Amenities & Highways Committee report, 7/3/2017

Councillor David Close writes:

Report to Full Council from the Amenities and Highways Committee Tuesday 7th March 2017

The following matters were discussed by the Committee at its meeting on Tuesday 14th February

  1. The cleaning of the two plaques in the Chestnut Square bus shelter is underway.
  2. Cars are continuing to park on dropped kerbs – especially at the school and the dentist. Please can this be reported in WWnews.
  3. It has been difficult in getting on touch with the person responsible at VASA to arrange the funding of the bench on the west side of Chestnut Square. However Cllrs have chosen the style of the bench and a site meeting will finalise its position in the hope there will soon be a response from VASA.
  4. Precinct Improvement Group – notes of the last meeting are attached to this report
  5. The public notice board on Bridge Street has been vandalised to the extent it is now beyond repair. Using the remaining 16/17 budget Cllrs agreed to purchase a new board from the same supplier of the nearby PC notice board at a cost of approximately £1000. It will be installed, together with the PC notice board, by the contractors completing the new boundary for the Medical Centre.
  6. The spring offensive for proper dog control will commence on 6th May and end with a stall at the Street Fayre. Cllrs agreed to the payment of £25 for the stall and thanked Cllr CM for her promotion of this initiative despite poor support from dog owners themselves.
  7. No further progress on the River Dene pollution at the ‘Dene Bridge’ on Bridge Street owing to the river water being too high.
  8. WCC officers, Cllr BW and Roger Wright walked along the length of Newbold Brook. It was agreed where there is vegetation debris the riparian owners will be contacted by WCC and request clearance.
  9. The grass beyond by the Bowls Club hard parking area is becoming a very muddy and getting worse. Cllr DC had already met with Mike Podbury, Chairman of the Sports Association. A further meeting between representatives of the Cricket Club and the Bowls Club is to be arranged to discuss a solution. One solution is stopping all vehicles using the turfed areas and park either on the Bowls Club park, or on Loxley Close.
  10. The Lengthsman will be installing more bollards on the west side of Chestnut Square in the next few weeks
  11. At the time of writing (closing date on 6th March) residents of Mountford Close have responded to the survey by saying overwhelmingly they object to a one way system .
  12. WCC will be contacted to press for a lay-by on the A429, at the new Grange estate, in the hope that eventually service buses will operate there and so be able to pick up passengers.
  13. Everything seems to be in place for the clearance of vegetation at the Ettington Road lay-by by the JLR Volunteers. It is likely to take place at the end of February.
  14. Motorists are continuing to abuse the disabled facility outside the chemists – such as the disabled passenger remaining in the car whilst their able bodied driver left the vehicle!

Again could this be noted in the next edition of WWNews.