next meeting: 23rd November 2021

12. Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee – Cllr SJ
12.1 Chairman’s update – Cllr SJ not in attendance – no update
12.2 Date of next meeting: 12th October 2021

13. Community Facilities Committee – Cllr AP
13.1 Committee meeting Chairman’s update – Sports Association now operating normally, Wellesbourne Wanderers now have +400 members but still struggled for playing pitches, first draft budget completed ready for consideration by Finance Committee.
13.2 Community Events Fund (£5000 plus funding for publicity) – to purchase a central 3D Christmas light display update– measurement of the lamp in the precinct centre had been sent to the Christmas lighting contractor requesting a quote for a string light tree display. Once received an application would be made to the Events fund.
13.3 Public Open Space land transfers (Persimmon) update – Cllrs Mrs Prior, Mrs Bolton and the Clerk met with Persimmon and agreed transfer of public open space (POS) to WWPC and the associated commuted sums for The Grange and Mountford Place developments. Cllr Mrs Bolton asked that the considerable contribution made by the Clerk in corresponding with Persimmon and ensuring the correct commuted sums were allocated to the transfers be recognised.
Recommendation the Parish Council takes over the Public Open Spaces (POS) on The Grange and Mountford Place developments with the agreed associated commuted sums of £300,00.00 and £146,844.00 towards the costs of 20 years maintenance (including £50k for the replacement of play equipment) as per the agreed maps Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr RB
Cllr votes for: RB, OC, TD, DK, MKB, AP, AS
13.4 Gifted land adjoining Dog Close update – The Deed of Covenant (right of access detail) along with the legal measures required for the takeover of the gifted land was with the solicitors.
13.5 Planning for Newbold Road land update – Architect debating with SDC as to the requirement for a major planning application as they had included land to be used for a sports field as part of the application for the car park, further detail was awaited.
13.6 Correspondence regarding grass cutting on Dovehouse Estate – Further to complaints about the lack of grass cutting on the Dovehouse estate SDC had carried out a full cut. SDC reported that their contractor had been approached by a member of the public asking them not to cut the grassed areas to give the wildflowers chance to seed; Cllrs agreed that the contractor should only take instruction from the Council in future to avoid a similar situation arsing.
13.7 Play equipment quote – It was noted that the incorrect quote had been submitted for the payment of the witches hat replacement rope. The new quote was for £192, and it was agreed as it related to play equipment in need of urgent repair, the part would be purchased immediately from Community Facilities budget. Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr OC, carried.
13.8 Date of next meeting 9th November 2021

14. Office & Staffing Committee
14.1 Report on annual leave Clerk – noted
14.2 Date of next meeting: 19th October 2021

15. Remembrance Sunday Service – Cllr AP said there would be an outdoor service on 14th November and Cllrs attending should be on site by 10.30am for a 10.45am start. A wreath had been ordered on behalf of the Parish Council from the Chairman’s Allowance.

16. Governance Review discussion Cllr AP – The issue of imbalance caused by the major development on one side of the parish had been previously raised with SDC who advised this was best done at election time. Cllrs were asked to give thought on how this imbalance might be resolved ready for discussion at a further meeting.

17. P.A System – discussion on collection, set up and use of at meetings – Cllr AP had been collecting and setting up the PA system for some years and was no longer able to do this. The Clerk had corresponded with the Methodist Hall (David Lusty) who were looking into possible storage at the hall.


18. Wellesbourne & Walton News
Co-option of new Cllr and remaining vacancy Governance Review Persimmon Land Transfer

19. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
Cllr Mrs Bolton asked what the hard surface had been for in the field at the top of Stratford Road. The Chairman confirmed that this had now been removed but had been to assist the workers attending the site to install new gas pipes in the area.
Cllr Cannon – none
Cllr Dipple – none
Cllr Kendall – none
Cllr Keogh-Bywater – none
Cllr Prior – following a meeting with the Chairman of the new Charity group at Hastings House Mr Greetham had been invited to attend a PC meeting to discuss the aims of the charity. The Street Fayre committee were to go ahead with the Christmas Fayre and a children’s design a Christmas light competition was also repeating this year. As the car park had been resurfaced, stalls would be in the car park this year rather than inside the village hall itself.

20. Dates of next meetings
2nd November 2021 Full Council
12th October 2021 HEE
19th October 2021 Office & Staffing
9th November 2021 Community Facilities
23rd November 2021 Finance Committee

Under Section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, In view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be a disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded.
11.4 Management reports & Management commentary (August) and SAGE report (September) – Cllrs noted that the usual monthly report had not been sent out as requested and the SAGE report contained confidential information of a sensitive nature. Cllr RB said she was disappointed not to have been able to attend the Finance meeting but felt that there should have been more notice of any special requests to the staff. Cllrs discussed the methods used to collate and record the Council accounts and agreed that the RFO would be asked to show them at the next Team meeting agreed to take place on 15th October in the afternoon. Cllrs expressed frustration at the delay in receiving up to date financial information and the Chairman said it was totally unacceptable for the Council to working on accounts that were more than a month out of date.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.40pm

Chairman…Cllr Mrs Prior……


Completed 7th Oct 2021