Report of Full Council meeting, September 2017

Report of the Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting, 5th September 2017. 
This report first appeared in the Stratford-upon-Avon Herald.

This months’ Parish Council Meeting began with the Chair of the Parish Council, Cllr Anne Prior, welcoming Stuart Jackson as a new co-opted Councillor onto the Committee. This now brings the Parish Council up to its full strength of 11 Councillors.
In the open forum session for the members of the public to raise matters, concern was expressed about an increase in the amount of graffiti within the village. This was recognised by the Parish Council as an issue that must be addressed and are in the process of doing this. Mention was also made that the X18 bus service is to be replaced from 16th September by the X17 service. No details are currently available about the route and frequency of future bus services but it is understood that every other bus will go via the Dovehouse.
A question was raised as to whether anything was expected to be done about the selling of knives and swords at the Wellesbourne Market, following concerns raised a last months’ meeting. This has already been taken up by the Parish Council with the Police who have advised that it was legal to sell such items and that no action could be taken. This remains a concern so the issue is to be taken up with our MP, Jeremy Wright, and the Police and Crime Commissioner, Phillip Seccombe.
Following the recent reorganisation of the Committee structure, new terms of reference have now been approved for the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee and the Community Facilities Committee. The three recently co-opted Councillors have now been allocated to these and other Committees.
Concern was also expressed about the standard of grass cutting within the village; this is to be raised with the District Council. The Parish Council are now reviewing options for purchasing additional play equipment on the Mountford Sports Field area which will be funded from the proceeds of this years’ Street Fayre. The Open Day for the Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre has now been fixed for Saturday 30th September. All are welcome to attend!
Walton Estates has asked the Parish Council to support their campaign to get Open Reach to extend fibre optic broadband cable into Walton. This was agreed by the Parish Council to be a very important initiative as it will provide much improved speed for internet access to local residents and businesses. A response indicating support will be sent to Open Reach and Walton Estates. In addition, a separate request is to be made by the Parish Council for internet speed to be improved in the housing developments that are currently in progress. This can be linked to the plans for installing fibre optic cables in ‘The Grange’ development that is just about to commence along the Ettington Road.