Virtual Full Council meeting, 06/04/2021 – minutes

Minutes for a virtual meeting of the Council on Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7.00pm via ZOOM online meeting facility
Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Blake, Mrs Bolton, Dipple, Jackson, Kendal, Keogh-Bywater, Shepherd
Clerk: Mrs Scriven District/County Councillors: 2 Members of public: 4

1. Welcome and announcements

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs Cannon & Harte

3. Declarations of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – Agreed

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council meetings (virtual) on
16th February 2021 – Prop Cllr TD, 2nd Cllr DK – Accepted Cllr Votes: AB-y, RB-y, TD-y, DK-y, MKB-y, AP-y, AS-y

Cllr Jackson joined the meeting
2nd March 2021 – Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr AB – Accepted Cllr Votes: AB-y, RB-y, TD-y, SJ-y, DK-y, MKB-y, AP-y, AS-y
Confirmation of the minutes of the Community Facilities Committee meeting on 16th February 2021 – Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr TD – Accepted Cllr Votes: AB-y, RB-y, TD-y, SJ-y, DK-y, MKB-y, AP-y, AS-y

7. Matters arising from the minutes not included in the agenda – Item 20 (2nd March Full Council) It was noted that the government
had not extended powers for Parish Councils to hold virtual meetings beyond 7th May 2021. NALC is lobbying government to change this decision and a council is taking legal action. The Chairman had written to the Rt Hon Jeremy Wright, our MP, asking him to question this decision.

8. Police Matters – the Chairman had been contacted by PC Morgan who had set up a WhatsApp Group with the two local PCSOs and
the PC Chairman in order to report incidents promptly. Cllr Jackson asked that he and at least one other Cllr be added to the group.
Action: Contact PC Morgan requesting other Cllrs be added to the group By: Cllr Prior

9. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mr Hargis, Chapel Street, raised concern about the practice of developers turning shops and post offices into dwellings within the conservation area without having to seek planning approval.
Action: Check if the conservation area falls into permitted development rights or if properties in the conservation area are still protected by planning. By: Cllr Kendall

10. District & County Council matters
10.1 Cllr Kendall – no update
10.2 Cllr Parry – report noted. Over 35,000 green bin stickers had been issued but there had been a backlog due to the Easter holidays
and it was noted the funds raised from the permits would go towards the recycling services with any remaining funds going back into Council reserves against the deficit for Covid measures. Public Health Warwickshire had reported a decline in the number of Covid cases in Warwickshire, now 33/100,0000. There was a new grant “Green Shoots” via WCC that could be used for EV points for electric car charging stations. Cllr AP asked for this to be discussed at the next HEE meeting.

11. Planning
11.1 Applications
21/00558/FUL Single storey extension to ground floor, and first floor side extension to existing residential property.
At 7 Lowes Lane For Mrs R. Howe
Planning Officer Assistant Planner Date 14th April 2021

No objection Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr SJ – carried Cllr Votes: AB-y, TD-y, SJ-y, DK-y, MKB-y, AP-y, AS-y Cllr RB-against
11.2 Planning Application 21/00167/FUL Shah’s Restaurant. Cllrs welcomed the correspondence finding it helpful and clear.
11.3 Date of next Planning Committee meeting 14th and 28th April 2021

12. Finance Committee – Cllr RB
12.1 Chairman’s update– the precept had been approved by SDC at £250,000, lower than other councils of a similar size. Arrangements for the Internal and External Audit were underway. The Clerk confirmed that due to the government decision not to extend the date for virtual meetings beyond 7th May that she had contacted PKF Littlejohn to ask how PCs would be able to authorise their audit accounts – a response was awaited.
12.2 Record of payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted
12.3 Record of staff salary payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted
13.5 Date of next meeting – 11th May 2021

13. Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee – SJ
13.1 Chairman’s update – The Clerk was progressing the order for the 20s Plenty Campaign and it was noted that the “Happy Bench” signs had been erected only to be torn down by vandals. The Handyman had been given additional signs to replace them as they are removed but the Clerk was looking into more permanent solutions.
13.2 Date of next meeting – 13th April 2021

14. Community Facilities Committee – Cllr AP
14.1 Chairman’s report– noted. A meeting of the Dog Close working party had taken place, and notes had been circulated to councillors. The lease had not yet arrived from the solicitor and the Clerk continued to chase this matter. A demolition order had been applied for to SDC planning, response awaited. The Council acknowledged the work carried out by a kind resident who had cleared the footpath on the Dovehouse estate. The Chairman presented a gift and card on behalf of the Council from the Chairman’s allowance.
Recommendation to approve up to £1200 + vat for asbestos removal survey at the Youth Hut
Cllr Votes: AB-y, RB-y, TD-y, SJ-y, DK-y, MKB-y, AP-y, AS-y Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DK – carried

14.3 Community awards consideration – Cllrs agreed that it would be appropriate to acknowledge resident and organisations who go beyond the normal levels to make life in the parish better. It was noted this would be in the form of a certificate of recognition and thanks.
Action: Ask Cllr Patalong to design a suitable certificate By Cllr AP
14.4 Date of next meeting – 20th April 2021

15. Office & Staffing – the Clerk confirmed leave request from the Admin Assistant.

16. Correspondence
16.1 Consultation on proposed SDC boundary changes – noted

17. Wellesbourne & Walton News
20s Plenty campaign Hot cross buns in Walton

18. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
Cllr Blake – none, Cllr Mrs Bolton – none, Cllr Dipple – none
Cllr Jackson – A resident had approached the Cllr to ask if planning application had to be made for a change of window frame colour from white to grey. Cllr DK confirmed if in the conservation area or any covenants on the building that planning would need to be sought but otherwise it would be possible under permitted development rights.
Cllr Kendall – none
Cllr Keogh-Bywater asked to join PC Morgan’s WhatsApp group. He suggested a move of the PC offices when the lease ended in order to comply with disability discrimination for disabled access.
Cllr Mrs Prior – none
Cllr Shepherd – none
Clerk – none

19. Dates of next meeting
4th May 2021 Annual meeting of the Parish Council
13th April 2021 HEE
20th April 2021 Community Facilities
11th May 2021 Finance

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.22pm
Chairman….Cllr Mrs Prior…..
Completed 13/4/21