County/District Councillor Anne Parry report for October meeting

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council – October 2020
County Councillor
Cases are continuing to rise at a pace around us following the tighter restrictions as announced by the government. For the second successive week Stratford on Avon has witnessed another double-digit increase in the number of new cases over the last seven days., highlighting the importance of being vigilant and taking all the necessary precautions.

COVID-19 Update
The cumulative cases across the county as of 25th September are now 3250 up from 3025 (an increase of 225 and up by 67 on last week’s figure) with confirmed cases in Stratford on Avon District increasing by 31 to 628 since last week (12 more than last week),

Out of the 423 SWFT Hospital Beds there remains three confirmed cases of COVID-19 at present and NO patients are in the intensive care unit. The cumulative deaths across Stratford District remains at 168 with the deaths in care home remaining at 82 from a cumulative of 1139 ‘all cause deaths’ in the district.

The cumulative total of all COVID-19 deaths in Warwickshire remains at 600 and over the same period there have been 3878 non COVID-19 related deaths in Warwickshire. Across the county there has been a total of 212 COVID-19 deaths in care homes settings (no increase in the last week) compared to 1293 ‘all cause deaths’ in care homes over the same period.

There are 52% of SWFT hospital beds occupied by Non-COVID-19 patients, 1% occupied with confirmed COVID-19 patients and 15% beds occupied with suspected COVID-19 patients and a spare capacity of 32% beds.

More up-to-date figures will be provided at the meeting.

Wellesbourne Household Recycling Site
The site reopened together with the shop on 26th September and visits can be booked online via

Full Council – 22nd September 2020
In response to the Government’s anticipated publication of a White Paper on Devolution and Local Government Reform, WCC held a Full Council meeting on 22 September on its proposals to authorise the submission to Government of a ‘Strategic Case for Change’ for a single unitary authority for Warwickshire. As part of this process WCC commissioned business advisers, PWC to produce a report in support of this proposal, which was debated extensively by all councillors who by a majority voted to submit its report to Government. I can advise that I did not vote to support this action as I feel that it would be premature before the White Paper is published (now anticipated sometime next year) and without undertaking extensive consultation with residents across Warwickshire

County Council Grants
The second round of my County Councillor Grants closed on 27th September and the applications will be reviewed in mid-October.

District Council
The Mop Fair in Stratford has been cancelled and would have been cancelled sooner but unfortunately the Mop fairs are held under a Royal Charter and therefore cancelling them resulted through negotiation with the fair operator which took time. However, there will be a small ride in place to ensure that the Royal Charter is maintained.
As the district embraces more restrictions and an impact on its revenues, the deficit forecast will be around £3 million as the third round settlement from the government is not as generous as hoped for and consequently adds pressure to the council’s reserves.
However, working with Warwick District Council is being progressed by the senior management team with shared roles between the two council. A Head of IT has now been appointed and other roles will follow.
SDC has now received its report from Deloitte which unlike the county’s report, ranks a two unitary model as the best way forward, based against the following criteria:
• Community and place identity and effective local leadership
• The potential for improved service delivery
• Creating the conditions for economic growth
• Deliverability
• Cost savings
The two unitary model was ranked first on four out of the five criteria. The single unitary was ranked second overall and the status quo third.
It is understood that the White Paper on Local Government Devolution has been deferred and may not reappear until later next year. However, reform is the way forward as the status quo is not sustainable in the future.

Planning Committee
The planning committee has been restructured and amalgamated into just one committee with a pool of members to draw from. Meetings will be held fortnightly on a Wednesday evening.

Willett House
I have been involved in trying to resolve issues emanating from the construction of Willett House and have met with the site manager. The properties are being built in modular stages and assembled on site and require a very large crane to lift and position the units in place. Whilst the site manager is trying to get the crane to do this from within the site, this may not be possible from a health and safety perspective requiring St. Peter’s Road to be closed for a few periods of time. I am still awaiting confirmation from the site manager if this is still the case. Orbit has now created a new footway from St. Peter’s Road into Cherry Orchard, but there is still an issue with a dropped kerb that I am investigating.


Anne Parry
28th September 2020