Report of Full Council Meeting, 3rd April 2018

Report of the Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 3rd April 2018. This report first appeared in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.
Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council had a relatively quiet meeting on 3rd April. Issues raised by the public included errors in the marketing leaflet for the new houses being built at The Grange; concern that the amount of Section 106 money the Council expects to receive may not be as much as originally promised; and a complaint that a highway repair in Bridge Street is below standard. The Council agreed to take up the issues of the misleading information in the marketing leaflet with Persimmon Homes and assured the questioner that the County Council has already been contacted about the poor repair work. The Council will also check the figures for Section 106 and respond to the resident.
The Chairman of the Finance Committee, Councillor Alan Shepherd, reported that, with the increase in the number of houses, a band D property will pay £81.34 in council tax to the Parish Council this year, whereas last year the figure was £84.86. The Council then approved 10 grants totalling £30,000 to be given to local organisations. Councillor Christine Michael, Chairman of the Highways Committee, reported that the Council is still working on getting improvements to the signage for heavy goods vehicles accessing the Distribution Park to bring an end to the problems caused by lorries turning in Dovehouse Drive.
The Chairman of the Community Facilities Committee, Councillor Anne Prior, reported that the leases for Newbold Road and the Village Hall site have been signed and returned to the solicitors for Walton Estate. In the meantime, the Council has received £57,000 of Section 106 money from the District Council to pay for the Multi-Games Use Area at the Sports and Community Centre. The Committee plan to repair the Trim Trail in the Recreation Ground this year.
Finally the Council is planning to move its data storage to a more secure cloud site and this will give the opportunity for every councillor to have his or her own official council email address.