Annual Parish Meeting, 13/03/2018 – minutes

The minutes for the Annual Parish Meeting on 13th March 2018 at 7.30 pm at Wellesbourne School, Wellesbourne

Councillors: Mrs Prior, Barritt, Heaton, Jackson, Kendall, Mrs Michael District/County Cllr: Mrs Parry
Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 58

1. Welcome by Parish Council Chairman Cllr Mrs Prior and introduction to new Parish Councillors.

2. Apologies for absence – Cllrs Mrs Bartlett, Mann & Thomas

3. Confirmation of the minutes 22nd March 2017 – accepted

4. Guest Speakers – Sam Slemensek (working with Warwickshire County Council and Warwickshire Police)

A lively and entertaining presentation was given by Sam Slemensek on Cyber Crime – offering ways to stay cyber safe

Questions & Answers:
Q. How do you tell if a BT telephone call requesting personal detail is real or not?
A. There have been many “problem with your computer” type calls. If unsure that the caller is ligitmate, hang up and ring the company back on a known and proven land line.
Q. Bank card fraud – how can you know if the call is legitimate if they give you a number to ring?
A. These calls can appear to hang up but actually keep a line connected. Always hang up and ring the bank on a known and proven contact number.

Annual Report

Questions and Answers:
Q. When can there be a CCTV camera by the underpass? There is a constant problem with young people gathering, damaging children’s play equipment and the underpass and would the camera cover all these areas?
A. The new camera expected to be fitted by 2019 will be able to view this whole area and will be monitored by the District Council CCTV camera room.
Q. What is going to be done in the Newbold Road field?
A. Possible parking for the school and play areas. Community Facilities committee members will be discussing this – there would be no tarmac only a permeable surface.
Q. When traffic come off the bypass A429 onto Warwick Road there are no repeater signs to remind them it’s a 30 speed limit zone what can be done about this?
A. The PC have previously raised this with the County Council highways department. Cllr Parry was to raise this matter but there are strict criteria on where they get placed due to a diminishing budget.
Q. What plans are there to address parking problems in the village. With the new developments there could be 1500 more cars in the village?
A. This is a long standing concern as there is limited space and ownership of land. The PC will be looking at how to best use the space at the Village Hall but it was noted many issues were caused due to lift sharing and coach trips being organised from the Hall car park area. There would also be further parking once the Medical Centre moved.
Q. What plans are there for the youth hut?
A. A survey had been carried out to see if there was asbestos, there was but it was not considered dangerous or onerous.
A company had been approached to see if the building could be refurbished, this remained outstanding at this time.
Q. Could the pavements in Mountford Close be gritted when the icy weather strikes as it was very slippery for children
A. The County Council would have to carry out a survey on the site to see if appropriate – the school should grit its own surfaces.
Q. Could we have another dog fouling campaign please!
Q. Dog Close – what is going to happen to all that soil?
A. The Medical Centre have someone who wishes to purchase the soil and it will be removed shortly.
Q. Is there a flooding risk on the Dog Close land now?
A. There is no flooding risk on the land leased by the PC which goes down to the river as a drainage pond was to be installed at the rear of the Medical Centre.

There being no further questions the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and thanked the guest speaker for such an
informative presentation. She hoped that everyone attending had enjoyed the displays and the meeting closed at 8.45pm

Chairman Cllr Mrs Prior

Signed A Prior Date 12th March 2019

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