Amenities & Highways Committee meeting, 14/2/2017 – minutes

Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 14th February 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne
Present: Chairman Cllr Close, Cllrs Lawley, Heaton, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior, Thomas and
Non Cllr Mrs Cook. Minutes taken by Admin. Asst. Mrs Lipman

1. Welcome

2. Approval of Apologies for Absence – apologies given and accepted from Cllr Mrs Bolton

3. Declarations of Interest – there were none

4. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – an additional item of highways was included at 6.1, and update of the flood risk at Newbold Brook was added at 13A, additional information was available at items 14 and 16.

5. Confirmation of the *minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 13th December 2016
These were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman

6. Matters arising:
6.1 CCTV update
Information had been received from the CCTV control room which showed a general low level of incidents in Wellesbourne.
ACTION Ask for clarification of some figures BY Clerk
Joseph Arch plaque – a contractor had been found to reinstate the lettering and would complete the work before the end of March
Wellesbourne Distribution Park signage update – the new owners of the site had been contacted and were considering the request.

7. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Pat McDonaugh, Mountford Close said cars were parking obstructing dropped kerbs at the school and the dentist.
ACTION Publicise in W & W N BY Cllr AP

8. Budget 16/17 update
No areas of concern had been raised by the RFO. A projected underspend on grass cutting and littterpicking was noted. £4,000 to be carried forward, if necessary, for investigation of pollution in the river Dene, and any remaining underspend at year end to be designated for repair of noticeboards.

9. Budget 17/18 – noted that the budget had been reduced for the next financial year.

Amenities Matters

10. Appearance of Village
10.1 Big Bench Project update
Liaising with VASA, who would be funding the bench was proving difficult. A suitable bench was identified
ACTION Work with VASA to agree a funding schedule BY JL
10.2 Precinct planting update
A very productive meeting of the working party had been held in which an overall planting scheme had been agreed. Notes of the meeting were circulated.
10.3 Village noticeboard
The village noticeboard had been vandalised beyond repair. Cllrs agreed to use some of the underspend to replace the softwood board with an oak board in the style of the other parish boards
ACTION Order new board BY JL
The noticeboard on Frost Road needed refurbishment
ACTION Obtain quotations BY JL

11. Childrens’ Play Areas
11.1 Request for additional basketball hoop on Mountford Sportsfield
Cllrs AP and CM declared a non-pecuniary interest as directors of the WSCC
ACTION Write to WSCC as tenants of the land BY JL
11.2 Action taken following ROSPA report
No immediate areas of concern had been raised but safety matting, new swing seats and new bolts for damaged chain connectors had been ordered
ACTION Ask Thomas Fox to install additional mini football posts (previously ordered) on the Mountford Sportsfield BY JL

12. Dog Control on Mountford Sportsfield
12.1 Spring offensive on dog control to commence 6th May and end at the Street Fayre event
Recommendation to hire a stall at the Street Fayre, at a cost of £25, in order to promote responsible dog ownership. Prop Cllr CM 2nd Cllr DC motion carried
12.2 Quotation for fencing children’s play area – noted

13. Pollution of River Dene
13.1 Update
Mrs Cook reported that the river level remained too high at present for work to be started
Cllr RT left the meeting

13A Newbold Brook
Cllr BH had accompanied Mark Banning (WCC) and Roger Wright on a walk along the watercourse from the Newbold Road to the A426. Areas of debris had been identified and WCC had agreed to write to the riparian land owners to request clearance.

14. Handyman
14.1 Update
Following a meeting with Cllr DC and Mike Podbury (Sports Association) a list of outstanding work had been identified most of which had already been given to the handyman
ACTION Initiate regular meetings with handyman BY Clerk/Cllr DC
A major issue of car parking on the sportsfield in the vicinity of the Bowls/Cricket Club had been identified. The sportsfield ground was becoming a quagmire with cars turning in the area.
ACTION Initial site visit with a representative from Cricket/Bowls Club to discuss the problem BY Cllr DC

15. Lengthsman
15.1 Update – a meeting had been arranged with the Lengthsman together with representatives of the other parishes
15.2 Bollards in Chestnut Square – installation was awaited by Lengthsman

Highways Matters

16. Roads
16.1 Traffic problems in Mountford Close
The responses of the residents had overwhelmingly objected to a compulsory one way system – to date 7 for and 40 against. Cllrs agreed that this was very useful information. The cut off for replies had been agreed as the 6th March. An item of correspondence had been received by Jeremy Wright MP
ACTION Write to Jeremy Wright MP BY JL

16.2 Bus layby on A429 at The Grange development
Cllrs felt it was unacceptable for the new estates not to be served by public bus
ACTION Contact Cllr Danny Kendal (WCC) BY JL

17. Chestnut Square Bus Shelter
17.1 Complaint regarding defective guttering – passed to WCC
17.2 Cleaning of Joseph Arch plaque – reported in matters arising
17.3 Cleaning update – a refund of £360 had been received from WCC

18. Ettington Road layby
18.1 JLR volunteers
A meeting had taken place between Cllrs EL/DC and Karen Jukes (JLR). She had identified the clearance of overgrown vegetation at the layby to be the most suitable work. It is hoped that work will commence shortly. Arisings to be removed by WCC.

19.1 Parking
19.1 Abuse of disabled bay outside Chemist – a stencil and paint had been ordered to mark the space. It was noted that abuse often occurred because a disabled passenger remained in the car while their able bodied driver left the vehicle. It was noted that in this instance the blue badge is not valid
ACTION To publicise in W & W N BY Cllr AP

20. Graffiti removal – awaited

21. Public rights of Way
21.1 Footpaths update – WCC had been asked to comment on the suitability of signs erected by walking groups
21.2 Footpaths map
ACTION To liaise with draftsman BY Cllr DC

22. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information
Cllr CM said that a Facebook post had reported that no horses/dog signs had been erected along the river bank in the vicinity of the Watermill
Mrs Cook asked about dog walkers parking in the WSCC car park. Cllr AP responded that the car park was for staff and users of the WSCC only.
Cllr BH reported litter on the Moreton Morrell Road and a continuing nuisance of water spray from the garage. He also asked that the spotlight in the vicinity of the Kings Head car park could be repositioned so that it did not blind drivers leaving Warwick Road at night.
Cllr AP said there is an ongoing issue with litter at the underpass.

23. Date of next Committee Meeting 11th April 2017 – noted

24. Following her decision to retire and as this was her last meeting the Committee expressed its sincere thanks to Julia Lipman for her time as administrator for the Amenities and Highways Committee

Meeting Closed at 9.25pm

Chairman Cllr Close

Signed ……………………………………….

Date …………………………………………