Meetings of the Parish Council

The Government has said that as of the 7th May, we can no longer hold virtual meetings. We have had a letter confirming that. This is causing real problems for all levels of local democracy and representation has been made to government and continues to be made.

As a consequence of this decision, there will be no meetings in May and the next full Council meeting has been rescheduled to June 22nd. and it will be held in the Church. This is the only venue that can safely accommodate a meeting. The agenda for the meeting will be posted on our website a week in advance. If you have questions of the Council, you can email them to us and they will be discussed at the meeting. It will be possible for you to attend the meeting but we would like to know in advance, if possible, that you will be coming. We will be putting further advice on the website about the meeting and how it will be managed. Please check it.