Highways, Environment & Emergency committee report

Wellesbourne & Walton Parish Council

Report from the Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee (HEEC) for the Council meeting on Tuesday 1 August 2017.

The HEEC met on Tuesday 25 July. Items discussed at the meeting included:

• The Shipston Flood Action Group has agreed to meet the committee and a meeting will hopefully take place in early August.

• Owners of properties bordering the Newbold Brook have been identified and are being contacted by WCC Water Management team about maintenance.

• A proposal from Mr Steve England to designate the Dene Meadows (land between the White Bridge and the weir) as a Local Nature Reserve was discussed. The land is already a Local Wildlife Site, which affords it some planning protection. It was agreed that Mr England would make exploratory contact with the landowner and the PC would find out more from Stratford District Council, which holds the power to designate, before any decisions or further progress can be made.

• The footbridge over the brook on the path that runs behind Hopkins Way (off the Old Warwick Road) has been closed and WCC reports it is seriously damaged. Repair or replacement are scheduled but not for some months and in the meantime the bridge may be removed altogether for safety reasons.

• The provision and emptying of dog bins at Mountford sports field was discussed and a proposal to improve this will be brought to the next meeting.

• The missing railing in Bridge Street is now on Warwickshire County Council’s ‘urgent repairs’ list and has been there for some weeks.

• Residents in Mountford Close are to be consulted about providing a sign attached to the school railings, to alert drivers to the voluntary one-way system mornings and afternoons in school rush hour.

The next meeting of the HEEC is on September 12 2017. The committee’s remit includes the condition of roads, paths and waterways, traffic issues, the safety and cleanliness of the parish environment and emergency planning.

Christine Michael, chairman of Highways, Environment and Emergency Committee

July 26 2017