Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting, 27/04/2021 – minutes

Minutes of a virtual meeting of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 27th April 2021 at 7.30pm via ZOOM online meeting facility
Present: Chairman Cllr Jackson Cllrs: Blake, Mrs Bolton, Cannon, Harte, Keogh-Bywater, Mrs Patalong, Mrs Prior
Members of public: 0 Acting Clerk: Mrs Skinner
1. Welcome – Cllr Jackson apologised for the delays to convening the meeting
2. Approval of Apologies for Absence – none
3. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – agreed
4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none
5. Declarations of interest – none
6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Committee meeting (virtual) on 12th January 2021
Prop Cllr Mrs Prior, 2nd Cllr Blake Accepted Cllr votes: RB-y, JH-y, SJ-y, MKB-y OC, NP not present at meeting
7. Matters arising (if not in the main agenda) from the minutes – none
8. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish – none
9. Highways Issues
9.1 Maintenance of verges and islands and traffic signs obscuring road view update (reminder) – Cllr SJ
SJ reported roundabouts had already been cut but not verges and some signposts were already obscured. Vision across roundabouts was discussed and it was noted that on roundabouts in Stratford trees had been cut back.
Communicate with WCC to acknowledge roundabouts had already been cut but not verges and that some road
signs are obscured. Office once photos received
Gather photographic evidence Cllr SJ
9.2 Speeding traffic/ Motorcycle traffic on A429/ Police engagement – Cllr SJ
Issues of speeding, apparent lack of police intervention and deployment of police resources were discussed
Identify key areas of village where action is needed Cllrs SJ & AP
Meet to discuss appropriate approach to police Cllrs SJ & AP
9.3 20s Plenty “where we live” Campaign – Cllr SJ
Cllr SJ gave a presentation to reinforce benefits of 20s Plenty campaign to the meeting. Banners and signs would be purchased. Waiting for response from school regarding changing the blue sign for Mountford Close. Areas to be targeted, publicising the campaign and ongoing nature of campaign were discussed. Decided working party would be set up to progress the campaign.
Working party members to gather ideas and communicate to Cllr SJ ahead of next meeting on 25th May Cllrs: SJ, AB, OC, JH, MKB, AP, NP
9.4 Potholes reported – Cllr RB
Contact WCC to report potholes on Warwick Road Office
9.5 Community Speedwatch update – Cllr AP
Training was to start in March, this is now moving forward. Local contact is Fizz Forbes. Faster progress may be facilitated with letter to Chief Inspector Faz Chishty. Possibility of using chicanes to reduce speed was discussed. Community Speedwatch report to police who can use the data to support with escalating a permanent change to enforceable speed limits. Data collected from Community Speedwatch can also influence traffic calming measures used.

10. Footpath Issues


10.1 Guardrail communication, Persimmon Homes – Cllr SJ – no response received from Persimmon yet.

11. Environment
11.1 Fibre Broadband update – Ettington Park – Cllr SJ
Only to be provided to some parts of the development, some areas already connected.
11.2 Additional/ Replacement bins – Cllr SJ
Funds had been moved forward from 2020/21 budget to purchase these. Dog fouling signs had been ordered.
11.3 New development landscaping – Cllr SJ
No feedback received yet. Bills to residents for services at Ettington Park had increased by 17% so it may be prudent to reconsider commuted sum offered for adoption of other areas.
11.4 Happy Benches/ Plaques – Cllr AP
Laminated signs on benches were mostly removed soon after they had been put out. These had been replaced by the handyman and would continue to be replaced. Considering possibility of more permanent signage.
11.5 Happy Bench/ Dog Close – Cllr AP
It had been suggested Happy Benches could be included at this location. Cllr AP would take the idea of using a multi-coloured bench to denote a Happy Bench to the working party.
11.6 Electric Vehicle charging point at Village Hall – Cllr SJ/ AP
Feedback from residents about their need / desire to use a charging point at the village hall should be sought. This could be done practically by using a social media “poll”. The length of stay was discussed and the changing nature of village businesses to more eating places, resulting in longer parking, was considered. There was discussion about whether the village hall would be the best location or if a more prominent position would be better.

12. Budget for 2020-21
12.1 Update on underspend commitments – Cllr SJ
Money has been put aside from 2020/21 budget for purchase of 20s Plenty campaign signage, dog fouling signs and bins, so there would be no impact on 2021/22 budget year.

13. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
AB – signs for Wellesbourne Market are remaining in place all week, along with Disabled Parking signs.
Contact Market organisers to request removal after every market office
If no response from Market, or signs not removed, contact WCC to remove them office
RB – none
OC – none
JH – none
SJ – none
MKB – none
AP – none
KS – none
14. Date of next meeting – 25th May 2021 – 20s Plenty working party
There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.56pm
Chairman: Cllr Jackson……………….
(Completed on 28/4/2021 – KMS)