Full Council meeting, 02/07/2019 – agenda

The agenda for the Meeting of the Council taking place on Tuesday 2nd July 2019 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Bridge Street Wellesbourne
Cllrs are summoned to deal with the following agenda
Kate Skinner
Acting Clerk to the Council 25th June 2019

This is an open meeting and the public are welcome to attend. A comments box is available for the public to use in addition to the Open Session for the public
* papers needed for this agenda

1. Welcome and announcements
1.1 Welcome to new Parish Councillors – Cllr AP

2. Approval of Apologies for Absence

3. Declarations of Interest

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session

6. *Confirmation of the minutes of the Council Meetings 14th May 2019 & 4th June 2019

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 Street fayre – Cllr AP

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

9. District & County Council matters – Cllr Kendall/ Cllr Mrs Parry

10. Planning – Cllr AP
Approvals, Refusals, Applications

11. Finance Committee – Cllr AS
11.1 Chairman’s update
11.2 *Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list
11.3 *Approval of staff salaries
11.4 *Monthly management accounts
11.5 External Audit – update Clerk
11.6 Date of next meeting 16th July 2019

12. Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee
12.1 *Chairman’s report
12.2 Date of next meeting 13th August 2019

13. Community Facilities Committee – Cllr AP
13.1 Chairman’s update
13.2 Medical Centre/Dog Close update – Cllr AP
13.3 Date of next meeting – 9th July 2019

14. Office & Staffing
14.1 Approval of amended Appraisal Policy – Cllr AP
14.2 Appraisals update – Cllr AP

15. *Warwickshire County Council Gas Policy
15.1 Consultation document

16. Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council – as a Market Authority
16.1 Role of a Market Authority meeting update – Cllr AP

17. Code of Conduct video
17.1 Arrange date for viewing/discussion

18. Wellesbourne and Walton News – Cllr AP
Proposed contents:
Chairman’s report New Councillors

19. WALC
19.1 Southern Area Committee meeting – Cllr AP

20. Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information

21. Items/reports for the next meeting by 18th July 2019
Table of monthly meeting dates
Full Council 6th August 2019
Highways/Environment/Emergency committee 13th August 2019
Finance 16th July 2016
Community Facilities committee 9th July 2019

10. Planning
10.1 Decisions
19/01034/FUL Conversion of existing garage to living area and hallway and replacement of garage windows with floor to ceiling height windows. 1no. 5.9m front extension of left hand side elevation to align with existing neighbouring properties front facades. Extension of pitched roof to front elevation as required. 1no. 4.2m extension to rear living area. Internal alterations. All materials to match existing.
At 46 Mountford Close For G S Blyth
Permission with conditions
19/01189/TREE T1 – Cypress – Crown thin and reduce height by 5 metres to previous pruning points
At The Barn House, Chestnut Square For Mrs Mollie Corker
Consent with conditions

10.2 Applications
19/01438/FUL Insert 2 No dormer windows onto North East (front) elevation.
At The Oaks, Walton Road, Wellesbourne For Mr Kendrick – Barleycrest Properties Ltd
Planning officer Richard Lambert Date 5th July 2019
19/00728/FUL Conversion, alteration and rationalisation of existing holiday let accommodation to provide two dwellings with associated works
At Kingsmead Farm, Stratford Road For Mr Simon Butterfield Lionsgate Capital
Planning officer Amy Flute Date 12 July 2019
19/00310/FUL Conversion, alterations and rationalisation of existing holiday let accommodation to provide one dwelling with associated works
At Kingsmead Farm, Stratford Road For Mr Simon Butterfield Lionsgate Capital
Planning officer Amy Flute Date 12 July 2019
10.3 19/01234/FUL – Email from Planning Officer request for PC to reconsider the decision
10.4 Date of next Area Planning Meetings: 10th July 2019, 7th August 2019