Amenities & Highways Committee meeting, 11/10/2016 – minutes

Minutes of the Amenities and Highways Committee which met on Tuesday 11th October 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne
Present: Chairman Cllr Close, Cllrs Mrs Bolton, Heaton, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior and Thomas and
non Cllr Mrs Cook, Minutes taken by Admin. Asst. Mrs Lipman Members of the public 6

1. Welcome

2. Approval of Apologies for Absence
Apologies were given and accepted from Cllr Lawley

3. Declarations of Interest
Cllr Mrs Michael declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 10.4 as a resident within the conservation area.

4. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – item 11.1 was removed as the report was not yet available and item 10.3.2 had been dealt with at a previous meeting.

5. Confirmation of the *minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 9th August 2016
These were agreed with amendments and signed by the Chairman Prop Cllr AP 2nd Cllr BH

6. Matters arising:
Installation of Bollards at Chestnut Square/Chapel Street – an installation date was still awaited from WCC
Tree pruning in the vicinity of Farrington Court – It was agreed that as the trees are situated on PC land all future pruning should be initiated by the Council contractor. Orbit Housing had agreed and asked that no future work should be generated by a request from one resident.
It was noted that Sainsbury’s had cleared the area in front of the store of weeds
ACTION Write letter of thanks BY Office

7. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Ashley Sherren, said he was disappointed that he had had no response from the SNT to an email he had sent. He said that he picked up large quantities of litter around the underpass and layby on Ettington Road every week and would like to educate those dropping litter in that area to put it in the bins. He asked for support from PC.
ACTION Write to SNT BY Office

Pat McDonaugh, Mountford Close, drew the committee’s attention to a letter she had sent the Council. She said traffic in Mountford Close continues to be chaotic.
Heather Brown, Wellesbourne Farm, explained the role of OSCARS (Over Sixties Community Recreation Scheme). In supporting older people with mobility problems, a need had been identified for the provision of more benches in Wellesbourne.
Mike Podbury, Kineton Road, reiterated the Sports Association request for a dog ban on the Mountford Sportsfield. He suggested that the cricket pavilion and the area in front could be excluded. He said that Wellesbourne was the only cricket pitch that he knew of to allow dogs on the pitch.

8. Budget 16/17 – noted
It was agreed that the shortfall in the Christmas Lights budget should be covered from the underspend on the grass cutting Prop Cllr DC 2nd Cllr BH motion carried
Cllrs raised concerns that reports from CCTV control centre were no longer being sent.
ACTION Write to senior officer asking for reports BY Office

9. Budget 17/18
Budget proposals for 17/18 were discussed and some amendments made.
A draft budget of £44,700 was agreed to be taken to finance Committee. Prop Cllr DC 2nd Cllr BH motion carried.

Amenities Matters

10. Appearance of Village
10.1 Grass cutting
Recommendation that one further cut, at a cost of £750 plus VAT be carried out in addition to the number specified in the grounds maintenance contract. Prop Cllr DC 2nd Cllr BH
A request had been made by the Committee to meet with Jennifer Wharton (SDC) to following complaints received regarding grass cutting carried out by SDC. It was agreed to arrange a site meeting to follow the next cut.
ACTION Arrange meeting with Jennifer Wharton BY Office

10.2 Request for public seating in the following areas:
10.2.1 at Precinct
A request had come from a resident for public seating in the precinct. The committee agreed to support the request, which would come with its own funding
ACTION Contact Walton Estate BY Cllr DC

10.2.2 Land adjacent to One Stop Bridge Street
ACTION Contact One Stop BY Heather Brown

10.2.3 Sites identified by OSCARS
These included a bench in Chestnut Square, by the Co-op, the bottom of Cherry Orchard and at the top of Granville Road. OSCARS had funding for 4 benches. It was agreed that the PC should support an application for a bench in the Chestnut Square area by consulting WCC in the first instance. Further consultation from residents would be needed.
ACTION Contact WCC BY Office
Cllr DC expressed the Council’s thanks for the work that OSCARS were doing.
10.3 Correspondence
Community response to litter Emails Ashley Sherren
This item had been discussed at public open session
Fly tipping on Old Warwick Road Charlecote (Wellesbourne) Management Company Ltd
Item withdrawn
Requests for additional litter bins on Lowes lane and the Dovehouse estate Residents
It was noted that there was no budget for the installation of new bins because of the ongoing cost of emptying them.
10.4 Conservation area
Complaints regarding the appearance of the street scene in the conservation area Mrs Cook
The Committee felt that bins left permanently outside a property on the footway constituted a health and safety issue though obstruction.
ACTION Write to resident asking them to move bins within their property BY Office
Concerns were also raised regarding gravel from residents’ drives over spilling the footway and becoming a safety issue.
ACTION Write to WCC highways for advice BY Office

11. Childrens’ Play Areas
11.1 Annual play inspection report – not available at time of meeting
11.2 Request for additional basket ball hoop on Mountford Sportsfield
ACTION Investigate likely costs BY Office

12. Dog Control on Mountford Sportsfield
12.1 Request for dog ban on sports pitches by Sports Association
12.2 Correspondence
Dog ban Helen Allman
The Committee was generally supportive of a dog ban on the area but had reservations regarding enforcement
ACTION Put as an agenda item for 1st November meeting in order to open the discussion with the Full Council BY Office

Cllr RT left the meeting
Highways Matters

13. Roads
13.1 Fletchers Way roundabout – WCC had confirmed that the roundabout had been strimmed and there were no visibility issues
13.2 Request for dropped kerb on Valletta Way
ACTION Put request to WCC Highways BY Office
13.3 Correspondence
Traffic Problems in Mountford Close Pat McDonaugh
The Committee agreed that most of the problems were caused by inconsiderate drivers but felt that the only way forward would be to consult residents on the introduction of a formal one way system.
ACTION Consult WCC Highways and residents BY Office

14. Bus shelter cleaning
14.1 Claim for reimbursement – nothing had been heard from WCC Highways except an acknowledgement of the claim
14.2 Cleaning of Joseph Arch plaque – an estimate for the cost was awaited

15. Parking
15.1 Parking restrictions in Wellesbourne
There had been very positive feedback to the introduction of limited time parking around Bridge Street and the Precinct. However, businesses along Warwick Road had raised concerns regarding long term parking outside their premises.
ACTION Consult WCC regarding the extension of restrictions to Warwick Road BY Office

16. Graffiti removal – Cllrs to meet with Community Payback

17. Community Speedwatch
Residents interested in community speedwatch training should contact the PC office

18. Public transport
Changes to X15/X18 service – there had been a mixed response to changes.

19. River pollution at Bridge Street
Camera work had been delayed due to a fault identified at one property which was being fully investigated.

20. Public rights of Way
20.1 Footpaths – no report
20.2 Footpaths map
It was agreed to ask a local draftsman if he was able to produce a user friendly version of the definitive footpath map.

21. Late Correspondence
An item of late correspondence had been received, addressed to the Council trustees on Chedham’s Yard, by a resident of Chestnut Square. It was agreed that since there was at present no PC trustee of Chedham’s Yard, the correspondence should be forwarded to the Yard chairman.

22. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information
Cllr AP reported that the local SNT had been unaware of the initiative to provide a front of counter service at the library. No details were available at present as to how this was to be staffed.
ACTION Write to police inspector/Philip Seccombe BY Office

Cllr Heaton asked what provision WCC were making to provide additional cycleways given the increase in popularity of cycling as a recreational activity.
ACTION Contact WCC/Danny Kendall BY Office

22. Date of next Committee Meeting 13th December 2016 – noted

There being nothing further to discuss the meeting closed at 9.35pm

Chairman Cllr Close

Signed ……………………………………..

Date ………………………………………..