SAP response to SDC

Dear Sir/Madam Sent to SDC 8/9/20

Please find below the response to your SAP Engagement request from Wellesbourne & Walton Council.

Sites allocation
Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council have the following comments to make about the Draft Site Allocation Plan:
• We are pleased to see that There are no Wellesbourne reserve housing sites identified.
• 7.10 University of Warwick Wellesbourne Campus (Proposal RURAL.2) page 48.
• 1.3.3 Wellesbourne Campus identified of regional importance.
Whilst we would agree with this, the indication of potential housing accommodation on the site has implications for the infrastructure in Wellesbourne, an infrastructure that has already been identified as struggling. SDC has put no resources into Wellesbourne to support an improved infrastructure and this would need to be remedied.
• p9, 1.4 Vision and Strategic Objectives – “Wellesbourne will have enhanced its role as a rural centre through the provision of commercial uses that are sensitive to the character and setting of the village. The river corridor will have been enhanced for leisure activities and wildlife. The aviation related functions at Wellesbourne Airfield will have been retained and enhanced. There will be improved community facilities and the business park will have been regenerated.”
We are pleased to see this retained but continue to be concerned by the downgrading of the airfield and the potential loss of such as amenity for the district as a whole.
• p26, 4.1.5 says “Wellesbourne have settlement boundaries defined in ‘made’ Neighbourhood Plans which supersede the Core Strategy Policies Map.”
A more up to date map should be provided showing the full extent of the build on The Grange development. In the preamble to the map it states: “The three sites under consideration Wellesbourne are identified in amber…” and then goes on to show 5 areas. Can this be corrected. Also, the agreed Built up Area Boundary (BUAB) should be shown, maybe as a dotted line?
Can you also explain why the map shows three concentric circles focussed where the Sainsburys store is now situated?
The accessibility and transport section states in the second paragraph “…lacks a modern community and leisure centre to meet the needs of its much expanded population”. The Council disagrees with he second part of this statement as it has spent considerable sums of money to set up such a leisure centre. We would agree that we lack a modern community centre.
Site specific comments
Area WELL.04 you include as a neutral effect that access would be possible onto the B4086. However, when plans were proposed for this site, one of the major drawbacks was concerns about safety regarding access onto that road.
Area WELL.10
The inclusion of this area is at odds with the Made Neighbourhood Plan that clearly states that there should be no more building in the south of the village.

Should you require any further clarity on the issues raised please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind regards
Lynda Scriven – Clerk/Finance Asst to Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council
For and on behalf of the Council