HEE Committee report to Full Council meeting 3/4/18

Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee
Report to the Council Meeting, April 3 2018

The Committee met on March 20. Topics discussed and actions agreed included:

Signage at the Distribution Park

The problem of HGVs getting lost on the way to the Distribution Park continues to be of great concern to the Committee, because of the damage the HGVs are doing to the Dovehouse roads and verges, and the dangers they pose to residents when turning round or parked on residential roads.
The Committee agreed to write to the owners of the Distribution Park in strong terms, asking them to pay for the addition of lorry symbols to the signs around the park. We will point out that a) that WCC agrees the road signs would be clearer if they had lorry symbols on and b) that one of its tenants, Aston Martin, agrees there is a problem and has set up its own sign outside the Fire Station.
The Committee agreed to compile as much photographic evidence as possible to support the claim, and also to write to Sainsbury’s Head Office to ask for their support.

The Lengthsman Scheme

With Matthew Pratt’s appointment the Lengthsman scheme is up and running again and so far this year, Matt has completed work in all four parishes that take part. Feedback from the other parishes is excellent and there is renewed enthusiasm for the scheme. There is still about 80 per cent of the original funding still available and the Committee will be working on ways to secure funding in the future.

Anti-social behaviour/litter around the underpass

With his handyman hat on, Matt has also begun a weekly litter pick around the underpass and Loxley Close. Resident Ashley Sherrin is also doing a great job there picking litter three days a week on a voluntary basis, and the Committee agreed this is making a big and very welcome difference. In terms of tackling the wider problem of anti-social behaviour in the area, a multi-agency meeting attended by Cllr Prior did not come up with many options, other than to keep reporting incidents to the police.

FixMyStreet is fixing it

Committee members who have reported highways issues – potholes, blocked drains etc – to FixMyStreet.com said they have had good results. It seems that the website, which refers problems to the relevant authority and provides progress reports, is galvanising our local councils to take action. Anyone can report a problem to FixMyStreet.com and it looks like a positive development.

Parking issues

The problem of inconsiderate parking crops up all over the village. Illegal parking is a police matter and the Committee will take photographs and report incidences of dangerous parking, such as blocking the route for emergency vehicles. The Committee will also write to businesses whose customers park inconsiderately outside their premises to ask them to advise their customers not to.

Emergency planning

Phase 1 of updating the Parish Emergency Plan is now complete, with all contact information updated. Phase 2 is now underway, with the aim of including more information to help the PC and emergency services communicate, co-ordinate and mobilise resources in the event of a major emergency.

Conservation working party

The reconvened Conservation Working Party met on February 28, and began to make plans to raise awareness of Wellesbourne conservation area and remind residents of their responsibilities when carrying out works. The Working Party agreed to meet every two months; the next meeting is on April 25 at 7pm. New members are welcome.

The next meeting of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee is on April 24 2018.

Cllr Christine Michael, Chairman