Full Council meeting, 7/3/2017 – Minutes


The minutes of the Council meeting on Tuesday 7th March 2017 at 7.30 pm at the Methodist Hall in Bridge Street, Wellesbourne

Present: Chairman: Cllr Mrs Prior  Councillors: Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Bolton, Close, Heaton, Mrs Hurdman, Kendall, Lawley, Mrs Michael, Shepherd 

  1. Welcome and announcements
  1. Apologies of Absence – Cllr Thomas
  1. Declarations of Interest

Cllr Lawley declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a Trustee

Cllr Close declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to Chedham’s Yard as a Trustee and a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to planning application numbers 1 and 3 as known to the applicant

Cllr Mrs Prior declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Director of the company and a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to planning application number 3 as known to the applicant.

Cllr Mrs Michael declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Director of the company

Cllr Kendall declared a non pecuniary interest in matters pertaining to WSCC as a Director of the company

  1. Confirmation of the order of the agenda – agreed
  1. Identification of any items that might be resolved for confidential session – none
  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Council Meetings

7th February 2017 – Item 7.2 (action point) Cllr FH suggested the MPs be included in the circulation of the documents

Cllr RB 13.1 should read breaking “even” and 16.2 add “Walton” before conservation area

Mr Davis had asked if the Council had written to the County Council not to the School as recorded.

The minutes were accepted with amendments and agreed.

14th February 2017 – agreed 

  1. Matters arising (not included in the agenda)

7.1     Correspondence regarding Wellesbourne Primary School to Warwickshire County Council (WCC) – The Chairman expressed her concern and frustration that no response had been received despite writing twice to WCC. A letter had been received from MP Nadhim Zahawi stating Jeremy Wright was the MP to contact for the area, the Chairman was to write back reminding the MP of his responsibility to 66 houses in this constituency.

Action: copy correspondence to the Leader of the Council Izzy Seccombe By: Cllr AP


7.2     Community Forum – Cllrs AP/EL attended the Forum, the first speaker was the County Highways Principle Road Safety Engineer was present. The Newbold Road was raised, and the stock answer was there was no funding available for non priority roads. (Priority was detailed as a minimum of 6 accidents resulting in major injuries). The impact of the additional traffic on Wellesbourne from Gaydon and Lighthorne was raised. The second speaker from the Education Department spoke about the allocation of child places by County Council, it was noted that her presentation contained several inaccuracies. There was a new programme to tackle dog fouling being put together by the SDC warden, but noted this would be on a first come basis. WWPC were putting together its own scheme to tackle dog fouling in the village. Tony Perks (SDC) was looking into thepossibility of wider enforcement powers.

There were no police priorities and the police were to concentrate on poaching and use of mobile devices whilst driving.

The delay in the Loxley Road speed limit reduction to 30mph had been caused by police objections. The matter had now been resolved and the new limit was anticipated by the end of March 2017.

Cllr VB raised a point of order – asking who gave authority for her name and a libel to be published in the minutes.

Cllr AP said to fulfil the legislation, the Parish Council are not permitted in law to write confidential minutes which are not released publicly. The Clerk had circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting an extract from the Clerks and Councils Direct confirming the legislation.

The Clerk confirmed she now had possession of the key for the Youth Hut by the Village Hall and would arrange an Asbestos specialist firm to investigate the possibility of asbestos in the building and obtain a quote for removal or “boxing-in”.

  1. Open Session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

Mrs Cook, Church Street, raised concern relating to the publication of confidential minutes

Mr Davis confirmed he had asked if the letter had been sent by Cllr AP to the County Council not the school. He asked if the

Parish Council intended to correct the Education Officer who addressed the Community Forum with incorrect figures.

  1. County Council matters /District Council matters

Cllr Mrs Parry – report noted. She said the Parish Council should express clear views on the Eastern Relief Road consultation and suggested the Council look at the ARUP Report from 2013 which has location maps appended. Cllr Parry expressed her frustration that no comment had been afforded to the Draft Walton Conservation Area document sent to SDC for their input. She had raised the issue and was informed there were no expertise within SDC was no funding available for a Consultant. She had requested a quote for the cost of a Consultant to view the document.

Cllr VB said she had understood there would be no further action taken with the draft document following a meeting with Walton Estate and asked to be provided with a copy of the document.

Cllr EL said that Walton Estate had been given a copy of the draft document, were fully appraised of the actions to date and when the draft document had been received from SDC, the Estate would be given the amended document and asked for their input before it came back to the Council for final approval and action if any. Councillors would be given a copy to consider once the document was complete and ready for approval.

Cllr Kendall – no update 


10.1      Decisions

10.1.1   Approvals with conditions

10.2      Withdrawals

10.3      Amendments


17/00239/FUL 2 replacement dwellings, and change of use of land to form additional garden land
At Walton Hill Farm Cottages, Walton For Trustees of the Walton Estate
Planning officer Alison Willers Date For info only


10.4      Applications


17/00461/TREE T1 Acer Fell T2 Acer Fell
At 34 Chapel Street For Mr Hargis
Planning officer Assistant Planner Date 8th March 2017

Supported as the trees are too close together to thrive, are knocking down the wall and obscuring the street lamp; and as they are to be replaced with similar.


17/00369/FUL Single storey side/rear extension
At 22 Chapel Street For Mr Reading
Planning officer Amy Flute Date 14th March 2017

Support as will enhance the amenity for the occupant


16/04088/FUL Sub-division of an existing semi-detached dwelling to create two dwellings, including a rear extension, loft conversion, car parking and new access
At The School House, 6 School Road For Mr Forbes-McGlen
Planning Officer Alison Willers Date 20th March 2017

The Council object to the application on the grounds the building is in the conservation area, the windows are out of keeping with the existing properties, the flat roof is out of kilter with the other surrounding properties which are all pitched. It would also potentially increase traffic in an already congested area.


17/00583/TREE Apple Tree (A1) – Removal of diseased unsafe branches. Crown reduction to approx. 4 m
At 14 Church Walk For Mr Bates
Planning officer Assistant Planner Date 21st March 2017

Supported as the tree had disease


17/00226/FUL 2 storey extension to side of existing house
At 107 Elliott Drive For Mr McAnespie
Planning officer Ian Guffick Date 20th March 2017

No objection

10.5      Neighbourhood Plan report – John Hargis – noted

10.6      Date of next Area Planning Meeting: 22nd March 2017

  1. Finance Committee – Cllr AS

11.1   Chairman’s report – noted


Approval of monthly accounts as per attached cheque list Prop Cllr EL 2nd Cllr AS     carried


Approval of staff salaries Prop Cllr DK 2nd Cllr AS carried

11.4   Monthly management accounts – noted

11.5   Date of next meeting – 18th April 2017

  1. Amenities and Highways Committee – Cllr DC/EL

12.1   Chairman’s report – noted. He said the clearance of the coppice in front of Mountford Close

Cllr RB asked if the Precinct improvement group had contacted the residents of the precinct to check they were content for benches to be placed in the precinct and asked if the full names of the group members should be available in the interests of transparency. Cllr DC reminded the Council that the group was not Parish Council led, the land was private property and the funding for the improvements were being paid by Walton Estate and that the group had notified the Council of its actions only as a courtesy.

12.2   Correspondence

Parking on Newbold Road Mr Edden

Mr Edden had again experienced difficulties with his drive being blocked by lorries delivering to the One-Stop store.

Action: Contact the One Stop and appeal to them to let delivery firms know this is not to continue and notify the SNT By: Office

12.3   Date of next meeting 11th April 2017  

  1. WSCC Committee – Cllr AP

13.1   Chairman’s update – no meeting had taken place since the last meeting.

Cllr VB asked what funding would be returned to WWPC once the leisure centre was fully operational and making profit. It was agreed by Council that no fee had been expected or requested as the money given by WWPC was for set up cost and noted that all profits were to be ploughed back into the facility for ongoing maintenance and development. It had never been intended that WSCC would repay funds to WWPC.

Cllr AP said membership was now up to 200 and there had been some very positive feedback on the facility from residents.

  1. Emergency Committee – Cllr EL

14.1   Chairman’s update – the village had been on Amber alert again recently, and it was noted that when flooding happens it occurs with speed and often without warning beforehand.

14.2   Date of next meeting – 14th March 2017

  1. Office & Staffing Committee – Cllr RB

15.1   Chairman’s update – Cllr RB said Committee members had interviewed six candidates of very high standard and she was delighted to welcome Mrs Kate Skinner to the Council. It was noted there was some annual leave to take and Mrs Hollinrake would be covering for the Clerks leave.

15.2   Date of next meeting – 20th March 2017

  1. Meeting with Walton Estate update – Cllr AP said a very productive meeting with the Estate representatives had taken place where concerns were raised and information exchanged. Sir Andrew Hamilton had invited Councillors to undertake a tour of the Estate properties if they wished to attend. 
  1. Conservation Working Party – Cllr EL

17.1     Next meeting to be arranged.

  1. Street Fayre – Cllr AP

18.1      Update – Cllr AP thanked the willing volunteers for their hard work arranging the fayre and said all stalls had now been let. There would be street entertainment again and this years theme would be “fairy-tales and nursery rhymes”


Recommendation to declare the Street Fayre and Christmas Lights Fayre as activities of the Council, clarification of insurance Prop Cllr AP 2nd Cllr DK


  1. Annual Parish Meeting – Cllr AP

19.1      Annual report deliveries – Cllrs were asked to contact the Clerk to confirm if they could assist with the deliveries

20       Chedham’s Yard – Cllrs DC/EL – said Mrs Kate Skinner had been appointed as the Learning Officer for Chesham’s Yard and a comprehensive programme had been arranged. Cllr DC said Cllrs would not receive the newsletter after the latest release if they did not visit the yard. Cllr EL said they had been contacted by Australian visitors who wished to visit the yard and special arrangements had been made to accommodate their visit one day before they officially open for the season. 

  1. Wellesbourne and Walton News – Cllr AP

Disabled parking abuse

            Results of survey in Mountford Close

MUGA              Youth in the village

  1. Cllr and Clerk Exchange of Information

Cllr Heaton raised concerns relating to the fallen wall by the White Bridge. The Clerk confirmed she had passed the matter to SDC Planning Enforcement.

Cllr AP said it was with great sadness that she had received resignation letters from Cllr Close and Lawley and thanked them for all their hard work and dedication to making the parish a better place to live. 

  1. Items/reports for the next meeting by 23rd February 2017
  1. Table of monthly meeting dates
Emergency 14th March
WSCC 14th March
Office and Staffing 20th March
Annual Parish Meeting 22nd March


  1. Date of next meeting 4th April 2017

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.30pm

Chairman…Cllr Mrs Prior….