Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 22/10/2019 – minutes

Minutes for a meeting of the Highways/Environment/Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Stuart Jackson Councillors: Cannon, Harte, Mrs Paige-Stimson, Mrs Prior

1. Welcome

2. Election of Committee Chairman – Cllr Mann had stepped down as Chairman for personal reasons.
Nomination for Chairman: Cllr Jackson, no other nominations were received. Prop: Cllr Prior, 2nd Cllr Paige-Stimson, carried

3. Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr Jackson was elected Chairman leaving a vacancy for Vice Chairman.
Nominations for Vice Chairman: Cllr Harte, no other nominations were received Prop: Cllr Prior, 2nd Cllr Cannon, carried

4. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Mrs Burnard, Mann.

5. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – agreed

6. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

7. Declarations of Interest – none

8. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting,
10th September 2019 – agreed

9. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
9.1 Contact with Distribution Park Management update – An email had been received welcoming the contact and advising of
a meeting in December. Councillors welcomed the opportunity to build a good working relationship with the site businesses and
looked forward to meeting with them.
9.2 Traffic island sponsorship update – due to no further progress with the costings for the sponsored island, the matter had
been escalated to the management at WCC who were to chase response.
9.3 Lorries from the Distribution Park (request to WCC for symbolised signage) update – WCC said the signage was obvious
on the approach to the Park and that no further action would be taken but if the PC favoured this route that WCC would be
prepared to itemise costings for the PC to pursue directly.
9.4 Potential extension of 50mph speed limit on A429 to beyond Ettington Park & The Grange – Cllr AP said the response
had been “no funds available” but that the PC would escalate this matter on a higher level at WCC.

10. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close asked where the PC was with its planning application for Newbold Road. Cllr Prior said the PC had reviewed the final version and a submission would be made to SDC next week. Miss McDonaugh raised concern about the signs shaped as small children used around the school entrance saying they had caused much confusion. Cllr Jackson said these items were on trial basis with hours of deploy and positions being tested.
Mrs Cook, Church Street, asked if there had been any progress with upgrade of the Council website. Cllr Paige-Stimson said she had still to progress this matter with the Admin Assistant who administrates the site.

11. Highways issues
11.1 Correspondence (email) Footpath from Water Mill to Lowes Lane unusable (Mrs Hope) – This had been taken up with WCC footpaths who would remind the farmer of his obligations and enforce maintenance.
11.2 Correspondence (email) HGVs using Loxley Lane from development site (Mr Tyers) – it was unsure as to what planning restrictions had been placed upon the site contractors.
Action: Contact SDC Enforcement asking them to investigate and check any restrictions on the site’s traffic management plans. By: Office

12. Environment issues
12.1 Lengthsman contract going forward – member Council’s had indicated that they would be interested in precepting for the service in the future.

13. Emergency issues
13.1 Emergency plan – GDPR progress – Cllr Paige-Stimson was arranging a meeting with Cllr Prior to put together an abridged version of the plan for residents.

14. Budget 2020/2021 – Cllrs considered the budget requirements, amended the budgets for the ground maintenance and bus shelter cleaning contracts and moved the graffiti clearance to general budget.
Recommendation that the budget with amendments be accepted. Prop Cllr SJ, 2nd Cllr AP, carried

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15. Development Plan
15.1 Detailed draft development plan was discussed.
15.2 Priorities for 2020 – 2023 – Cllrs considered their priorities and it was agreed that the top three priorities were VAS (vehicle activated signs), Traffic management (repeater speed signs/speed awareness/parking/HGVs) and Safer routes to school.

16. Councillor, Clerk and non Council members of Committee exchange of information
Cllr Cannon asked if the extension of the speed limits on the A429 had been followed up – Cllr Mrs Prior confirmed that a letter had gone to WCC who had refused the request so it had been escalated to the next level.
Cllr Mrs Paige-Stimson asked if the sign at the edge of the village could be moved to the Loxley side of the new estate on the Loxley Road.

17. Date of next meeting – 10th December 2019

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 9.45pm

Chairman Cllr Jackson

Signed S Jackson

Date 10/12/19

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