Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 23/01/2018 – minutes

Minutes of a meeting of the Highways/Environment/Emergency Committee of the Council on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council Office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Michael Councillors: Barritt, Bolton, Prior, Jackson Clerk: Mrs Scriven
Non Council members: Mrs Cook, Mr Lawley Members of public: 1

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllr Mann

3. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda – add 9.6 School bus collection – agreed

4. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none

5. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Barritt declared a non pecuniary interest item 7.4 in dog litter bins Ettington Park and 10.4 Copeland Avenue as a resident.
Cllr Jackson declared a non pecuniary interest in item 7.4 dog litter bins Ettington Park and 10.4 Copeland Avenue as a resident.
Cllr Michael declared a non pecuniary interest in item 9.5 Medical Centre as a resident of Church Street.

6. Confirmation of Minutes of the Highways, Environment & Emergency Committee meeting, 12th December 2017
Item 12.3 Should read put in not input. Item 10.5 undergrowth at lay-by – insert Ettington Road – accepted with amendments.

7. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)
7.1 Mountford Close provision of temporary one way signs update Clerk – sign received and to be given to the school
7.2 Parking on Newbold Road/Newbold Place footpath update Clerk – WCC are not prepared to take any action and
suggested any incident of poor driving be reported to the police.
7.3 Fallen wall by White Bridge update Clerk – This area has now been adequately fenced off by the PC Handyman
7.4 Dog/litter bins at Ettington Park update Clerk – no response received
7.5 Chestnut Square bench– Clerk – the new base had been vandalised immediately after installation but this had been
rectified and the bench would be fitted shortly. The bollards had now been erected on the green in Chestnut Square.
7.6 WCC school safety zones and routes programme 2018/19 – awaiting feedback from County Cllr Mrs Parry.
7.7 Graffiti removal update Cllr CM – photographs of the graffiti had been passed to Mark Richardson of the Community Payback Team who would be walking the village to assess the level of damage and timescales for the removal process.

8. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Ms McDonaugh, Mountford Close, raised concern about the late night traffic to and from the school stating some as late as 10pm. She asserted that the school deny any responsibility for disruption in out of school hours but in reality, the events were at the school and therefore remained the responsibility of the school.

9. Highways issues
9.1 Signage at Wellesbourne Distribution Park correspondence and next steps update Cllr CM
Action: letter be sent to all commercial units reminding them to use the correct route along the A429 as Loxley Road has a weight limit.
Letter to the Manager of the Distribution Park requesting they remind tenants of the correct route
Contact Sainsbury’s to see if they can offer any support with evidence they are being inconvenienced
Contact Sat Nav providers asking them to update their programme By Office
9.2 Walton Road – condition of roadway and lay-bys (by the horse paddock) update Clerk – WCC Highways are to attend the site and discuss the issue of mud on the road with the person leasing the field
9.3 Low flying aircraft signage Stratford Road update Clerk – damaged signs were added to the WCC job list for repair
9.4 *Warwickshire County Council Highways “Fix My Street” software – Cllr CM/Clerk – A new process for reporting highways problems to WCC available to members of public nationally.
9.5 Medical Centre development – update Cllr CM/Clerk – problems with site traffic had arisen due to the large HGVs
carrying heavy plant machinery being unable to turn into the site without blocking the highway. The site manager had requested
that WCC revert to the original application which routed their site traffic around the one way system off Warwick Road. The
Clerk had spoken to WCC Highways Dept who were agreeable to the reverted route providing the Parish Council supported the
decision. Following discussion, Cllrs agreed that the change to the route was essential
ACTION: Let WCC and site manager know of the decision to revert the route to Warwick Road By: Office
The Chairman had received a telephone call from Dr Martin Read-Jones regarding the excavation works on the Dog Close site. It
was noted that the excavated soil had been piled into a bund on the side of Dog Close to be leased by the PC although this was not
the agreed action. Cllrs noted that as the land was soon to be leased to the PC, assurances and guarantees would need to be sought
that the land would be returned to its former state prior to the PC taking ownership. It was agreed to ask the site manager if they
would be able to take a load of soil to the Mountford sports field to use in levelling of the undulating land by the Bowls Club.
ACTION: Ask site manager if some site soil could be delivered without charge to fill the uneven ground at Club By: Office
9.6 Change of school bus collection point – It was noted that due to cars parking on the hatch markings outside the library
and general rise in cars parking in School Road, the school bus had been forced to abandon collection of children outside the
Village Hall. The new collection point would be in the layby outside the library, Cllrs agreed this was a sensible compromise.
Additional highways issues

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Footway at Hastings Road in poor state of repair – ask WCC for it to be resurfaced
The footway near the infant school had been badly broken away, possibly by commercial vehicles
whilst house renovations were being carried out – ask WCC for it to be reconstructed/resurfaced
The footway between 9a and 11 Kineton Road was filling with water during heavy rainfall – ask WCC to repair By Office

10. Environment issues
10.1 Public rights of way update -Cllr Bolton to walk the public rights of way with the Lengthsman once the inclement weather improved.
10.2 Anti-social behaviour and cleaning in the subway update – Cllr AP said the PCSO had received a number of complaints from members of public so a multi-agency meeting had been arranged for 12.30pm 31st January with the Police, SDC Anti-social behaviour officer and the CCTV group and Cllr AP.
10.3 Undergrowth at layby/fencing at area adjacent to underpass – meeting with Patch Byrne – update Cllr AP said this had
not been a useful meeting and asked if the Lengthsman might clear and clean the underpass instead.
Ask Lengthsman to clean graffiti, clean out gullies and sweep underpass
Contact bridges section and request completion of the tiling of underpass By Office
By Office

10.4 Safety issues on play area and open ground at Copeland Avenue – Cllr SJ/Clerk – Problems were occurring with litter, loud music and drug dealing at the rear of the site, and noted there was no security fencing around the drainage areas located next to the children’s play area. The issues had been raised with the developer by the Clerk and Cllrs living on the site. A Residents Association was to be set up in order to approach the developers and Greenbelt who would be carrying out grounds maintenance once the site completed.
10.5 Anti-social parking/bollard installation in Chestnut Square – Cllr SJ/Clerk – The bollards had now been installed
10.6 Lengthsman update – Clerk – Training of the Lengthsman was now complete and insurance in place. Cllrs considered the possibility that the scheme would not receive future grant funding from WCC and agreed to consider as a possible budget item for the 2019/2020 precept.

11. Emergency issues
11.1 National Flood Forum public meeting – report Cllr CM – noted
11.2 Proposal to apply to WCC Flood Grant Scheme (£5,000 maximum) to set up a Flood Action Group- update Clerk – the grant application had been submitted in October but had been revised with WCC Officers the morning of this meeting. It was agreed the application would be withdrawn to enable the Flood Action Group to submit a grant request.
Action: withdraw grant application By: Clerk
11.3 Review current Emergency Plan – Cllr CM/Clerk Review of the Emergency Plan was ongoing, phase one had been to update telephone numbers and agree with contact details.

12. General committee issues
12.1 Conservation Group – future format and activities (discussion) It was agreed that the Conservation Group would become part of the H.E.E committee, regularity of group activity to be reviewed. Cllr CM to invite interested parties to an exploratory meeting
12.2 Budget 2017/18 – Expenditure on target for the current year and 2018/19 – budget agreed at Full Council.

13. Councillor, Clerk and non Council members of Committee exchange of information
Mrs Cook – Raised concern that the Diocese were to make a decision on the allotment land on 30th January. She asked if the bus shelter at Chestnut Square had been painted as it still had marks on the inner walls.
Mr Lawley – urged attendance at the Community Forum as the Police and Crime Commissioner Phillip Seccombe would be guest speaker (15th March, 6.30pm at Kineton High School)
Cllr Bolton – Asked for litter to be cleared on the A429 bypass verges between Wellesbourne and HRI.
Cllr Prior – Asked for litter to be cleared from the pedestrian access into Loxley Close down to the Co-op as it had been littered with rubbish, especially pizza take away boxes from Sainsbury’s.
Cllr Jackson – said he would be doing a presentation at the National Police Chiefs Council and Policing Intelligence Forum and asked if there were any local issues the Council would like him to raise.
Clerk – The phone box had been removed from Walton without notice and to the distress of Sir Andrew Hamilton who had attempted to prevent removal unsuccessfully. Agent for Walton Estate Mr Faulkner had requested the assistance of the Clerk to attempt to replace this important structure.

14. Date of next meeting – 20th March 2018
There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 10.00pm
Chairman Cllr Mrs Michael
Signed C Michael
Date 20/3/2018

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