Finance Committee meeting, 21/2/2017 – minutes

The minutes of the Finance Committee of the Council meeting on Tuesday 21st February 2017 at 7.30pm at the Parish Council office, 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Shepherd Councillors: Heaton, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior Clerk: Mrs Scriven Members of public: 0

1. Welcome by Chairman

2. Apologies for Absence – none

3. Declarations of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – agreed

5. Confirmation of minutes of the meeting of 19th December 2016 – agreed

6. Matters arising – none

7. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish – none

8. Precept update – The Clerk said the precept would be considered for approval by Stratford District Council on 27/2/17.

9. Audit
10.1 Internal Audit update – The internal auditor had completed Qtrs. 1-3, Qtr. 4 would be completed at year end.
10.2 Selection of Internal Auditor – it was agreed to obtain quotes from the three Warwickshire Auditors
Action: Obtain 3 quotes from the WALC list of Auditors (Warwickshire only) By: Clerk

10. Risk Assessment – amended annual review – Cllrs considered the suggested amendments which mainly related to the separation of the Clerk/RFO role in 2016 and the implication of loss of the Clerk and the CiLCA qualification.
Action: Revised document to next finance committee meeting for adoption in May at full council By: Cllr AS/Clerk

11. Asset Register – annual review – Cllrs considered required amendments to the Asset Register
Action: Revised document to next finance committee meeting for adoption in May at full council By: Clerk

12. Electronic back up – It was agreed this item be dealt with by the Office & Staffing Committee.

13. Non-financial grants (Room usage) update – Clerk
13.1 Chedham’s Yard – it had been confirmed that Chedham’s Yard wished to retain use of the room in the PC offices
13.2 CAB – it had been confirmed that Citizens Advice Bureau wished to retain use of the room in the PC offices

14. General/Late Correspondence – none

15. Councillor/Clerk ex-change of information
Cllr Heaton said he had been disappointed by the lack of a report from the County Council Flood Officer following the walk along the river/Newbold culvert. The Clerk explained the only slight concern raised had been some detritus in the brook and he had agreed to write to riparian landowners requesting they clear any debris at an early stage and that he would be on paternity leave imminently for four weeks. Mr Wright who had also attended the walk would be putting together a report for the Council shortly.
Cllr Michael asked if the lighting at the Kings Head pub could be lowered to avoid light overspill onto the highway.

16. Date of next Committee meeting 18th April 2017

There being no further businesses, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Chairman..Cllr Shepherd…….


Completed 22nd February 2017