Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 29/01/2019 – minutes

The minutes of a meeting of the Highways/Environment/Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 29th January 2019 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Barritt Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Mann, Mrs Paige-Stimson, Mrs Prior Clerk: Mrs Scriven Guest Cllr: Storey Non Council members: 0 Members of public: 2

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Jackson, Mr Lawley

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – add appointment of temporary Vice Chairman – agreed

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – Emergency Plan 12.1 covering GDPR but in public session for adoption at 12.2

5. Declarations of Interest – none

6. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting, 11th December 2018 Item 7, should read agenda item next HEE meeting not full council – accepted with amendment

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 Medical Centre – consideration of access/egress Action: Clerk to ask WCC for opinion
7.2 10.1 Letter to Distribution Park Manager asking for a visit Action: Clerk to send letter to WDP Manager

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mr Murphy, provided item 10.2 raised concerns about speeding traffic, especially on Loxley Road causing danger.
Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close, referred to the suggestion made by a member of public to put a school bus
service from Sainsbury’s car park to Mountford Close as impossible due to the fact that parents bring and pick up
their children at various times of the day.

9. Bus shelter cleaning & Litter picking contracts – review contract (renewal May 2019)
It was agreed that these contracts be extended to December then bring these contracts in line with grounds maintenance contract, going out to tender to begin again in March 2020. Prop: Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr RM carried.

10. Highways issues
10.1 Correspondence ref highways issues – Mrs Harland – Cllrs considered the points raised and felt traffic issues might
subside once the work completed on the Medical Centre. It was agreed to ask WCC to look at the kerb edge at the crossing on
Bridge Street which were difficult for wheelchair users to negotiate.

10.2 Correspondence ref speed on Loxley Road – Mr Murphy – Cllrs explained that Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) were out
of the budgeting capabilities of the Council. Cllrs felt a zebra crossing between the Co-op and Stratford Road would help
pedestrians to cross the road safely, especially as one of the safer routes to school from the Dovehouse and Ettington Park estates.
Cllrs raised concern about the grass encroachment onto the footway on Ettington Road/Bridge Street and agreed to request
clearance by WCC.
10.3 Correspondence ref speed on Loxley Road – Mr Dixon – Cllrs considered the points raised and agreed that the police
should be notified that HGVs were using the layby as a sleep-over area although there are no overnight stays permitted and the
layby is within a weight limit area and a gentleman had been sleeping in his car at night in the same layby for some time now.
10.4 Correspondence ref lighting and environmental issues – Mrs Hambly – the light outages had been reported to the
Streetlighting team and bulbs were to be replaced within the next 7 days. It was noted that the coppice in front of Mountford
sports field was to be cleared of debris and scrub and that the bin was moved from the underpass to the roadside due to vandals
setting fire to it.

11. Environment issues
11.1 Public rights of way – Cllr Mrs RB – no update
11.2 Lengthsman Scheme update Clerk – summary of works given, a meeting of scheme members was to be scheduled shortly

12. Emergency issues– moved to confidential session
12.1 Revised Emergency Plan update – Cllrs Mrs AP/Mrs Paige-Stimson
Cllrs discussed the revised plan in confidential session retuning to public session for the recommendation below
12.2 Recommendation to adopt the revised Emergency Plan
Action: Letter to be sent to all named persons in Emergency Plan re GDPR Prop Cllr Mrs AP 2nd Cllr RM. Carried
By: Office

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13. Conservation Working Party – Mr Hargis
13.1 Conservation Area – working party status report – 16th January 2019 – noted
The Conservation working party asked if they could contact local tree surgeons to say if asked to do work in the village to take the conservation area into consideration. Cllrs agreed this could be useful.
13.2 Conservation leaflet – Cllrs agreed the content but queried the colour scheme.
Action: electronic version with amended colour be sent to the Clerk for consideration of printing in the office By: Mr Hargis
13.3 Conservation working party letters for approval to send – Letters to be compiled by the Clerk for sending, some letters were not required as the Clerk could answer the query.
Letter to owner of fallen wall at white bridge to be sent – now causing damage to ancient yew tree.
Letter to builder/resident about reinstatement of the dolerite kerb sett on Church Street to be sent
13.4 Date of next Conservation Working Party meeting – to be arranged

14. Councillor, Clerk and non Council members of Committee exchange of information
Cllr Storey requested to joined the committee – agreed

15. Date of next meeting – 26th February 2019

Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded
Cllrs considered the content of the plan and personal contact data. It was agreed that there should be a full copy to the committee members and the Clerk uploaded to the Cllr shared area and a non GDPR version for public use. Review in September.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Chairman Cllr Barritt

Signed R Barritt

Date 26/2/2019
(completed 12.2.19)

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