Full Council virtual meeting, 01/09/2020 – agenda

Agenda for a virtual meeting of the Council taking place on Tuesday 1st September 2020 at 7.00pm via ZOOM online meeting facility
Cllrs are summoned to deal with the following agenda.
Lynda Scriven
Clerk to the Council 25th August 2020
Members of public wishing to listen to the meeting or speak in public open session may do so by contacting the Chairman Cllr Anne Prior who will invite you to join the meeting by internet connection (01789 842103 or Cllr.Prior@wellesbournepc.com)
(You will need to download Zoom to your computer/laptop or download the mobile phone App)

1. Welcome and announcements

2. Approval for Apologies for Absence

3. Declarations of Interest

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session

6. *Confirmation of the minutes of the Council meeting (virtual) on 4th August and 18th August 2020

7. Matters arising from the minutes not included in the agenda
7.1 Library – question from member of public as to why Wbne library remains closed with no click and collect service – update Clerk

8. Election update – Cllr AP
9. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

10. District & County Council matters
10.1 Cllr Kendall – update
10.2 *Cllr Parry – report

11. Planning
11.1 Decisions
11.1.1 Permission with conditions
20/00893/FUL The local planning authority considers that the proposed development by reason of its size, design and finish does not represent a high quality development; is not sensitive or attractive within the setting of the streetscene; and does not integrate within the existing build form and therefore causes harm to the character and appearance of the area. The proposed development is therefore considered to be contrary to Policy CS9 of the Stratford on Avon Core Strategy 2011 – 2031 and Policy WW9 of the Wellesbourne and Walton Neighbourhood Development Plan 2016 – 2031.
At 8 Hammond Green, Wellesbourne For Steve Kapoor
Planning Officer Issy Howell Date 18th August 2020
11.2 Applications
20/02171/TPO T1 – Black Walnut-Reduce crown by up to 2 metres retaining spread of 24metres, remove dead wood and hanging dead branches. T2 -Oak – Remove dead wood and crown clean. T3 – Beech-Remove dead wood and crown clean, T4 – Oak-Removed dead wood and crown clean
At Walnut Tree Cottage, 1 Walton Way Wellesbourne For Mr Chris Wyatt
Planning Officer Ruth Rose Date 11th September 2020
20/02093/FUL Erection of replacement toilet block
At Newlands Caravan Site, Loxley Lane, Wellesbourne For Newlands Caravan Park
Planning Officer Paul Thompson Date 11th September 2020
20/02094/FUL Erection of workshop and store
At Newlands Caravan Site, Loxley Lane, Wellesbourne For Newlands Caravan Park
Planning Officer Paul Thompson Date 11th September 2020
11.3 SDC Site Allocations Plan (SAP) consultation documents – response requested – deadline 29th October 2020
11.4 * Comments on the SAP from Mr Hargis – (NHD PLAN)
11.5 *Consultation on Planning Reform changes – Cllr AP
11.6 Date of next Planning meetings – Committee A – 9th September 17th October 2020 /Committee B – 21st October 2020

12. Finance Committee
12.1 *Management Accounts – RFO
12.2 *Record of payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list
12.3 *Record of staff salary payments made under delegated power by the Clerk as per the attached list
12.4 Finance Committee Membership – consideration of – Cllr DK/AP
12.5 Date of next meeting – to be announced

13. Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee
13.1 *Chairman’s report – Cllr SJ
13.2 *Enforcement of planning conditions related to developers soft landscaping schedules – Cllr SJ/AP
13.3 Emergency Plan – update Cllr AP
13.4 * Police & Crime Commissioner’s response to Council’s letter regarding lack of Police presence in the Parish
13.5 Date of next meeting – to be announced

14. Community Facilities Committee
14.1 Chairman’s update – Cllr AP
14.2 Ground works for Dog Close – update Cllr AP
14.3 *Village Hall –Risk Assessment document and update Cllr RB
14.4 Date of next meeting – to be announced

15. Office & Staffing
15.1 Office update/Risk Assessment requirements – Cllr RB/AP

16. Index of Shops & Amenities
15.1 Update – Cllr RB

17. Wellesbourne & Walton News
Trees on new developments Parish Council Grants

18. Cllrs & Clerk exchange of information

19. Dates of next meeting
6th October 2020 Full Council