Full Council meeting, 04/09/2018 – minutes

The minutes for the Meeting of the Council on Tuesday 4th September 2018 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Bridge Street Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Prior Councillors: Barritt, Mrs Bolton, Jackson, Kendall, Mann, Mrs Michael, Shepherd Clerk: Mrs Scriven District/County Councillors: 2 Members of public: 10

1. Welcome and announcements – SDC were advertising for vote counters for the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan,
application forms available from SDC or WWPC. Two vacancies for Councillor had arisen and WWPC were now in the process
of co-option – interested persons should contact the Clerk for further information.

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Bartlett

3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Mrs Prior declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee
Cllr Jackson declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee
Cllr Kendall declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee

4. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – agreed

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

6. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council Meetings
7th August 2018 – item 9 should be WCC not SDC for the mineral sites, item 13.1 Sec 106 add The Grange to annotate which
development – agreed with amendments
14th August 2018 – agreed
21st August 2018 – agreed

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 CCTV – report and minutes from SDC CCTV meeting update – Cllrs noted it was useful to have this feedback information
on the camera activity and asked if the Police could be asked for general information on successful ANPR activity.
Action: Ask police for generic feedback for the use of CCTV in the parish By: Office
7.2 Correspondence – request for support funding for Student participation in Peru Community Development activity
Cllrs considered the request and noted that there may be many students from the parish who will be taking part in the activity.
Action: Contact Kineton School to see if a general fund for the activity had been set up that could be used by students from the parish By: Cllr AP
7.3 Ettington Lodge – Orbit Heart of England update Cllr AP – It was noted there had been some construction problems which had delayed the opening of the facility and that there was one client still in the bungalow and eight still in flats at Willett House.
Action: Write to Orbit Heart of England asking what the delays are and asking them to complete as the earliest time to avoid unnecessary stress to the remaining residents By: Cllr AP

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Mr Phil Rafferty SDC Environmental Protection Technician (previously referred as Dog Warden) gave an interesting summary of
the role undertaken by the EPT which included dealing with barking complaints, stray dogs, housing of pets for ill or deceased
persons, delivery of dogs to Birmingham Dogs Home for re-homing, dog fouling, policing and area patrols.
Mr Rose, Grange Gardens raised awareness of a survey by NHS South Warwickshire about Ellen Badger Hospital requesting
feedback on services offered to be reviewed in late September to designate services within the expansion. Extensive
refurbishment had taken place already, but further fundraising would be undertaken.
Mr Colley, Church Street, said he was disappointed that WWPC had not objected to both planning applications made by the Kings
Head Hotel and raised concern about possible additional noise disturbance caused by the relocation of the front door to the rear of
the building. He thanked WWPC for their reference to the loss of parking spaces noting that 7 not 4 would potentially be lost.
Mr Johnston, Church Street, said the pressure on parking in the village had an impact on the Hotel as it was allegedly being used
as an overflow car park by some nearby roads and businesses.

9. District Council matters/County Council matters
Cllr Kendall – A surgery with MP Jeremy Wright would be taking place on 8th September at the Church Rooms, 9.00am.
Cllr Mrs Parry report noted. Cllrs asked why SDC were acquiring Studley Medical Centre, Cllr Parry said SDC do invest in public buildings to protect and grow funds. Community Forum subjects this month – Education Strategy results and information on how to maximise gas/electricity savings and police priorities.

10. Planning
10.1 Decision with conditions
18/01407/FUL Two storey extension to side of property
at 4 Dovehouse Drive, Wellesbourne For Mr William Chapman

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10.2 Applications
18/02008/FUL Demolition of fire damaged building and erection of replacement, same sized commercial warehouse to be used for B1 and B8 use
At Unit 18 Wellesbourne Distribution Park, Wellesbourne For GULF Ventures 4 Ltd
Planning officer Eddie Wrench Date 10th September 2018
No objection
18/01908/FUL Proposed two storey side extension, new dropped kerb and hardstanding
At 59 Loxley Road, Wellesbourne For Mr & Mrs James Bailey
Planning officer Zoya Zulfiqar Date 10th September 2018
No objection
10.3 Neighbourhood Plan
10.3.1 Report John Hargis – noted. He said a series of drop-in sessions had been arranged including Sainsburys and the Airfield. There would be articles in the Wellesbourne & Walton News and a presentation to Wellesbourne U3A.
Cllr AP said she had contacted SDC about the lawful responsibility for developers to engage with the Parish Council in relation to offering the open spaces under Sec 106 to the PC prior to arranging a management company to attend the site. SDC had sent this matter to their legal team and planning enforcement officer for breach of planning conditions by the developer.
Action: District Cllr to follow up – send document evidence to Cllr DK By: Cllr AP
10.4 Community Asset Status – Wellesbourne Allotments, no update available
10.5 Date of next Area Planning Meetings: 12th September 2018

11. Finance Committee – Cllr AS
11.1 Chairman’s update
Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list Prop: Cllr Dk 2nd Cllr RB carried
Approval of staff salaries Prop: Cllr DK 2nd Cllr AS carried
11.4 Annual Return update Clerk – further information on a variance matter had been requested of the RFO and acknowledgement that the grant had been included in the total income on the AGAR (Annual Governance & Accountability Review) received. Once the variance had been dealt with the Auditor should be able to sign off the accounts.
11.5 Date of next meeting – 9th October 2018

12. Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee – Cllr CM
12.1 Chairman’s update – the “DISABLED” markers had worn off the two parking bays (precinct & outside pharmacy)
12.2 Correspondence – Mr England – Parking and overgrown vegetation in Church Walk/Chestnut Square – Cllrs noted that
residents had a responsibility to clear overhanging vegetation from their properties and should be informed of their duty to do so.
12.3 Date of next meeting – 11th September 2018

13. Community Facilities Committee – Cllr AP
Cllr Mrs RB said of WSCC, this was an excellent facility for the residents of the parish and congratulated the Council on its achievement.
13.1 Chairman’s report– Cllr AP & the Clerk had met the Council’s solicitor regarding the outstanding leases. The Village Hall
lease had been delayed by the requirement of a letter from SDC saying that they acknowledge Walton Estate solicitor was
happy to lease the building and surrounding land including the Youth Hut to WWPC despite the Community Asset Status on the
Village Hall. SDC Officers had not responded due to workload.
Action: Letter to Tony Jefferson leader of SDC regarding Officers not responding to requests for information or action. By: Cllr AP
Dog Close lease – The Council’s solicitor had written to Walton Estate solicitors regarding the easements/SUDS relating to the
upkeep maintenance on the SUDS. WWPC also requested that a Lifebelt be provided for this area which could potentially fill with
deep water during heavy rainfall or flooding and that the damage from all vehicular movement on the land to be leased be made
good with suitable levelling and planting/seeding.
Newbold Road lease – Topographical study required prior to any plans being made for the site. The Chairman and Clerk had met
with Mr Granelly (Chair of School Governors) as the school were undertaking work on installation of new buildings which could
impact the flood risk of the site, and Miss Kenyon (Pick Everard – Environment specialist for WCC) to discuss the possibility of
information sharing from the environmental studies being undertaken by both parties. It was noted that the Environment Agency
only modelled rivers not brooks and that climate change had to be taken into account with all modelling now. It was agreed if the
school were instructed to carry out full modelling of the brook that this information would be shared with WWPC.

Correspondence from Medical Centre/SDC – proposed naming of the road into the Medical Centre
It was agreed that Rivers Way would be a suitable name and fitting tribute to Dr Rivers.
Action: Notify SDC and the Medical Centre that WWPC approved the suggested name for the road into the site. By: Office

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13.2 Section 106 Financial Contribution Agreement
Recommendation to sign the contract (15/00596/OUT) with SDC Prop Cllr AS 2nd Cllr Mrs RB carried
13.3 Chedham’s Yard – Councillor Trustee update – It was noted that due to the arrangements for meetings by the Chairman without consultation that Cllrs Kendall and Mrs Parry were often unable to attend the meetings. It was noted that as no report had been received the Council did not have information on the success of the facility or know how many volunteers were helping.
Action: Write to the Chairman requesting they consider the availability of the two Councillors by contacting them prior to firming up the dates, and an update on how Chedham’s Yard was performing financially. By: Office
13.4 Wellesbourne Sports Association/Sec106
Cllr Bartlett had raised some concern about how Sec 106 money would be spent if not given to the Cricket Club which was read out by the Chairman along with the response given by the Clerk in the correspondence directly to Cllr Bartlett.
13.4.1 Cllrs noted that the pledge of £50,000 had been made to the Cricket Club who had intimated that the money was required as a matter of urgency for the work schedules to be met. Despite WWPC’s best efforts to move this along quickly for the Club, it appeared that WSA were not co-operating. It was made very clear that in order to qualify for the funding, that WSA would have to register for Charitable Status in accordance with the Sec 106 contract from SDC.
Recommendation that the Clerk writes to WSA requesting a written response within 10 days to the document they were given in April 2018 where the Council stated that it was prepared to set aside up to £50,000 from section 106 monies to be used towards the improvements at the Cricket Club. WSA to confirm in writing (a) their agreement in principle to incorporate to a charity within three months and (b) to bring constructive comments and possible alternative suggestions within one month’s written confirmation. In the event of no written confirmation being received within 10 days or the time limits set out not being complied with, then the offer would be withdrawn and the monies used to fund alternative projects complying with the terms of the Section 106 agreement. Prop Cllr AS
2nd Cllr DK
13.5 Date of next meeting – 25th September 2018

14. Office & Staffing Committee – Cllr RB
14.1 Chairman’s update – none
14.2 Migration of office operating systems to CLOUD & email changes update Clerk – All staff migrated to the new system to
be monitored for three months. RFO financial information/software still to be loaded onto the WWPC laptop and coped to the
shared finance folder. Councillors to have a shared file where they can review minutes, agendas, consultation documents etc.
14.3 Date of next meeting – 17th September 2018

15. Index 2018
15.1 Chairman’s update – Cllr RB – There would be a final meeting for feedback on all aspects of the production of the Index,
and expressed grateful thanks to all involved in the production and delivery of the Index this year.

16. Consultation documents
16.1 Stratford District Council Draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) report – Cllrs discussed the SHLAA and agreed the response to be made.
Action: Response to SHLAA to be made to SDC By: Office (with assistance from Cllr AP)
16.2 Warwickshire County Council Minerals Strategy report
Put together a response on behalf of the Council following discussion to be circulated to Cllrs for comment prior to responding to WCC By: Cllr AP

16.3 Response to SDC consultation on the proposed update of the Statement of Community Involvement and in particular the section “Permission in Principle” – Cllrs AP & AS raised concern at the possibility for piecemeal applications where large developments are staggered into phases each with nine or less properties in order to achieve planning consent.
Action: Raise concern with Jeremy Wright about the potential misuse of this in rural communities By Cllr AP

17. Wellesbourne and Walton News – Cllr AP
Proposed contents – Chairman’s report – Cllr AP Councillor vacancies Thanks for Index delivery
Urge voting for the Neighbourhood Plan.

18. Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information
Cllr Shepherd – Tea & Teach sessions – Are awaited. (It was noted that the Bank Business Manager leading this was on leave)
Cllr Mrs Michael thanked volunteers for the delivery of the Neighbourhood Plan leaflets
Cllr Mrs Prior said she had been approached by Chedham’s Yard to see if the Council would be interested in holding a Councillor
clinic at the Yard on a Saturday morning. Cllrs agreed this was a good idea but felt it would be more advantageous to hold post
election. The Chairman had been invited to a meeting at Shipston Town Council to discuss planning and how it affects rural

19. Items/reports for the next meeting by 20th September
20. Date of next meeting – 2nd October 2018

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.45pm

Chairman Cllr A Prior Date 2/10/18 Signed A Prior

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