Report of Full Council meeting, December 2017

Report of the Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 5th December 2017

This report first appeared in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.

The December meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council started with the Chairman, Anne Prior, making a statement about the position regarding the long-awaited new medical centre.  She understands that work is provisionally due to start on site on 9th January although there are still a couple of highway issues to be resolved which County Councillor Anne Parry is working on, and the agreement over the provision of a pharmacy needs to be finalised.  The monies arising from the Persimmon Homes Development have been paid into an account to be used for the new building.

With regard to the Village Hall site, the Parish Council’s solicitor has sent a suggested revised wording of the lease to the Walton Estate solicitor and it is hoped that this will be resolved quickly.  The lease of the Dog Close land may take a little longer as it needs to be carefully worded to protect the drainage rights of the new medical centre.

In public questions, a resident of Church Street expressed concerns about the revised planning application for the Kings Head PH which still shows the Church Street façade as being the preferred front entrance.  Later in the meeting the Parish Council voted not to object to the application as the new plan showed the car park access remaining unchanged and access from the Charlecote Road frontage will still be available, as it is nearest the disabled parking spaces.  The Council decided to object to an application to use land alongside the Miller Homes development off Loxley Road for vehicle storage as the only access to the site appeared to be through the new residential development.  The Council were pleased to note that an application to extend the hours of vehicle movements to and from two new units at the Distribution Park has been refused.  The hours will remain at 6a.m. to 11 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.  However the Council was disappointed that permission has been given for an extension to the Chinese takeaway despite the lack of information on the application.

Councillor Anne Parry reported on the changes to children’s centres, explaining that it has been decided to focus the available budget on more social workers rather than buildings because the existing system is not effective in reaching the most vulnerable children.  The centre at Wellesbourne will remain, but the way it is used to support families is likely to change.  She also reported that on the morning of the meeting, the road from Wellesbourne to Newbold Pacey had experienced its fourth serious accident in recent months.  District Councillor Danny Kendall was able to confirm that there is Section 106 money available for one or more security cameras to be installed in the Loxley Road area.

The Council unanimously approved a recommendation from the Finance Committee to pay the £3,000 grant to the Village Hall Committee which had been held back pending the new lease being signed.  Councillor Christine Michael announced that the National Flood Forum has organised a public meeting in the Village Hall on 17th January to consider setting up a Flood Action Group for Wellesbourne and Walton.

The Chairman was pleased to announce that after interviewing seven very good candidates, an appointment has been made to the post of handyman/lengthsman and, subject to references, he will start work on Monday 11th December.

Finally John Hargis updated the meeting on the progress of the Neighbourhood Plan.  Nineteen comments covering 71 pages had been received as a result of the public consultation which ended on 24th November.  Of these, 9 were from developers and covered 60 pages with Gladman’s being by far the largest contributor.  Most comments were predictable although the Coventry Diocese had suggested that the sections protecting the rights of Allotment Holders should be removed, and Gladmans had asked for the Plan to go to a Public Inquiry.  The next stage is for the Neighbourhood Plan Group to study the comments in detail and await the comments of the Independent Examiner before making any changes to the document.