Report of Council meeting on 2nd October

Report of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 2nd October 2018 – this report was sent to Stratford-upon-Avon Herald

The meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council on 2nd October was dominated by complaints about bad parking, particularly around the school in Mountford Close and along Newbold Road by both shoppers and parents. A resident complained of having great difficulty getting in and out of his drive; other residents are annoyed with people who use their private drives to turn round in. There were reports of sight lines regularly being obscured by parking too close to junctions, footways being blocked by cars leaving people in wheelchairs unable to get past and concerns that emergency vehicles would struggle to access parts of Mountford Close. These problems are common at the start of the school year as new parents get used to the traffic in the area, but this year it seems to be much worse. The Parish Council will ask the police to take appropriate action.
Under public questions, Mike Podbury pointed out that next February marks 100 years since the death of Joseph Arch and asked if there are any plans to commemorate it. The Council agreed to look into the idea. Under finance, the Council agreed to award £200 towards the cost of two students from the village who plan to take part in a Community Development Project in Peru next year and who need to raise over £4,000 each to fund their visit. It was reported that the Council has won its appeal against a fine levied against it by the Pensions Regulator for non–payment of pension contributions, when the contributions had been sent but returned by the receiving body with no explanation. The Council has received the final £83,496 of Section 106 money that was due from the Ettington Road development.
The Council decided to object to a retrospective application for replacement windows to the front elevation of 10 Warwick Road as the new windows are out-of-keeping with the building which is in the Conservation Area. The Flood Action Group is planning a flood awareness day to be held in November.
Work is starting this week on refurbishing the Dovehouse play area with new equipment partly paid for by the Street Fayre held last June. The Council agreed to accept the offer to adopt the public open spaces on the new Grange housing estate which will be accompanied by a commuted sum from Persimmon Homes towards maintenance of the areas; this excludes the areas occupied by ponds that are part of the sustainable drainage system. Meanwhile it has been revealed that the SUDS on the Dog Close site are larger than necessary and will be reduced in size. A contract has been awarded for a topographical survey to be conducted on the land off Newbold Road which the Council is about to lease from Walton Estate, to enable plans to be drawn up for its use. The Council also agreed to adopt the planters in the Precinct as the current owners, Wellesbourne in Bloom, are struggling to get enough volunteers and plans to close. The Council will maintain the structures and ask the precinct gardening group to look after the planting.
The Council agreed to a request from the Parenting Project based in Lighthorne Heath (this has replaced Sure Start) to use one of the upstairs rooms at the Parish Council office for private counselling sessions with children and parents. This will run initially for a year at no charge.
Finally two reminders were issued – the closing date for applying for grants from the Parish Council is 1st November, and the referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan will be held on 11th October.