Amenities & Highways Committee meeting, 13/12/2016 – Minutes


Minutes of the Amenities Highways Committee meeting held on Tuesday 13th December 2016 at 7.30 pm at the Parish Council office at 2 School Road, Wellesbourne

Present Chairman Cllr Close, Cllrs Lawley, Heaton, Mrs Michael, Mrs Prior and Thomas and non-Council member Mrs Cook

Minutes taken by Admin. Assistant Mrs Lipman               Members of the public: 1

  1. Welcome
  1. Approval of Apologies for Absence – apologies were given and accepted from Cllr Mrs Bolton
  1. Declarations of Interest – there were none
  1. Confirmation of the order of the Agenda and identification of any items likely to be resolved to confidential session – an item of late correspondence from Mr Hanson was agreed to be tabled at item 10.3 and correspondence from JLR at item 21
  1. Confirmation of the *minutes of the Amenities/Highways meeting of 11th October 2016

These were confirmed and signed by the Chairman

  1. Matters arising:

Installation of bollards in Chestnut Square/Chapel Street

Three bollards had been installed by WCC on the corner of Chapel Street. Bollards around the green in Chestnut Square would have to be installed by Lengthsman or if that was not possible by a W&WPC contractor.

ACTION Liaise with Lengthsman BY LS/JL

CCTV – no reports were being received

ACTION Write to CCTV office to ask for regular reports BY LS/JL

Correspondence from Mr Hanson

ACTION Obtain copy of Chedham’s Yard response from John McKenzie BY JL
  1. Open session for members of the public to raise any matters of relevance to the Parish

There were none.

  1. Budget 16/17 – noted that RFO report had identified no problems

Amenities Matters

  1. Appearance of Village

10.1   Grass cutting update

A meeting had been held between Jennifer Wharton (SDC), the contractor and Cllrs DC and RB regarding the poor standard of grounds maintenance carried out by SDC

ACTION Monitor standard of grass cutting carried out by SDC contractor in New Year BY Cllrs and Office


10.2   Big Bench Project – meeting awaited with Patch Byrne (WCC) to finalise position of bench in Chestnut Square. Bench installed at Stratford Road bus shelter paid from County Cllr Kendall’s fund

10.3   Precinct planting

A report of a meeting held between Cllr DC, Jennifer Wharton (Wellesbourne in Bloom), Polly Oldfield (Street Fayre committee), Eve England (Landscape Architect) and shopkeepers to discuss the offer of a grant of £1000 by Walton Estate to improve the Precinct was noted. Further meeting arranged for 2nd February 2017.

Late correspondence had been received from Mr Hanson. This was circulated to Cllrs and it was noted that involvement of Community Groups would be decided by working party.

ACTION Send Mr Hanson a letter of acknowledgement BY JL
  1. Children’s Play Areas

11.1   Annual play inspection report – noted that no serious issues identified.

It was agreed to replace defective swing seats, to replace worn chain links and to replace worn timber beams – items identified by the report. Prop Cllr DC 2nd Cllr AP motion carried

ACTION Obtain quotation for Grass matting installation in front of soccer goal post BY JL

11.2   Vandalism on the Mountford Sportsfield

One of the roundabout seats had been set on fire and irrevocably damaged. A replacement had been ordered at a cost of £180.

11.3   Request for additional basketball hoop on Mountford Sportsfield

Cost of additional hoop was noted but there was not adequate space on the current site. Additional cost of moving current hoop, laying asphalt and installing new hoop was not within current budget.

ACTION Arrange a meeting with those requesting the equipment BY Cllrs DC/EL and JL


  1. Dog Control on Mountford Sportsfield

12.1   Request for dog ban on sports pitches by Sports Association

It was agreed that a dog ban would be extremely difficult to implement and enforce. Cllr CM suggested an educational campaign with leaflets, posters and press coverage in the spring 2017.

ACTION Publicise event in W & W News, Facebook and Neighbourhood Watch BY Cllrs


ACTION Purchase “pink” dog excrement spray BY JL


ACTION Obtain exact costings for fencing play area on Mountford Sportsfield BY JL


  1. Pollution of River Dene

13.1   Update

Mrs Cook reported that WCC had possibly found a fault but would also be using the camera equipment to confirm exactly where the problem arises

13.2   Correspondence – noted

Use of weedkiller in river Dene Mr Rose


ACTION Write to Mr Rose forwarding the Environment Agency response BY JL 
  1. Handyman

14.1   Update of jobs completed not available

  1. Lengthsman

15.1   No updates were available but a quarterly meeting was due to be held with contributing parishes.

Highways Matters

  1. Roads

16.1   Traffic problems in Mountford Close – draft letter to residents

Draft letter was agreed as amended and Mrs Cook and Cllr CM volunteered to deliver leaflets in the New Year.

16.2   It was agreed to write to WCC Highways to thank them for the completion of the resurfacing on Loxley Road within the time scale but to request removal of diversion signs.

ACTION Write to WCC Highways BY JL

16.3   Cllr EL reported that HGVs were still missing the Distribution Park entrance

ACTION Write to Barwood to request additional signage on island BY JL

16.4   Cllr EL reported a request from a resident for a pedestrian crossing on the Warwick Road close to Cherry Orchard.

ACTION Place possible location of new pedestrian crossings and safer walking routes to school on next meeting agenda BY JL

16.5   Spoil left in Ettington Road layby

ACTION Write to WCC Highways BY JL
  1. Bus shelter cleaning – Cllr DC

17.1   Claim for reimbursement update

WCC had offered a settlement of £360 per annum which the committee agreed to accept.

ACTION Invoice WCC for £360 BY JL

17.2   Cleaning of Joseph Arch plaque update

An inspection by a local stone mason had identified that there was no need for refurbishment but the lettering needed to be repainted. Quotations awaited.

  1. Parking

18.1   Parking restrictions in Wellesbourne

Abuse of disabled bay outside Chemist – Any parking infringements can be reported on the WCC web site.

It was agreed that the two disabled spaces could be more clearly identified.

ACTION Obtain disabled stencil and spray paint BY JL

Cllr RT raised an issue of the Post Office van parking on zig zag lines outside the Post Office

ACTION Write to Post Office central depot BY JL
  1. Graffiti removal – update

19.1   Cllr EL reported that work should be underway before Christmas

  1. Public rights of Way – Cllr RB

20.1   Footpaths update

A group of volunteer ramblers had cleared a section of the SD 125a

ACTION Contact Richard Barnard (WCC Rights of Way) to ask that W&WPC be notified of any future work BY JL

20.2   Footpaths map

There was a problem in identifying scale and scope of proposed map

ACTION Liaison with draughtsman to produce footpath map BY Cllr DC/EL
  1. Late Correspondence

An offer of 8 – 10 community volunteers for one day had been received from an employee of JLR. The painting of the Youth Shelter had been identified as a possible project

ACTION Contact JLR to set up a meeting BY JL
  1. Committee and Clerk Exchange of information 
  1. Date of next Committee Meeting 14th February 2016