Report of Full Council Meeting, 3rd July 2018

Report of the Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 3rd July 2018. This report first appeared in the Stratford-on-Avon Herald.
The meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council on 3rd July was attended by a deputation from the businesses at Wellesbourne Airfield who came to appeal for Parish Council help in fighting the latest court decision that they must quit by October 15th. Matthew Timms of the Touchdown Café spoke for all of the companies affected and their staff and stressed the urgency of the need for support. They are pleased with the very quick action from the District Council to start proceedings to compulsorily purchase the site but they also need help in getting a stay of execution on the Notice to Quit. The Parish Council were unanimous in backing the businesses and in deploring the judge’s decision especially in view of the policies in the District Council’s Core Strategy and the Neighbourhood Plan for Wellesbourne to preserve and promote aviation at the airfield. The Council agreed to mount a campaign through the national and local press and radio.
County Councillor Anne Parry reported that the X17 bus service through the village will be extended, starting on Saturday July 21st, to loop round the new roundabout in Ettington Road, omitting the stops in Stratford Road. This will entail some minor timetable changes and a new bus shelter will be provided by the roundabout. The District Council will be running a programme of holiday activities at Wellesbourne School for primary age schoolchildren. For more information call 01789 26643 or go on to the District Council website and look for Hi-5.
The meeting paused to hear a statement from another visitor, Dr Raj Kanwar of Kineton Surgery. He is seeking to increase public awareness of the existence of his surgery in the Market Square in Kineton which, like the Little Thatch Surgery in Kineton which is linked to Hastings House medical centre in Wellesbourne, also offers services to Wellesbourne residents.
The Council has not yet been able to arrange the promised meeting with Barclays Bank about the closure of its branch in Wellesbourne, neither has it received the final copies of the leases of the Village Hall site and the land in Newbold Road from Walton Estate. In anticipation of the leases being received soon, a public spirited resident has mowed the field in Newbold Road for which the Council is very grateful. The Council agreed at the meeting to award the contract for a survey of the field to enable planning to start on how it is to be used. John Hargis was pleased to report that the final referendum version of the Neighbourhood Plan is due to be presented to the cabinet meeting of the District Council at the end of this month and the referendum will be held in September or October.
The Chairman, Anne Prior, reported on a meeting she has had with the Leader of the District Council about the allocation of new build monies from the Government. It appears that, despite the government publicising this as extra money to be shared with local councils, when it was paid in 2012 it was not restricted and was accompanied by a cut in other local authority funding from the Government. This meant that Stratford, like most other District Councils had to use it to support existing local services and none was spare to hand to parish councils. Councillor Prior made the point at the meeting that Wellesbourne has had more than its share of new build housing and no contribution whatsoever from the District Council towards improved amenities, and that it is time the District Council treated the parish more fairly and addressed the lack of amenities for new and existing residents..
Many familiar and long-standing issues continue to be pursued by the Council such as obtaining better signage to stop coaches and large lorries trying to access Walton Hall Hotel through Walton Village only to find that there is no way through; another is the problems caused by the position of the bus stop and traffic island outside Sainsbury’s which create congestion as they are opposite the entrance to the recycling site. Other long term problems are drivers turning the wrong way on the one-way system and heavy goods vehicles trying to use the wrong entrance to the Distribution Park. The Council continues to fight to resolve all these.