Report of Full Council Meeting, 7th August 2018

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 7th August 2018. This report first appeared in the Stratford-on-Avon Herald.
The meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council on 7th August started with the announcement that Russ Thomas has resigned from the Council. This means there are now two vacancies on the Council.
County Councillor Anne Parry reported that a public consultation is to be launched in September/October on the Warwickshire Minerals Plan. The plan includes the proposal to extract sand and gravel from a 300 acre site at Wasperton, close to the village of Barford, alongside the A429. Wellesbourne Parish Council has previously expressed concern at the prospect of lorries having to turn left out of the site and use the roundabout where the Charlecote Road crosses the bypass. The Council fears that too many will then prefer to drive through Wellesbourne rather than follow any recommended route. Following the public consultation, the plan will be amended as necessary and submitted to the Secretary of State for him to appoint an Inspector to conduct an Independent Examination of the plan before it receives final approval, which is likely to be at the end of 2019.
The Neighbourhood Plan was passed by the District Council on 30th July and will now go to a public referendum on 11th October. In September the Neighbourhood Plan Group will be running drop-in sessions for members of the public to learn more. Also in September, Jeremy Wright, our constituency MP will be holding a surgery in St Peter’s Church Centre.
The Council recently received £7,722 in Section 106 money and £148,000 from Persimmon Homes, part of the unilateral agreement which includes the Medical Centre. A further £222,000 of Section 106 funds is expected. Although some of this money is already earmarked the Council is seeking the views of the public on how it should be spent. The Chairman recently met with representatives of Barclays Bank at which it was clear that the bank had decided to close the branch without any real consultation of the public and regardless of how its customers would be affected. The bank is offering to run ”Tea and Teach” sessions in the village for people to learn how to use online banking but this does not solve all the problems caused by closing the bank.
The Council decided to repeat its objection to the planning application from Orbit Housing to the redevelopment of three areas of land in the Willett Gardens and Hastings Road area. The Council do not feel that in its latest response, the applicant has properly considered the objections and concerns submitted earlier. The development is contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan, is over-development and issues concerning traffic, surface water drainage, parking and landscaping have not been adequately addressed.