Annual Parish Meeting, 22/03/2017 – minutes

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm in Wellesbourne Village Hall on 22nd March 2017

Present: Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Close, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Lawley, Mrs Michael, Mrs Parry, Mrs Prior, Shepherd
Notes taken: Mrs Skinner, Members of public: 88
Displays by: Allotment Association, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Neighbourhood Watch, Chedham’s Yard, Sports Association (Bowls Club, Cricket Club, Wellesbourne Wanderers), Wellesbourne & Walton News, St Peter’s Church Clock,

Welcome by Parish Council Chairman, Cllr Anne Prior

1. Apologies for absence – Cllr Mrs Bartlett, Cllr Kendall

2. Confirmation of the minutes of the 2016 meeting – Agreed and signed

3. Guest speakers

Dr Martin Read-Jones, Wellesbourne Medical Centre gave an informative presentation about the new Medical Centre at Dog Close. The new centre which will have a build time of approximately 46 weeks, will house broader team disciplines and additional services including physiotherapy, community nurses, diagnostics and extended minor surgery. Some of the contracts will be secured through the local federation of 26 GP practices.

Questions from the public:
The number of parking spaces at the centre was queried. Dr Read-Jones stated there would be 65.
Dr Read-Jones was asked to expand on the federation of GPs and how this would aid the Medical Centre. He explained that the federation could share resources such as procurement and administration as well as clinical services.
Dr Read-Jones explained that physiotherapy services may be privately run but patients would still have the option to be referred to physiotherapy through the NHS.
A question was asked whether there would be dispensing services in the new Medical Centre which there will be.
There were questions about the opening hours and Dr Read-Jones explained that the surgery is contracted to provide a certain number of hours and there are resource issues in opening long hours. If more people can be seen in primary care it reduces the pressure on secondary care but the whole situation needs to be rationalised. Ultimately there will be provision for the Medical Centre to be open for longer hours. There are currently seven doctors and eventually this number will rise. There are presently 11,000 patients and the new centre will be able to accommodate 18,000. The patient boundary is determined by a maximum journey time of 20 minutes for visiting and there is no pressure to change this.
There was a question regarding the number of missed appointments but Dr Read-Jones explained that the situation is not as bad as it seems and there is usually good reason why people don’t attend.
Following a question about the phone system, Dr Read-Jones answered that this will be changing which should lead to improvements. On-line booking is encouraged and is working well.

Dene Holloway, Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre (WSCC) Manager gave an informative presentation on the new centre which opened in January. There are now three members of staff and membership is well ahead of target. A range of classes is being offered and work has started on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA). Rooms are available for community groups to use. Dene recorded his thanks for the support and funding from the Parish Council as well as the local community and businesses.

Questions from the public:
Thanks were recorded for the cardiac training recently attended by Wellesbourne Wheelers.
It was noted that all the staff members are male and Mr Holloway informed the meeting that this was because there had been no female applicants.
A question was raised regarding the height and strength of fencing around the MUGA to prevent cricket balls from entering the area. This will be included in the Risk Assessment being prepared by the directors of WSCC.
A query was raised as to whether the surface of the MUGA is to be 3G which it is.

Cllr Mrs Prior thanked the speakers for their informative and interesting presentations.

4. Parish Council report
Cllr Mrs Bolton reported that Mrs Lipman had retired as Admin Assistant and Mrs Skinner had been appointed to the post.
Cllr Mrs Bolton asked that any obstructions to footpaths should be notified to the parish office so that the Lengthsman can ensure they are cleared.
Cllr Mrs Bolton requested that any changes to the Index of Shops and Amenities be notified to the parish office and work will be started in the summer to produce the next edition.

Questions to Councillors on the report
Mrs Stuart provided an update on the airfield situation. The owners were asked to provide a defence for not running the airfield and following a preliminary hearing at Warwick Crown Court it was felt that there was no good reason for not renewing leases for businesses. The AGM of Wellesbourne Matters takes place on 5th April and thanks were recorded for the level of support from the community. There will be no Vulcan run or open day in 2017 but members of the public are invited to visit at any time. The owners can’t apply for planning permission for at least another 17 years.
Cllr Mrs Parry stated that Stratford District Council had brought in a specialist barrister who had worked to remove permitted development rights at the airfield so no buildings can be demolished without planning permission. It is the District Council’s view that full flying function should be retained, the site should be kept safe and there should be no housing development.
A question was raised about the number of lorries driving through the village and also the speed of vehicles along Charlecote Road. Cllr Lawley responded that lorries cannot be restricted through the village as that is the only viable route for loaded car transporters to access the British Car Auctions depot at Friz Hill. Empty transporters can travel via Fosse Way which is restricted for loaded vehicles by bordering tree heights. There have been huge reductions in County Highways budgets so there will be no changes to speed or weight limits unless the local community finances it. Cllr Mrs Prior stated that a response had been sent to WCC regarding the Stratford Eastern Relief Road proposals strongly rejecting the proposal of routing it towards Wellesbourne as it was felt that this option would only add to existing traffic problems. She also stated that the 30mph limit should be enforced on Loxley Road before the end of March 2017.
The current position on the Walton Estates leases was queried. Cllr Mrs Prior explained that they, Walton Estate, had to wait for the period required during which a judicial review could be requested on the planning application which takes eight weeks. This time was to end shortly so there would be news soon about Dog Close, the Village Hall and Newbold Road land which would all have 125 year leases.
A concern was raised about overgrown hedges alongside roads. Cllr Close explained that landowners are contacted in the first instance and asked to cut growth back. If this is not done the hedges can be cut and the landowner then billed for the work. WCC funds the local Lengthsman who is able to cut hedges on WCC land. Action can only be taken by the parish council if informed by the public.

5. Any matters which may be raised by an elector of the Parish
The Aviva World Women’s Tour will go through Wellesbourne on 9th June but there are no details yet.
The use of parish council notice boards was queried as posters are being covered or removed. This will be discussed at a future parish council meeting.
A question was raised regarding the new bollards in Chestnut Square. Cllr Close apologised that this has taken such a long time. It has been established that the Lengthsman can do the work but may not be able to.
It was asked whether another post box could be sited in Willow Drive. This will be investigated.

Cllr Mrs Prior announced that Cllrs Close and Lawley will both be standing down at the end of April which will be a great loss. She asked anyone who might be interested in standing as a parish councillor to find out more about what is involved.

Cllr Mrs Prior thanked everyone for attending, the grant recipients for their displays and the guest speakers for their presentations.

There being no further business to discuss the meeting closed at 8.58pm

Chairman presiding Cllr Mrs Prior

Signed A Prior

Date 13th March 2018