Virtual Extra-ordinary Full Council meeting, 30/03/2021 – draft minutes

Minutes of a virtual Extra Ordinary meeting of the Council on Tuesday 30th March 2021 at 7.00pm via ZOOM online meeting facility
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Cllrs: Blake, Mrs Bolton, Harte, Kendall, Jackson, Shepherd
Members of the public: 1 Acting Clerk: Mrs Skinner

1. Welcome

2. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – accepted

3. Approval of Apologies for Absence – Cllr. Keogh-Bywater

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of interest
Cllr Mrs Prior declared a non-pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a trustee
Cllr Jackson declared a non-pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a trustee

6. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish – none

7. Recommendation not to recharge the building insurance cost to the WSCC for the year 2020 – 2021 Prop Cllr AS, 2nd Cllr JH
Agreed Cllr votes: AB – yes, RB – yes, DK – yes Abstained: AP, SJ

8. Recommendation to approve a sum of up to £400 for a Refurbishment and Demolition asbestos survey at the Youth Hut
It was clarified that the costs would be met from unilateral funding
Prop AP, 2nd DK Carried Cllr votes: AB – yes, RB – yes, JH – yes, SJ – yes, AS – yes

9. Urgent Planning
9.1 Applications
21/00491/TREE T1 – Purple leaf plum – reduce crown by approx. 2 metres to height of 8 metres and spread 5 metres
At 55 Chapel Street, Wellesbourne For Miss Anna Withers
Planning Officer Assistant Planner Date 8th April 2021
No objections
Prop SJ, 2nd AB Cllr votes: RB – yes, JH – yes, DK – yes, AP – yes, AS – yes

10. Correspondence
10.1 Correspondence from Persimmon Homes
The commuted sum offered was insufficient and it was decided to arrange a meeting for further discussion to ensure the sum would be increased to an acceptable level. WWPC legal costs could be negotiable dependent on outcome.
Actions: Set up meeting with Persimmon to discuss sum
Get quote for legal fees from solicitor By: Clerk
Cllr Mrs Patalong joined the meeting

11. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
Cllr AP asked Cllr DK to check on whether planning permission for extension at 9 Copeland Avenue was necessary, or if it fell within Permitted Development
AB – no, RB – no, JH – no, SJ – no, DK – no, NP – no, AS – no, Acting Clerk – no

12. Date of next meeting – 6th April 2021

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 7:18pm.

Chairman…..Cllr Mrs Prior…….



(Completed 31/3/21 KMS)