Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 20/03/2018 – minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Highways/Environment/Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 20th March 2018 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman Cllr Mrs Michael Councillors: Barritt, Mrs Bolton, Jackson, Mrs Prior
Acting Clerk: Mrs Skinner Non Councillor Members: Mrs Cook, Mr Lawley Members of public: 3

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Mann

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda
Delete item 7.6 and include this under item 10.3
Add 9.5 Late correspondence – radar speed system
Delete 10.4 – defer to next meeting
Add item at 13. Budget 2017 /18
Move item 13. Councillor, Clerk and non-Council members of Committee exchange of information to become item 14
Move item 14. Date of next meeting to become item 15
Changes prop Cllr CM, 2nd Cllr Mrs RB, carried

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Mrs Michael declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 12 as a resident of the Conservation area
Cllr Mrs Michael declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 11.1 as a member of the Flood Action Group
Mr Lawley declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 11.1 as a Trustee of Chedham’s Yard
Mrs Cook declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 11.1 as a resident of the Conservation area

6. Confirmation of the Minutes of the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee meeting, 23rd January 2018
Minutes agreed Prop Clr AP, 2nd Cllr Mrs RB, carried

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 Mountford Close provision of temporary one way signs – delete word temporary – signs now installed at the school
7.2 Dog/litter bins at Ettington Park – Cllr Mr RB had not received an update from Cllr Parry. Developers stated they will not provide bins as these were not in the original plans.
Contact SDC with statement from Developers By: Office
7.3 WCC School Safety Zone and Routes Programme update – no feedback from Cllr Parry to date
7.4 Low flying aircraft signage Stratford Road update signs were ordered in January by WCC, officer to chase installation
7.5 Graffiti removal update – more graffiti has been reported
Community Payback team has been contacted and will survey sites and feedback in due course
Handyman / Lengthsman to be consulted on options to assist with removal By: Cllr CM, Cllr AP, Clerk
7.6 moved to 10.3
7.7 Extra litter-picking in Loxley Close – Handyman now picking litter on Thursdays, contractor on Mondays and Mr Sherrin is volunteering to clear litter on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Area is now much tidier. Thanks to Mr Sherrin to be recorded.

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Pat McDonagh, Mountford Close reported that the new one way sign appears to have had no impact as parents, residents and staff appear to ignore it. She also expressed concern about illegally parked vehicles causing obstruction.
Tony Stephenson, Newbold Road outlined his concerns about the change of use of the field in Newbold Road and the potential impact of any flooding to residents in the area. The Flood Forum has now been created to inform planning and support. He urged the Council to discuss fully any proposals for development of the field.
Sarah Lee, Newbold Road commented that the creation of a car park on the Newbold Road field would have a detrimental effect with the potential to increase depth and extent of flooding. She invited Councillors to visit the site with her to discuss all options.
Cllr Mrs RB reminded the meeting that any proposals would have to go through the usual planning process.

9. Highways issues
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9.1 Signage at Wellesbourne Distribution Park correspondence and next steps – update Cllr CM
Aston Martin have funded a sign but no other responses have been received.
Write again to owner of Distribution Park to request they fund signs By: office
Write to Sainsburys (HQ not local store) to request their support By: office
9.2 Footway at Hastings Road/Frost Road poor state of footway– update Clerk
WCC have been asked to repair this and have looked at the area again. Works were due to commence week beginning 19th March
9.3 Footway between 9a and 11 Kineton Road and 26 and 30 Newbold Place request repairs – Clerk
WCC have been asked to repair. Road marking to be carried out and defect repair order raised for repair in the new financial year.
9.4 Soakaway at Chestnut Square: conversion to a drain – Cllr CM
Order raised for jetting to take place in new financial year.
Instruct WCC to clear gulley by the crossing in Bridge Street asap By: office

9.5 Radar Speed System
Investigate and bring to next meeting By: Cllr SJ

Other Highway Matters
Contact WCC to request ’30 mph’ markers to be painted onto road (as has been done in Loxley Road) on Charlecote Road coming from A429 By: office
Contact WCC to enquire if Kineton Road crossing can be upgraded to be the same as Bridge Street crossing to allow pedestrians more time to cross By: office
Write to Dental Surgery to ask them to request patients not to park on pavement By: office
Enquire WCC whether white ‘Keep clear’ line can be extended around into Willow Drive By: office
Photos of illegal and inconsiderate parking should be sent via Warwickshire Police website to provide evidence of issues By: ALL
Raise issues of parking problems at next Community Forum By: Cllr CM
Inform WCC that chevron signs at A429 roundabout have collapsed By: office

10. Environment issues
10.1 Public rights of way – update Cllr RB – nothing to report.
New waymarkers have been provided by WCC and given to Handyman
10.2 Anti-social behaviour in the underpass and next steps from Multi-Agency meeting on 31st January – update Cllr CM/AP
Installation of mosquito device not to be pursued for legal reasons
Contact WCC for replacement of tiles in underpass By: office
Instruct handyman/ engthsman to clean and apply anti-graffiti paint By: office
10.3 Lengthsman Scheme – update from meeting 8th March – Clerk
Jobs in all parishes have been completed. There is no further funding once grant has ended but currently approximately 80% of grant remains. Spending to be monitored and agreed to consider options to keep the scheme going.
10.4 Painting of the bus shelter in Chestnut Square – deferred to next meeting
10.5 Litter to be cleared on the A429 bypass verges by Enterprise Park/Warwick Uni – Clerk
WCC asked to carry out clearance
Lamps on A429 still not fixed – contact WCC By: office

10.6 Correspondence – Mr Stephenson – Newbold Road field and ditches – Cllr CM
Mr Stephenson’s comments will be taken into consideration when plans for use of Newbold Road are being discussed.
Forward documents to Community Facilities committee By: office
Other matters:
Missing litter bin in Mountford Close to be replaced By: office
List of grit bin locations to be added to website By: office

11. Emergency issues
11.1 * Wellesbourne & Walton Flood Forum first meeting – report Cllr CM
Report noted. There are 12 members.
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11.2 Review of village resilience in March snow and heavy rain event – feedback for the Emergency Plan
Access to Wellesbourne was maintained with some routes cleared and some roads gritted.
Establish if access to Walton was maintained with at least one road cleared By: office

11.3 Review of current Emergency Plan – discuss proposed additions/amendments to the Emergency Plan and Emergency Resources form – Cllr CM/Clerk
Corrections have been made to the updated document
Prepare draft contact form for organisations in the village plus covering letter and list of organisations By: Cllr CM
Review facilities and contacts at rest centres By: Cllr CM / Clerk

11.4 Flooding at Walton – emergency access provision – Clerk
WCC was asked to put out flood signs for the flooded ford and Sir Andrew Hamilton was asked to unlock the gate on the small bridge to Jubilee Drive for emergency access from the village as the road flooded at ford and under the railway bridge cutting the village off from the main roads – gate was unlocked immediately.

12. Conservation Working Party
12.1 Report of Conservation Working Party meeting 28th February 2018 – Cllr CM
Report was noted by the meeting
Contact SDC to ask residents in conservation area to give reasons for felling / pruning of trees on planning applications
Put information into Wellesbourne & Walton News By: office

By: Cllr AP

12.2 Removal of the phone box at Walton – update Clerk
Replacement box to be supplied by BT; WWPC has purchased the phone box for a nominal £1 fee and signed the adoption lease. Undertaking with Walton Estate to novate day to day maintenance of the box to Walton Estate, Clerk to put together papers for this purpose.

12.3 Date of next Conservation Working Party meeting 25th April 2018 at Simmons Cottage, Church Street

13. Budget 2017 /18
Non-contractual maintenance spending has resulted in £1305 overspend on budget.
Codes for expenditure to be amended to differentiate expenditure of HEE committee and Community Facilities committee for 2018/2019 By: RFO

14. Councillor, Clerk and non Council members of Committee exchange of information
Cllr Mrs RB reported that SDC Dog Warden is not being replaced.
Write to SDC to express concern that Warden is not being replaced By:office

Mrs Cook reported that the corner of the layby in Loxley Close has been damaged by lorries turning.
Write to WCC to inform them.
Use this information as further weight in making case for signage to Distribution Park By: office

Mrs Cook enquired about the wall at the White Bridge which has now been fenced off.
Contact WCC and raise as a Health & Safety issue and their view on whether it is unsafe in relation to the right of way By: office

Cllr SJ commented that there are continuing issues with parking in Chestnut Square.
Contact police to report that there are vehicles causing obstruction resulting in no access for emergency vehicles Photo evidence to be sent to police. By: office

Cllr Mr RB commented that future applications from large developers need closer scrutiny to prevent careless and poor quality work. Ettington Park Residents Association was advised to contact The Environment Agency requesting inspection of SUDS at Ettington Park and Cozens Street (see below).

Cllr Mr RB had received several complaints about dogs – behaviour and mess – at Ettington Park
Include the area in forthcoming Dog Campaign By: Cllr CM / office
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Mr Lawley commented that the fence around the SUDS on Persimmon development off Dovehouse Drive was very open and dangerous for children. He also reported that Cozens Street / Tait Way were considering setting up a Residents Association.

15. Date of next meeting – 24th April 2018

There being no further business the meeting closed at 21:51

Chairman Cllr Mrs Michael

Signed Christine Michael

Date 24/4/18
Completed 27/3/18
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