Public consultation: loan application for the MUGA at the Wellesbourne Sports & Community Centre

The Parish Council is asking for your support to fund the building of the multi-use games area at the WSCC. This will cost you under £10 in the coming year, the cost of a couple of cups of coffee. The money that we will be able to collect through the precept will allow us to pay off the loan we have applied for from the Public Works Loan Board. To get this loan, we need to be able to show that YOU support the provision of these facilities and are willing to pay a little for them. We know that many of you have already contributed through the “Buy a brick” scheme to the refurbishment of the building but now we are asking for just a little more to fund this extra provision.

In the following paragraphs, you will read the wording that is on the survey page. However, we wanted to say that we believe that you deserve good facilities and we want to provide them but to do that we need you to show your support in this instance.

Please go to the survey page (the link is below) and show your support.

Your views are requested on the funding of a multi-use games area (MUGA) at the Wellesbourne Sports and Community Centre, which comprises two all-weather floodlit football pitches and tennis courts.

Phase 1 of the work on the building in Loxley Close is now complete. Over the years the Parish Council has consulted widely through meetings, the Parish Plan and recently the Neighbourhood Plan. In all these there has been a request for more facilities in the village and a wish for a multi-use, all-weather pitch that can accommodate a variety of sporting activities as currently there is no similar provision in the village. During the last few years, the Parish Council has applied for grants from various bodies to raise the funds but the amount we have raised is not enough.

The Parish Council is therefore applying to the Department for Communities and Local Government for a loan of £200,000 from the Public Works Loan Board over a period of ten years to build this multi-use games area.   If approved, the monthly loan repayments will be around £1,799. The application for the loan means that there would be a rise in the precept of 12.5% in the year 2017/18. Based on last year’s figures this would mean an annual increase of less than £10 per year or under £1 per month for a Band D property.

The Parish Council is carrying out a short survey and would welcome your feedback. This survey is available online by clicking on this link:

An article about it with a response coupon also appears in the December issue of Wellesbourne & Walton News, and paper copies are available in the Parish Council office for those who do not have online access.

The Parish Council would like as many people as possible to respond. Please do so by 12 noon on 19 December.