Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 10/12/2019 minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Highways/Environment/Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 10th December 2019 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman Cllr Jackson, Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Cannon, Harte, Mrs Paige-Stimson, Mrs Prior
Members of public: 4 Acting Clerk: Mrs Skinner

1. Welcome & announcements

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Mann

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – Add at Item 8.1 a letter from Tim Hewitt, Headteacher Wellesbourne Primary School.

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of Interest – none

6. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting,
22nd October 2019 – agreed

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 Meeting with Distribution Park Management – awaiting date for meeting

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mrs McDonagh, Mountford Close, expressed concerns about the traffic issues in Mountford Close involving school traffic, residents, delivery vans and workmen. The parish council doesn’t have powers to do anything, but photographic evidence of incidents can be sent to the police for investigation.
Mrs Cook, Church Street, enquired about hard standing at the bus stop at the Co-op
Action: write to WCC to follow up By: Clerk
Mrs Cook suggested that Cllrs should walk around the village to become familiar with it.
Mrs Cook stated that SDC will be removing phone boxes from the whole area.
Action: write to SDC to request they are not removed By: Clerk
8.1 Letter received from Tim Hewitt at Wellesbourne Primary School asking for assistance to fund some parking signs. These had previously been used and had assisted with some of the issues but had now been relocated to another school
Action: Recommendation to go to January Council meeting to buy five signs. Clerk to identify money from budget underspend and relevant statute to be used By: Clerk

9. Budget 2020/2021
Draft budget to go to Finance Committee meeting on 17/12/19 includes core operational spending for ongoing contracts. Other areas of expenditure to be identified from Development Plan once precept has been set and available funds decided upon.

10. Development Plan
10.1 Detailed draft development plan & priorities for 2020 – 2023
Shortlist to be drawn up and budget allocated to priorities. Money may be set aside until fund has grown and then priorities can be identified. Underspend to be used up before the end of the financial year.

11. Emergency issues
11.1 Post flood warning Incident report – Cllr YP-S/Clerk
Post incident report was discussed and differences between the alert system of Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Resilience Team (CSW) and Environment Agency (EA) were highlighted. WWPC Emergency Plan (2016) uses CSW system as all emergencies are included, not just flooding.
Remainder of discussion moved to confidential session.
11.2 Emergency plan this wasn’t discussed separately and it was agreed further discussion would be required.

12. Councillor, Clerk and non Council members of Committee exchange of information
Cllr RB reported an email was received indicating footpath 125A was blocked off. Landowners (the church) stated they would open it up but this had not happened yet.
Action: Write to WCC to inform that footpath 125A was not yet properly dealt with By: Clerk
Cllr Y P-S enquired whether there is a follow up method from police after RTAs (road traffic accidents)
Action: Ask the SNT if the Parish Council could be given the outcome of RTAs eg fault outcome. By: Clerk
Cllr OC reported an initiative at North Leamington School regarding vehicle idling. Item to go on to next agenda

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Cllr OC raised concerns about dangerous pedestrian crossings particularly from Dovehouse to Ettington Park and Dovehouse to Sainsburys
13. Date of next meeting – 11th February 2020

Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded
11.1 Post flood warning Incident report – Cllr YP-S/Clerk
WWPC draft emergency plan, redacted version of WWPC 2016 Emergency Plan and SDC Emergency Plan would be brought to next meeting for comparison. A definition of when an emergency is called was needed and process improvements needed for future. Clarity on what is being acted on and how the plan is used should be provided. SDC emergency response committee defines who does what. It was decided that better understanding of terminology used was needed and clarification of how GDPR applies. It was noted that new Cllrs had not seen the emergency plan.
• WWPC 2016 Emergency Plan – publish and share with all Cllrs
• Redact phone numbers from new document and append
• Documents to be printed and held in office and emergency boxes By: Clerk
By: Cllr YPS
By: Cllr YPS
Action: Be Ready Wellesbourne & Walton Emergency Leaflet final draft for approval at January Full Council meeting By: Cllr YPS
Action: Recommendation to January Full Council meeting to order sandbags to be held for use in future emergencies By: Clerk
Discussion took place regarding permanent damage to the bank of the brook along with the possibility of a built-up bank to protect the housing side of the brook. Cllr Harte volunteered to join the Flood Action Group.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.17pm

Chairman Cllr Jackson

Signed S Jackson

Date 11/2/20
Completed 13/12/19

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