Highways, Environment & Emergency committee report

Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council

Report from the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee (HEEC) for the Council meeting on Tuesday 5 September 2017.

The HEEC has not met since the August 1 meeting of the Full Council; the next Committee meeting is on Sept 12. Committee activity in August included:

• Eric Lawley, the Clerk and I met with Mike McCarthy of the Shipston Flood Action Group on August 8 to hear how the group operates, its remit and what it has achieved so far. We will report back to the HEE to discuss what might be appropriate for Wellesbourne.

• Cllr Mann, Eric Lawley and I met with Andrew McGuigan of Griffen Developments on August 17 to discuss the issues of HGVs missing the turning to the Distribution Park. Mr McGuigan agreed to contact WCC Highways to suggest a meeting to propose improvements to the signage to the Park.

• Cllr Barritt and I met with Roger Wright and Tony Stephenson on August 22 to walk along the Newbold Brook to get a better understanding of maintenance and flood prevention issues.

• The Lengthsman Scheme: the Clerk arranged a meeting on August 16 with representatives from three of the four parishes involved in the scheme, when outstanding jobs and the overall running of the scheme were reviewed.

The next meetings of the HEEC are on September 12 2017 and October 31 2017. The committee’s remit includes monitoring and reporting on the condition of roads, paths and waterways, traffic issues, the safety and cleanliness of the parish environment and emergency planning.

Christine Michael, chairman of Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee

August 29 2017