Highways, Environment & Emergency committee report

Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council

Report from the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee for the Council meeting on 6th February

Anti-social behaviour in the Dovehouse underpass and Loxley Close

A meeting between Cllr Prior, Stratford District Council’s antisocial behaviour officer, the police and the CCTV officer has been arranged for January 31. Cllr Prior also met with Patch Byrne (WCC localities officer) about litter, damage and overgrowth in and around the underpass and Loxley Close. It has been made clear to him that residents are now reluctant to use the underpass and some are trying to cross the A429, which is clearly dangerous. It is in all parties’ interests to keep the area clean and clear and this is the Committee’s aim.

Flood prevention

Following the public meeting hosted by the National Flood Forum on January 17, I have volunteered to sit on the newly formed Flood Action Group (FAG), representing the Parish Council. As the FAG has now been formed, the Committee agreed to hold back on its application for a Warwickshire County Council Flood Alleviation Grant and to consult with the FAG on it. It is important that the FAG pursues partnership working with residents and stakeholder agencies, and the Parish Council’s aim is to ensure that the interests of the whole parish are represented in the group.

School safety zone improvements

The Committee was disappointed to learn from Cllr Prior that the officer at WCC responsible for the school safety zone improvements scheme refused to meet with her and Wellesbourne Primary School to discuss their suggestions. It was agreed to ask County Cllr Anne Parry to intervene.

Emergency Plan Review

The contact details in the Emergency Plan have now been updated for 2018. The Committee is considering proposals for extending and building on the Plan’s content.

Wellesbourne Distribution Park signage

Having reached stalemate with the WCC safety officer, who agrees that the signs would be clearer with HGV stickers on them but has no funding to do so, the Committee agreed to contact the individual businesses on the Distribution Park, the site’s managers and Sainsbury’s to instruct their HGVs to use the correct turning for the Distribution Park and to remind them that Loxley Road has a legally enforceable weight limit.


The Clerk made the Committee aware of FixMyStreet.com, a national website for residents to report problems such as pot holes, broken street lights, damaged pavements, etc etc to the relevant local authority (in our case, Stratford District or Warwickshire County Council). Whoever reports the problem receives an incident number and is able to track who it has been forwarded to and its status. The Committee agreed this is potentially a very useful service in addition to reporting complaints and problems via the Clerk, especially where different authorities deny they are responsible!

Conservation Group

The Conservation Group has not met recently and it was agreed to explore whether it could continue under the auspices of the HEE Committee. I will be setting up an initial meeting with members of the group and anyone interested.

The next meeting of the HEEC is on March 20 2018. The committee’s remit includes monitoring and reporting on the condition of roads, paths and waterways, traffic issues, the safety and cleanliness of the parish environment and emergency planning.

Christine Michael, chairman of Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee

January 26 2018