Finance Committee meeting, 16/07/2019 – agenda

The Finance Committee of the Council will meet on Tuesday 16th July 2019 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council office, 2 School Road, Wellesbourne
Cllrs are summoned to deal with the following agenda.
Lynda Scriven
Clerk to the Council 9th July 2019

Members of the public are welcome to attend
* Papers included with the agenda

1. Welcome by Chairman

2. Election of a Vice Chairman

3. Approval of Apologies for Absence

3. Confirmation of Agenda

4. Identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session

5. Declarations of Interest

6. *Confirmation of minutes of the meeting of 19th March 2019

7. Matters arising (not indicated as a separate agenda item)

8. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

9. *Review of Financial Regulations
9.1 Consideration of Financial Regulations
9.2 Recommendation to adopt the Financial Regulations – Prop Cllr AS
9.3 Review of Direct Debits/Standing Orders
9.4 Review of banking arrangements (interest rates and account performance)

10. External Audit – update Clerk/RFO

11. *Management Accounts

12. *Risk Register – annual review

13. *Insurance – review of policy schedule/TORs
13.1 Recommendation that the Council seeks payment from Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre in respect of the insurance of the buildings and MUGA in accordance with the terms of the lease granted to that charity.
13.2 Village Hall insurance recovery

14. Development Plan
14.1 Consideration of a four year Development Plan (projects and costings)

15. Councillor/Clerk exchange of information

16. Date of next Committee meeting 24th September 2019