Virtual Full Council meeting, 01/12/2020 – minutes

Minutes for a virtual meeting of the Council on Tuesday 1st December 2020 at 7.00pm via ZOOM online meeting facility
Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors: Blake, Mrs Bolton, Cannon, Dipple, Kendall, Keogh-Bywater, Jackson Clerk: Mrs Scriven
County/District Cllrs: 2 Members of public: 6 Guest: Mr Phil Deakin (WCC)

1. Welcome and announcements – The Chairman read an email from Cllr Parry stating that SDC were seeking a judicial review challenging the decision by the DHSC (Dept Health and Social Care) to move Stratford district to Tier 3, requesting a move to Tier 1 or 2

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs Harte, Mrs Patalong, Mrs Paige-Stimson

3. Declarations of Interest – Cllr Kendall declared a non-pecuniary interest in planning application 20/03014/Ful as known to the family

Cllr Cannon joined the meeting

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – Open session – first a presentation from Phil Deakin (Veteran project) and add 14.4 Dog Close lease update – agreed
Cllr Votes: AB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, AP-yes

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

Cllr Keogh-Bywater joined the meeting

6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council meetings (virtual)
3rd November 2020 – accepted Prop: Cllr DK 2nd Cllr TD – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes
24th November 2020 – accepted Prop: Cllr AB 2nd Cllr OC – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes

Cllr Mrs Bolton joined the meeting

7. Matters arising from the minutes not included in the agenda
7.1 Communication with local Parish Council Chairmen update Cllr AP – this matter was still being pursued.

8. Police Matters – no Police attendance

9. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Phil Deakin from WCC explained a new project which was to be externally funded encouraging community engagement of veterans of the armed forces. The scheme proposed two employed roles who following training, would engage with the community collecting information on what the needs of the community are and how these might be addressed. This would involve the PC working in partnership with other agencies but essentially administrating the scheme, location/provision of a base for the team as the host agency as well as recruiting the two team members and volunteers and administrating team/volunteer payroll and sundry expense claims. If the current bid did not meet approval, match funding from other sources would be sought.
Action: Meeting to discuss implications of PC as host agency, suggestions to be considered at Council By: Chmn, V. Chmn, Clerk
Mrs Ankrett, Walton Way, (on behalf of a group of residents from this location) raised residents’ concerns about the inclusion of Reserve Site WELL 07A, land to the north of Walton Road, in SDC Site Allocations Plan (SAP) Consultation as this did not accord with the Core Strategy and Neighbourhood Plan. Previous landscape studies designate this area as high sensitivity and asserted the importance of safeguarding and strengthening the rural qualities of Walton Road and the setting of the Conservation Area. Concern was also raised about the restricted width of the road, removal of hedgerow/trees to widen it, and the preservation of rural field patterns towards the river.
Mrs Dane, Newbold Road, said the footways and road surfacing in Newbold Place and St Peter’s Road were being damaged by the development traffic at the Willett House site development and urged the Council to request a full resurface of the area once the works were completed rather than a patchwork of repairs due to the high level of mobility aid users in the area.

10. District & County Council matters
10.1 Cllr Kendall – no further update
10.2 Cllr Parry – report noted
10.3 Proposed refuse collection changes – Residents had voiced their concerns about the new bin contracts and the change from 2 to 3 weeks for the black bin waste. Cllr OC raised the potential for problems arising from leaving a bin full of disposable nappies for 3 weeks and asked if it would be possible for a more regular collection. Weekly food bin waste was accepted as favourable.
Action: Write to SDC raising community concerns By: Cllr AP/Clerk to send

11. Planning
11.1 Decisions – The retrospective planning application for the shed at 1 Newbold Road was refused by SDC on the grounds it does not accord with CS9 and CS20 policies of the Core Strategy. The applicant had appealed.


11.2 Applications
20/02006/FUL Proposed grey windows and removal of glazing bars
At 16 Hammond Green, Wellesbourne For Lisa Reynolds
Planning Officer Issy Howell Date 11th December 2020
No objection – Prop: Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr RB – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes
20/03014/FUL Single storey replacement rear extension
At 12 Hotchkiss Close, Wellesbourne For Mr & Mrs Jerrim
Planning Officer Ian Guffick Date 11th December 2020
No objection – Prop Cllr SJ, 2nd Cllr OC – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes Cllr DK abstained
20/03105/FUL Full application for the replacement and relocation of an agricultural building with a new agricultural building
At Mount Pleasant Farm, Walton For Mr A Hope
Planning Officer Joe Brooke Date 11th December 2020
No objection – Prop: Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr DK – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes
20/03359/TREE T1 – Alder – Reduce height from 7.6metres to approx. 4.5metres and pollard
AT 32 Willow Drive, Wellesbourne For Philip Franklin
Planning Officer Assistant Planner Date 15th December 2020
No objection – Prop: Cllr SJ, 2nd Cllr AB – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes

Planning item from last Ex Ord. meeting of Council now on website for Cllrs to look at plans:
20/03196/TREE – 15 Cherry Orchard – reviewed by Cllrs – No objection – Prop: Cllr RB, 2nd Cllr AB – carried
Cllr votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes
11.3 Site Allocations Plan Consultation – Cllrs discussed the Consultation document and raised concern about the following:
o SDC map not indicating the built-up boundary of the parish
o further areas of development indicated that did not accord with the Neighbourhood Plan or Core Strategy
o potential for a negative impact on Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield and the A429 as well as from any significant development on the Warwickshire University Campus whilst not wanting to discourage technological development of the site the potential loss of existing sports pitches
o impact on A429 of potential gravel pit
o increased danger for pedestrians/cyclist/other vehicles from the new developments onto the Walton Road
o the loss of rural landscaping along the River Dene corridor and the historical rural field layout of the area.
o the importance of Wellesbourne Allotments
Action: Make response to SDC consultation document By: Cllr AP

11.3.1 Residents comments on SAP for attention of Cllrs – noted
11.4 Wellesbourne Mountford Airfield update – Cllrs Mrs Prior, Mrs Bolton and District/County Cllrs Mrs Parry and Kendall had been invited to meet with Daren Pemberton (SDC) who explained the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) had been extended for a further three months due to Covid and reassured that SDC were committed to the CPO (Compulsory Purchase Order). SDC were engaged in exploratory talks with the airfield owners.
11.5 Date of next Planning Committee meeting 2nd December 2020

12. Finance Committee – Cllr Bolton
12.1 Chairman’s Report – noted
12.2 Management Accounts – not available at meeting
12.3 Record of payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted
12.4 Record of staff salary payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list – noted
12.5 Date of next meeting – 15th December 2020

13. Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee
13.1 Chairman’s report Cllr SJ – to follow.
Summary of the meeting discussion: Cllrs remained frustrated at the lack of cooperation from the police relating to areas prone to speeding traffic. The guard rail was missing from the second exit of The Grange, an area of fast-moving HGV’s and other vehicles where there was no visual crossing. 20’s Plenty Campaign, defibrillation maintenance and light pollution were all discussed.
13.2 Environment Agency withdrawal of flood alert notifications update – Clerk read an email from the EA apologising for the removal of the service. It had been reinstated.
13.3 Date of next meeting – 12th January 2021

14 Community Facilities Committee
14.1 Chairman’s update to be discussed at the next meeting, quotes for the final piece of play equipment for the Mountford play area, mapping of the trees on parish owned land using Parish Online, meeting with Finance Officer/Comm Facil. Chmn to discuss budget.
14.2 Christmas lights switch on feedback – Cllr AP noted thanks to the Lights Committee for their hard work. The live streaming event and previously recorded videos had been very well received by the community, with over 1700 watching.


Recommendation to accept quote for advert in local press inviting tenders for removal of the derelict Youth Hut building and removal, resurfacing and marking out of a new car park at the Village Hall. (£177+VAT)
Cllr Votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes Prop Cllr AP
2nd Cllr
14.4 Dog Close Lease – the Clerk had sent an email imploring the Walton Estate Solicitors to finalise the matter before the new year.
The response was sent to the Council’s Solicitor who was happy with the amendments and instruction had been given to finalise the lease
The Council confirmed the authority had been given to the Clerk and Chairman to finalise the lease and for the Clerk to receive the document directly. Prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr SJ carried. Cllr Votes: AB-yes, RB-yes, OC-yes, TD-yes, SJ-yes, DK-yes, MKB-yes, AP-yes
14.5 Date of next meeting – 8th December 2020

15. Office & Staffing – nothing to report

16. Wellesbourne & Walton News
Christmas Lights
Site Allocations Plan (SAP) Stratford District Council Consultation
Volunteers for Speed Aware camera use training

17. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
Clerk – none
Cllr Keogh-Bywater – noted there had been no crime statistics update since September on the Police webpage
Cllr Dipple – none
Cllr Bolton – asked if the restrictions on buses shown on the timetable were temporary
Cllr Cannon – none
Cllr Jackson – none
Cllr Blake – none
Cllr Kendall – posted the Index but did not have one personally – ask Kate to provide one
Cllr Prior – A response from Royal Mail asserted postmen are not delivering to individual letterboxes in sheltered accommodations. Residents of Ettington Lodge were finding their post left in the communal areas whereas Salmon Court and Lawrence Mackie House were still receiving individual postings. The Clerk was to ask why the disparity.

Dates of next meeting
5th January 2021 Full Council
12th January 2021 HEE
19th January 2021 Community Facilities
26th January 2021 Finance

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.55pm

Chairman…..Cllr Mrs Prior………….

Signed………A Prior………………………………..


(completed on 4 December 2020)