HEEC report for Full Council meeting, 7/11/2017

Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council

Report from the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee (HEEC) for the Council meeting on Tuesday 7 November 2017.

Updates since the HEE Committee meeting on October 31 2017:

Anti-social behaviour in the Dovehouse underpass and Loxley Close

There were several acts of vandalism on the weekend of Oct 27/28. A pot of lilac paint was thrown around the Chestnut Square bus shelter, a cage and trolley were taken from the Co-Op, damaged and left in Loxley Close, and the waste bin by the lychgate was dismantled and its contents (mainly dog poo bags) emptied over the road. The police were informed. Thanks are due to a small number of residents; one group took it upon themselves to clean up Loxley Close and another group cleaned most of the paint off the bus shelter.
The committee agreed to pursue various measures to tackle this unacceptable level of mindless crime. These include increasing the frequency of litter picking, improving security around the underpass, installing deterrent measures and improving visibility around Loxley Close. As mentioned in the last committee report, the police have agreed to prioritise the area and have been seen patrolling in Loxley Close lately.


The Community Payback team has been invited to tour the village to establish how much removal work needs to be done and this will be progressed as quickly as possible.

Flood prevention

Unfortunately the meeting scheduled for October 25 with the National Flood Forum had to be postponed but the plan is to rearrange this before the end of November, with a view to finding out more about setting up a Flood Prevention Group for Wellesbourne.

Emergency Plan

The committee will be starting its annual review of the parish Emergency Plan at its next meeting on December 12.

Wellesbourne Distribution Park signage

Following a request from Cllr Anne Parry on the committee’s behalf, Warwickshire County Council supplied a plan of the signage around the Distribution Park, stating that the signage is adequate and in accordance with legal requirements. The committee disagrees and has evidence that the signage that was in place before Sainsbury’s was built was in fact much clearer for HGVs to follow. The committee plans to ask WCC to reconsider and to invite the safety officer to attend an on-site meeting as a matter of priority.

The next meeting of the HEEC is on December 12 2017. The committee’s remit includes monitoring and reporting on the condition of roads, paths and waterways, traffic issues, the safety and cleanliness of the parish environment and emergency planning.

Christine Michael, chairman of Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee

November 6 2017, 2017