Virtual Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting, 23/06/2020 – minutes

The Minutes for a virtual meeting of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 at 7.00pm via ZOOM online meeting facility

Present: Chairman: Cllr Jackson Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Harte, Keogh- Bywater, Mrs Prior Clerk: Mrs Scriven
Members of public: 1 (Mr R Olaffsson)

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence – None

3. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – add 8.6 Lorries on the Loxley Road and a new item 9 correspondence re drainage from Persimmon Homes site
Add additional items to existing agenda and renumber from 9 onwards Cllr Votes: SJ – Yes, RB – Yes, JH – Yes, MKB – Yes, AP – Yes

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – None

5. Declarations of interest – None

6. Matters arising (if not in the main agenda) from the minutes of 11th February – None

7. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish – None

8. Highways Issues
8.1 Noise disturbance from the Warwickshire County Council Depot update
Further complaint about early morning and late-night noise disturbance from the depot had been received. WCC had made a prompt and positive response and had agreed to try soft alarms on site where possible under Health & Safety guidelines. WCC suggested that if any unacceptable noise disturbance continued, that the complainant ask for a sound monitor to be installed to properly monitor the decibels and time of disturbance. The complainant had been informed and was happy with the actions taken.
Action: Request the regular working hours of the company causing the disturbance By: Clerk

8.2 Traffic island sponsorship and maintenance update – Following difficulty getting costings for this from WCC a
complaint was sent to Cllr Seccombe (Leader of WCC) to which no response was made. The costings had been repeatedly chased by the Clerk who had emailed again requesting the data. Visibility on the traffic islands was much reduced due to vegetation making the approach for vehicles dangerous.
Action: Request vegetation be thinned, and trees pruned back/crown lifted. AGENDA next meeting By: Clerk

8.3 Home to school transport letter to MP – update Cllr AP – A response had been received from the MP stating that there
had been a change in assignment to catchment schools even if out of area and a consultation process had begun. It was noted that this change affected those 16 years and under but did not affect those 16+ students attending sixth form.
Action: Seek consultation results.
AGENDA next meeting By: Cllr AP
By: Clerk

8.4 Storm drain flooding/washback outside bungalow on Kineton Road update – Reported to WCC but no feedback given.
Action: Ask WCC if this was investigated and what the outcome was By: Clerk

8.5 Fallen wall at White Bridge update – Some ambiguity as to ownership by WCC or the Diocese remained and further
enquiries were to be made by the Clerk.

8.6 Construction lorry speeds on Loxley Road – Facebook complaints – residents remained concerned about the construction lorries travelling along Loxley Road in excess of the 30mph speed limit and on occasions driving without due care and attention. As a result of this, the road camber and verges were badly broken down and dangerous to cyclists and pedestrians. It was unclear if this was an approved route to the several building sites being accessed.
Action: Ask WCC who is paying for the damage caused by these vehicles.
Action: Write to Spitfire and Taylor Wimpy sites outlining the damage and anti-social driving again
Action: Write to Loxley Parish Council asking if some of these vehicles were coming from the two sites in their village By: Clerk

9. Communication re Storm drains from Persimmon Homes (possible contamination of the River Dene) – Mr Hope
Concern that effluent was being piped into the River Dene from the Persimmon storm drain was raised with the Parish Council, Environment Agency and Persimmon Homes by the resident. Initial enquiries into the matter previously with EA had shown no sewage present only soil spoils. Cllr KB showed Cllrs the mapping for Wellesbourne of the drain and sewer systems and balancing ponds which dealt with extreme wet weather events. It was clear from the mapping that the storm drain did not meet the sewer system and that in prolonged rain spells the storm drain would bring other debris blown into the drains with the water along with soil from the unfinished road surfaces on the development site into the river. 9
For absolute certainty, it was agreed to ask the EA to chemically check the site. Persimmon had acknowledged the concern raised and confirmed they were investigating the matter.
Action: Contact the EA asking they check the discharge for possible effluent and notify Mr Hope By: Clerk

10. Footpath Issues
10.1 Lengthsman cutting footpaths update Clerk – despite letters to WCC and Leader of the Council Cllr Izzy Seccombe no
Response or acknowledgement had been received. The Lengthsman had cut back the vegetation overgrowth by the Bridge Street crossing.
10.2 Path 125a WCC request to Diocese to clear path and reopen – a resident had reported this path was inaccessible
Before the pandemic. The County Footpaths officer was to investigate and instruct the Diocese to open the path if they have not already done so.

10.3 Sewage works completion update Cllr MKB – The new Walton sewage plant was now complete and the old sewer
system was being dismantled. The access road was to be tarmacked and soft landscaping had been agreed as native hedgerow and 13 new trees to be planted.

11. Emergency issues
11.1 Feedback on actions taken using the Emergency Plan during Covid-19 lockdown – Cllrs AP said the Parish Council had
become involved with Wellesbourne & Walton Community Cares who needed support in the early days of the pandemic. Cllrs Mrs Prior, Mrs Bolton, Mrs Paige-Stimson, Harte and Cannon had all been helping and the Clerk administrated the County Councillor grant funding for the group. Services provided by WWCC included shopping, prescription collection/delivery and support for carers in the community which included 37 young carers of school age. It also provided a befriending service as it had become clear that the biggest wellbeing issues faced were loneliness and isolation. WWCC hoped to become a charity with Trustees from the Church, Medical Centre and Parish Council. It was agreed that provision for a similar event should be integrated into the Emergency Plan.

12. Hand sanitiser unit for children’s play areas
12.1 Consideration of units for Mountford & Dovehouse play areas – Cllrs discussed the possibility of installation of hand sanitising units at its play areas and were made aware of an alternative sanitiser which involved misting of the equipment with a solution which lasts for 30 days . It was agreed to investigate further.
Action: Provide the Clerk with details of the company selling misting devices
Investigate the misting options and costings
Seek WALC advice on sanitising play areas By: Cllr SJ
By: Clerk
By: Clerk

13. Budget for 2020
13.1 Review of Year End HEE expenditure and budget for 2020 – no reports were available due to the RFO working on Audit.
Action: Review expenditure at next meeting – AGENDA By: Clerk

14. 4 Year Development Plan
12.1 Review of priorities outlined – Cllrs SJ/AP were to meet to review the Development Plan. Once revised, Cllrs would be invited to comment on the priorities going forward.
Action: Revise existing Development Plan priorites in light of pandemic
AGENDA next meeting (Revised Plan to be re-issued to all committee members) By: Cllr SJ/AP
By: Clerk

15. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information
Cllr Bolton – none
Cllr Harte – none
Cllr Keogh-Bywater – none
Cllr Prior – none
Cllr Jackson – none
Clerk – Residents on the new Loxley Road estate had asked if the Wellesbourne village entry signs could be moved to the boundary of the village as currently even the first entrance of the Dovehouse as you entered from Loxley was outside the boundary line.

16. Date of next meeting – to be agreed (August)
There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.34pm
Chairman……Cllr Jackson……………
Completed 25/6/2020