Community Facilities Committee meeting, 08/05/2018 – minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Community facilities Committee of the Council on Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior Councillors Mrs Bolton, Jackson, Kendall, Mann, Mrs Michael, Shepherd
Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 1

1. Welcome

2. Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr Mrs Bolton nominated – no further nominations. Prop: Cllr DK 2nd Cllr SJ carried

3. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Heaton

4. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – Minutes 27th March already agreed.

5. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – Item 12 Play area Dovehouse as contractual matters. Item 14 Village Hall as legal matter. Prop Cllr AP, 2nd Cllr RM carried.

6. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Kendall declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee.
Cllr Mrs Prior declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee.
Cllr Jackson declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Trustee.
Cllr Mrs Bolton declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Village Hall as a member of the committee.
Cllr Mrs Michael declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Dog Close as a nearby resident.

7. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

8. Minutes of the meeting on 9th April 2018 – Prop Cllr SJ, 2nd Cllr DK carried

9. Matters arising – none

10. Review of Terms of Reference
10.1 Recommendation to accept the Terms of Reference for the Committee – land registry numbers to be added to the list of properties. Prop: Cllr AP 2nd Cllr Mrs RB carried

11. Christmas Lights – update Cllr AP
11.1 Consideration of extension of Christmas lights display was given and a revised quote was requested for consideration and approval at the June meeting of Council.

Moved to confidential
12. Play areas

13. Handyman – report – Clerk – noted

Moved to confidential
14. Village Hall – update Cllr RB

15. Sports Association
15.1 Damaged fence – update Simon Isted – two of the three posts had now been installed.
15.2 Damaged grass areas – update – Cllr AP/Clerk – another meeting to be set up with the Council and Cricket Club groundsmen and Cllr AP.
15.3 Meeting with the Sports Association – update – Cllr AP/AS – Successful meeting with cohesive working between the WSA and WWPC, as to how to set up the WSA as a charity which it was acknowledged, would be beneficial to all member clubs. The Council were awaiting confirmation of the new contract arrangements for Sec 106 from SDC.

16. Leases
16.1 Leases update – The Chairman and Clerk had met with the Council’s solicitor to discuss the leases which were still circulating the Trustees. The issues raised by the Council regarding the SUDS and outflow and sewage easements and reinstatement of the land were discussed. The Chairman had met with Dr Read-Jones to discuss the fence fronting the Dog Close land and was informed that the Medical Centre would only have a “shin fence” to protect the new landscaping and would
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therefore have an open plan design. It had been agreed that a 6ft feather board fence would be installed between the Medical Centre and the existing houses on Church Street for both security and privacy for the residents.
16.2 Consideration of forward planning (fencing/parking & surface materials/land survey) update – Cllr AP/Clerk – Quotes had
been sought for metal powder coated bow top fencing for the Dog Close land and higher metal fencing to prevent footballs
entering gardens and the school grounds on the Newbold Road land to give the Council an idea of likely costs along with contact
to a company that provides grasscrete mesh type floor surfaces. WCC had been contacted to seek estimates for the resurfacing of
the Village Hall car park and a modular renovation/supply firm to give estimates for the repair/removal of the Youth Hut.

17. Section 106 update Cllr AP – The Ward members had been asked to get information about WWPC taking over the open spaces on the new build on Ettington Road as no offer letter had been received by WWPC to date. The Council solicitor stated that this left the developer in breach of their planning permission by not according to the regulations. WWPC could take on this land with a commuted sum for ongoing maintenance.
Action: Ward member to follow up with SDC By: Cllr Kendall

18. Cllr, Clerk and members exchange of information
Cllr Michael – multi-pane windows at the old pet shop property have been changed to two large panes – to be taken up with planning enforcement
Mr Isted – Anti-social behaviour occurring in the White Bridge and Mountford sports field/play areas including under aged smoking and evidence of drug taking (nitrous oxide gas canisters) – report to SNT
Cllr Bolton – White Bridge is in a poor state – it was noted this had been a job allocated to the Handyman/Lengthsman
Cllr Mann – parking on the verge by the Dovehouse sports field had not been observed over the weekend.

19. Date of next meeting – 19th June 2018

Under section 100A of the Local Government Act 1972, in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted, it is advisable in the public interest, as if members of the public were present during the consideration of such business, there would be disclosure to them of exempt information under paras 1 and 11 and Part 1 Schedule 12A of the said Act, that the public will be excluded

12. Play areas
12.1 Play areas update – Cllr AP gave a summary of the need to update the play equipment on the Dovehouse play area
12.2 Consideration of quotes for the refurbishment of the Dovehouse play area was given by Cllrs.
12.3 Recommendation to appoint the preferred contractor to refurbish the Dovehouse play area subject to the release of the Section 106 monies and provided the blue seat on the spinner is replaced for a different colour due to cracking of the blue seat on the existing Mountford play area spinner – prop Cllr DK, 2nd Cllr AS carried.

14. Village Hall – update Cllr RB
14.1 Consideration of the lease to be offered to the Village Hall Management Committee was given by Cllrs and a meeting was to be arranged with the Village Hall Management Committee to discuss the issues raised.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.40pm

Chairman Cllr Mrs Prior

Signed A Prior

Date 19/6/18

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