Report of Full Council meeting, April 2017

This report first appeared in The Stratford-upon-Avon Herald

Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council Meeting 4th April 2017

During public questions at the meeting of Wellesbourne and Walton Parish Council last week, resident Geoff Rose, drew attention to a survey being conducted by South Warwickshire Commissioning Group about getting to see your local doctor.  He asked everyone to complete it before May 1st.  It can be found on-line at:

Others asked why the Neighbourhood Plan was taking so long, why the railings in Bridge Street had not been repaired, two years since they were damaged; what are the Parish Council’s plans for the pieces of land being leased to the Council by Walton Estate, and why the Parish Council precept had risen so much.  The Chairman, Anne Prior, answered that the Neighbourhood Plan was waiting for a land survey to be completed which would not be until the end of April; the railings would be replaced by the County Council sometime; the Parish Council would start planning how the new areas of land should be used once the leases are signed which should be soon; and she promised that details of the precept would be given in the next issue of Wellesbourne and Walton News.

In order to take account of the increasing workload due to the prospect of having more areas of land to maintain, the Council agreed to reorganise its committee structure.  The Council decided to repeat earlier objections to a planning application for a timber garage forward of the building line in Kineton Road, as they considered the design and materials proposed would be detrimental to the street scene.

Grants to be awarded by the Council in 2017-18 are £3,000 to the Youth Club to pay for part-time workers; £5,000 to the Sports Association which includes £2,500 towards the extension to the cricket pavilion, £200 to Neighbourhood Watch for printing costs and £3,000 to the Village Hall for repairs and maintenance to be paid once a new lease has been signed.  The Council also agreed to give £50,000 to the Sports and Community Centre to ensure its viability in the first year of operation

Councillor Eric Lawley reported on a flood forum he had attended.  Wellesbourne is in the top10% of areas in Warwickshire liable to flood, and he urged everyone to report any flooding they see.

Councillor Christine Michael outlined the plans for a campaign on dog fouling due to start on 1st May and she asked the public to complete the survey on the Parish Council website before 21st April as well as sending the Council photos of dog faeces with details of where it was seen in order to identify problem areas.  The idea that Mountford Close be made permanently one-way was rejected by 84% of the residents so the Council will investigate improving the signage for the advisory one-way currently operating at school opening and closing times.  The Chairman expressed her thanks to the local MP Jeremy Wright for his help in arranging a meeting with the education department of the County Council to talk about accommodation problems at the school.

In addition to Councillors Close and Lawley, Councillor Frances Hurdman has also resigned, but the process of declaring vacancies cannot start until the resignations take effect on 1st May.  Expressions of gratitude for the work of all three retiring councillors were expressed at the meeting.

Finally Councillor Lawley reported that the County Council believe they have traced the source of the pollution in the River Dene and that steps are in hand to remedy the problem.  After so many years of trying to resolve this problem, it is to be hoped that this is indeed a final solution.