Amenities and Highways Committee meeting, 11/4/2017 – minutes

The minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee meeting on Tuesday 11th April 2017 at 7.30 pm at the
Parish Council office, 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Close Councillors: Mrs Bolton, Lawley, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior Clerk: Mrs Scriven
Members of public:2 Non Councillor members: Mrs Cook

1. Welcome

2. Apologies for Absence – Cllrs Heaton & Thomas

3. Declarations of Interest – none

4. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – Agreed with no confidential

5. Confirmation of the minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 14th February 2017 – Item 12 should show Dog Campaign beginning on 1st May – agreed with amendment

6. Matters arising:
6.1 CCTV clarification of figures requested at last meeting – The Clerk clarified the meaning of headings given in the report.
Action: Write to Head of CCTV requesting regular reporting of CCTV activity as agreed with the additional payment contract. By: Office
Joseph Arch plaque update – The plaque had been cleaned and the lettering reinstated.

7. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish
Miss McDonaugh, Mountford Close, had written to the Chairman & Clerk raising concern relating to the after school events and lack of an adequate traffic system.
Mr Rose, Grange Gardens, had offered to act as a liaison between the medical centre builders and the Parish Council but had been informed this would not be appropriate by the Medical Centre.

Amenities Matters – Cllr DC
8. Appearance of Village
8.1 Big Bench Project update – Cllr CM/office – a site meeting had been arranged with residents of Chestnut
Square, no progress had been made relating to the funding and installation schedule.
8.2 Precinct Improvement Group update – The group last met on 10th April and had agreed to set up a bank account.
Walton Estate and Sainsbury’s had made financial contributions to the scheme and volunteers were progressing the
actions. It was noted that the general consensus was to make the area a “No Smoking Zone” and that retailers were to
take over the maintenance of the planters.
8.3 Village noticeboards update on costs of replacement/repair – office: Bridge Street was beyond economic repair
and a replacement had been ordered. Frost Road board had been refurbished. The Medical Centre had agreed to pay
for the re-siting of the boards once the new entrance to the Medical Centre had been completed.

9. Children’s Play Areas
9.1 Action taken following ROSPA report – Cllr DC: Safety matting – installed
New swing seats – received awaiting installation
New bolts for damaged swing chain – to be installed
Installation of mini football posts – installed

10. Mountford Sportsfield
10.1 Spring offensive on dog control – update Cllr CM/office – the survey on dog fouling had commenced and results would be used to identify fouling “hot-spots”. There would be anti-fouling posters, campaigns and photographs, and members of the public had come forward to carry out “poo patrols” identifying fouling times but had asked to remain anonymous to avoid any repercussions.
10.2 Grounds between Bowls Club and Cricket Club – report from meeting between Cllr DC and Sports Association
Noted. Cllr AP said there were no rights for parking on the site within the lease and the request to repair the area
before the sporting season began were unrealistic due to prohibitive costs. It was acknowledged that the heavy
brewery lorries delivering to the Cricket Club did not help with the ground erosion.
Action: Write to Sports Association confirming the PC have no budget and asking what they suggest By: Office

11. Pollution of River Dene
11.1 Update – The source of the grey water pollution had been found and there would be a letter sent to the property requesting the piping source be removed from the river and into the drain.

12. Handyman
12.1 Update – Cllr DC suggested that a list of jobs carried out by the handyman could be published on the website/facebook pages in response to concerns raised by Mrs Cook.

13. Lengthsman
13.1 Update – Cllr DC / Clerk: Bollards in Chestnut Square – due to road surface being under the grass bank, the bollards had not been installed at the Square or Constance Harris Close. Specialist machinery to excavate the road surface was being sought.
Footpath between Ettington Road and Lowes Lane
Action: Letter received from Mrs Jackson re footpath between Ettington Road and Lowes Lane
Respond to letter relating to the clearance of the footpath saying this would be added to the Lengthsman’s work.

Highways Matters – Cllr EL
14. Roads
14.1 Final result of survey in Mountford Close – update Cllr AP said the general consensus was that residents rejected the proposal of an official one way system as not required. An approach to the school was to be made relating to more permanent signs being utilised on the school fence requesting an unofficial anti-clockwise system during school drop of and pick up times.
14.2 Roundabouts – condition of roundabouts on bypass and Fletchers Way – Cllr DC said the traffic islands looked overgrown and unkempt and urged the Council to lobby WCC to carry out maintenance in keeping with those at Stratford town and Ettington village.
The verges at the end of Loxley Road were still being damaged by HGV’s trying to access the Industrial Estate.
Action: Contact the Industrial Estate again (Barwood JP Morgan) requesting better signs/directions/instruction to logistic firms By: office

15. Ettington Road layby update – Cllr DC – Jaguar-Land Rover (JLR) community scheme had been engaged to
clear the scrub land in the layby but due to ill health, the contact had not been able to progress, and was now halted
due to the wildlife act which was prevents cutting back hedges and trees during the bird nesting season. It was agreed
to try to re-engage with JLR in the autumn after which the work would be passed to the Lengthsman.

16. Parking update – Cllr EL It was agreed that the loss of four parking spaces for the installation of a pedestrian crossing was not an acceptable compromise.
Action: Contact WCC -the Council do not wish to pursue the crossing due to loss of parking By: Office

17. Graffiti removal update – Cllr EL: It was noted that graffiti removal remained unfinished. Mr Dave Evans (Graffiti Removal) had been contacted and given a location map annotating areas for cleaning.
The tile replacement in the underpass at the rear of the Co-op remained unfinished despite an 18 month timescale.
Action: Notify WCC and report unfinished work By: Office

18. Public rights of Way
18.1 Footpaths update – Cllr RB: The Handyman was to walk the footpaths and put together a report on their state, such as SD128 which required repair on missing railings and surface attention.
18.2 Footpaths map – Cllr DC had met with Mr David Howard who had walked the paths and knew the maps. He provided a map for WWPC and was looking into having public boards about local walks around the parish.
Action: Consider the value of publishing a map board By: Cllr RB

19. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information
Concern was raised about the safety of the bus stop adjacent to the safety island at the Sainsbury’s entrance. Cars were using the opposite carriageway to overtake buses at the stop going headlong into oncoming traffic.
Consideration to the rules for using parish noticeboards was required to prevent A3 posters covering the whole board and to ensure local events were supported and single business advertising cards removed. Cllr AP to put forward proposals for use.
Fireworks had been discharged from motor vehicles passing though the village, this had been reported to the Police.
Concern was raised about several Munster Joinery vehicles speeding through the village with little to no regard for safety of pedestrians and other road users. A member of Council staff was almost run down by one of these vehicles and had reported it to the company. Cllrs asked it be reported as an incident to the Police and to write formally to Munster Joinery to complain.

20. Date of next meeting 13th June 2017

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.05pm



Completed 25th April 2017